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Get 20% off all PhotoWhoa Purchases + Get upto 6 Exclusive Deals Free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

PhotoWhoa Plus Membership is a program that offers awesome perks to our loyal customers. You pay a periodic fee and enjoy the benefits of your membership all through your membership period.

As a PhotoWhoa Plus member, you enjoy the following awesome benefits –

  • Special Discount on purchases – Get 20% off on most of your PhotoWhoa purchases as long as you are a Plus member.
  • Exclusive Plus Deals – Plus members get to download upto 6 Exclusive Plus Deals a year absolutely free, nothing more to be paid!

If you are logged in and upgraded to a Plus membership, you are already seeing Plus prices for all deals. These are 20% cheaper than if you were purchasing them without your Plus membership activated.

We have a no questions asked 30-day refund policy, as long as your membership benefits have not been used. This membership is not refundable after benefits have been used. Because this membership is billed on a periodic basis, you can cancel any time and not be charged the following period. However, cancellations requested after you have purchased any deals using the membership discount or downloaded any exclusive plus deals will not result in any partial refunds.

$99.00 / year

$9.00 / month

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