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[NSFW] 2 eBooks To Master Artistic Nude & Figure Photography + Bonus Videos, Posing Guide & LR Presets

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Author: PhotoWhoa

Nude Photography Made Easy

How can you learn everything you need to know about nude photography lighting in just a few hours?

You’ll probably say it’s impossible. Most photographers learn what they need to know about lighting set-ups through a painful process of trial and error.

They learn how to assemble their equipment in just the right way and how to pose their models in the most flattering way possible. 

But of course, they have had to make many mistakes to get to that point. 

nude photogrphy
low key nude photography

They’ve gone through the process of creating photos that were unflattering in order to reach their ultimate goal.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just skip over all that? 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just jump to the part where you can create great art, without having to suffer through any of the mistakes?

But it seems that this is not to be. Because it’s not just about the lighting. It’s about finding and using Lightroom effects with success. It’s about developing a productive workflow.

It’s about finding just the right poses to make your model look her best. There are so many, many components of successful nude photography. And trying to learn them all can be so very overwhelming.  Until now.

2 Nude Photography Guides In 1 Bundle

eBook 1 : Artistic Nudes - 79 Pages

  • Shoot Notes
  • Post-Processing
  • Setup Details
  • Diagrams, Images, Etc in a Convenient “Shoot Notebook” Format
  • Over 50 Images to Use as a Posing Guide
  • An In-Depth Interview with the Model
  • A Bonus Video of Behind-The-Scenes Footage

eBook 2: Nudes and Bodyscapes - 65 Pages

  • Shoot Notes
  • Post Processing
  • 5 Sets
  • A Bonus Tutorial Video, with Complete Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Model Release Form Documents for Your Use
  • 9 Free Lightroom Presets, Which Are Referenced in the Book and the Video

Artistic Nude Photographs You Can Create

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artistic nude photography
sensual lighting
fine art nude poses
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nude lighting

Abstract Figure Photography You Can Achieve

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sexy poses
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Everything About Nude Photography Lighting & Posing

These amazing ebook guides will begin transforming your photography as soon as you download them.

You’ll never struggle with awkward, unflattering nude poses again. With a collection of 50 classic and beautiful examples to choose from, every model you work with will inspire a stunning work of art, emphasizing the beauty of her form.

And if you’ve been spending hours trying to figure out the best light set-up for each shoot, this guide is sure to be a lifesaver, showing you how to get flawless results every time with the same simple two-light setup.

nude model photography
nude glamour photography

Plus, you’ll learn how to use shadows artistically to create gorgeous bodyscapes that are sure to turn heads.

You will gain immediate mastery of Lightroom effects that can add just the right look to any photo, any setting, any model. 

That means no more guesswork and no more wasted hours struggling with post-processing.

Even better, these guides bring you something you won’t find anywhere else: an authentic look behind the scenes to witness the photographer’s workflow from start to finish.

You even get to read an interview with the model and get valuable first-hand knowledge of what it takes to work with models successfully. The information in these guides is typically learned through trial and error. But you don’t have to do that anymore.

Instead, you get all this valuable knowledge in one simple, affordable download. Best of all, this package of two ebooks (typically offered at just $38) is now available for an incredible deal of just $21.

Transform Your Nude Photography Forever

8 reviews for Artistic Nudes & Bodyscapes eBook Combo

  1. Collin Anderson

    Great course by Photowhoa, the book and instructions are awesome.

  2. BOB

    Both PDF files start out with basic studio setup and camera settings following by a series of poses. The poses are useful as a reference for models, although I question as to whether camera settings were ever changed, lighting adjusted which is fairly common during a photoshoot. A Venmo link is included for a short video, however remember you must at least be signed into Venmo as a free member in order to view the material. Model releases are included as well as some presets.

  3. Gary Lynn Brown

    These books took me to a new level in photographing women using the techniques described in these ebooks. Anyone photographing body scapes need these ebooks in their library.

  4. Bj hall

    Awesome book, the lighting diagrams and tip will save time and product a better shot. For someone like me that fight sometimes to get a good lighting set up it is a plus. its a great learning tool to build upon.

  5. Fotografen

    I love these ebooks, and almost can’t wait to begin putting this to practice.

  6. Vincent

    This is a good books to learn for my photography skill and love it thank you.

  7. Gordon Caluya

    Another nice course by Photowhoa. I particularly liked the lighting diagrams and tips from the author.

  8. mkolf

    A nice introduction to shootin ‘in the two topics mentioned.
    Lots of pictures and some explanations of the setups. I would have liked a more detailed description.

    I like the book ‘Low-Key-Bodyscapes’ by Michael Zeibel better because of the more detailed explanation, also for post-production.

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