10,000+ Beautiful Light Leak Overlays

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Give your digital stills or videos a vintage film look and feel without guesswork

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We are living in a digital world. The idea for Star Trek style communicators has been superseded by handled devices that combine instant communication with more computing power than was in the entire Apollo space program, those devices being our smartphones.
Even though the world we live and work in is so entirely modern, the look and feel of vintage products and processes are huge.

It’s much more than just a fad. It’s a creative choice that many have embraced and are making great use of, especially in the fields of art such as photography and motion picture or video. Light leak overlays are a way to bring that vintage feel into your digital photography and videography.

10,000+ Light Leak Overlays In One Convenient Bundle

This package of light leak overlays has over 10,000 individual overlays packaged together in a bundle. The overlays are well organised in the bundle so that you can easily play around with them with ease.

That’s over 5 GB of light leak overlays! Surely you can find something useful in all of that.

Once I started playing with, I couldn’t stop. Using light leak overlays is fun. There are a variety of patterns, colours, and intensities in the 10,000 plus light leak overlays provided in this bundle. These overlays are made explicitly for Photoshop to apply to still images. If you want light leak effects for your videos, other products are just as fun.

Highlights Of The Bundle –

  • Over 10,000 overlays
  • A wide variety of colours and patterns
  • Easy to customize in Photoshop
  • Fully editable layers.
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Support through the webpage help section
  • Very reasonable price
  • Unrestricted commercial use
light leak overlays 1

Take a look at a few before & after examples

18 before
18 after
17 before
17 after
16 before
16 after
15 before
15 after
11 before
11 after

How to use light leak overlays

light leak overlays 2

Whenever someone says it’s simple to do in Photoshop, I always laugh a little bit inside, because nothing is straightforward in Photoshop. It’s a massive program.

Once you get past the necessary cropping, resizing, exposure, and colour adjustments, which are kind of simple, you find yourself inside a massive array of tools and tweaks to those tools.

That being said, you won’t get easily confused using these light leak overlays. Even if it’s your first attempt at different Photoshop actions, we have included good instructions and support for this bundle.

Simple steps to use these light leak overlays:

  • With Photoshop open and running, you choose an image you’re going apply your light leak overlays to but don’t open it yet.
  • Install the action you’re going to use.
  • Open the photo and play the action.
  • Choose from the numerous overlays and apply to the image.
  • Rotate it, scale it, adjust the layer.
  • You can apply several different light leak overlays to the same image if you wish.
  • Flatten the layers and save the new image file with a new name.

This action can be use on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC and CC 2018 (tested in English version).

Is it worth it?

The price is right, that’s for sure, but some may be wondering if it’s worth the time and effort to apply these light leak overlays to an image. Absolutely! These overlays will probably give you exactly what you want. If it isn’t exactly what you had in mind, adjust the layer until it is, it’s Photoshop after all.

10,000+ light leak overlays will give your images an amazing vintage feel and look with a few clicks of your mouse.

Important Note: Make sure you are using the ENGLISH version of Photoshop. Go to: Image / Mode and check the “RGB colour” and “8 Bits/Channel”(Just for CS5 and higher versions).

Click on menu icon at the right on “LAYERS” panel and go to “Panel Option”, and check the “Add Copy” to Copied Layers and Groups.

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2 reviews for 10,000+ Beautiful Light Leak Overlays

  1. [email protected]

    Exceptional value, thank you for these great overlays, already putting them to use in my creations, a valued addition to my list of creative resources. Thank you, and cheers.

  2. William Fitzsimons

    Fantastic purchase from my one stop shop Photowhoa. I never feel guilty that I have everything and won’t need to go back they just keep finding more and more.
    No affiliation.

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