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Author: Natalie Kita

How much is your work worth? How do you make it more profitable?

Running a small business is hard. Especially for artists. You have no problem being creative. Spreadsheets, pricing, paperwork, and actually negotiating for more money is what feels weird. But why does everybody else seem fine doing it?

For a boudoir photographer, it’s all that PLUS more. You shoot a sensitive genre. Most times, you’re working with regular women, not models, who are unused to being vulnerable in front of the camera. Because of this, you’ve learned the more business-minded you are, the better.

Business-minded is preparation from beginning to end. With Natalie Kita’s Boudoir “Biz in a Box,” you’ll learn how to get prepared this way. She’s one of the most successful boudoir photographers out there. And how she got there is packaged in this great, limited-time best boudoir photography bundle.

Inside it, you’ll find 4 of her bestselling boudoir training products: her Shoot to Sell ebook, The Naked Truth worksheet, her Paperwork resource, and Beautiful Boudoir action set. With them, you’ll learn the poses, prices, paperwork and Photoshop actions needed to be profitable.

So if you want to take care of business, take charge of your money as a CEO, this bundle is for you. With it, you’ll get the nitty-gritty details to running a boudoir business — from poses to post-processing — with the best strategies to make more money.

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Can you tell me more about what’s inside this bundle?

What’s incredible about this bundle is the range and depth of instruction.

Each training product focuses on a specific area of the shooting and selling the best boudoir photography.

Whether it’s posing/directing your clients or finishing your photos in Photoshop, you’ll get it all.

Here are the products included in this bundle :

  • – Shoot to Sell eBook
  • – The Naked Truth Worksheet
  • – Paperwork Resource
  • – Beautiful Boudoir Photoshop Action

Closer Look At This Best Boudoir Photography Bundle?

1. Shoot To Sell eBook

Every day poses that make more money

In this ebook, you’ll learn which poses, and in what sequence, work best for clients who have little-to-no experience in front of the camera.

Because these are the clients you’ll most often work with, you’ll learn how to pose regular women who may be shy, or unsure, of the process.

You’ll also learn poses for every body type and skin tone but all geared to making sure you sell profitable images. This means you’ll learn minor variations of every major pose, leaving you more options to choose from.

For each and every pose, you’ll also get the hows and whys of what works.

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2. The Naked Truth Worksheet

Earning your worth is more than a formula

Pricing. The dirty word every artist hates. How much should you charge? Are you charging too much?

Or, let’s face it, are you charging too little?

Without any industry standard, it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right or making a rookie mistake (don’t worry she lists these out too).

With this detailed worksheet, Natalie will help you figure out how much you should be charging to cover your expenses and get a profit.

True and realistic to the process, this worksheet tailors to your actual needs and goals. You can plug in your numbers and get a pricing menu that works specifically for you.

3. Paperwork Resource

Documents for managing your business

With this resource, you’ll get examples of client contracts, waivers, and model releases that are crucial to running a boudoir business.

Taken as blueprints to your eventual final drafts, you’ll gain a resource that helps you navigate client-photographer issues that can be avoided with the right paperwork.

[None of the documents contained herein are to be construed as legal advice. You still need to have any legal documents reviewed by an attorney in your own state/city, but these contracts will give you a good jumping-off point if you’re starting your business, or you don’t have contracts you feel are covering you or working for you.]

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4. Beautiful Boudoir Action Set

Industry-tested actions ready for day one

With this action set, made specifically for boudoir, you’ll get the tools to help you optimize your workflow in the digital darkroom.

With them, you’ll be able to:

  • Deemphasize blemishes and dark spots
  • Enhance the look of lips, eyes, and eyebrows
  • Polish overall textures
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to maximize profits and stay in business, after this best boudoir photography bundle, you’ll learn how to shoot, direct, and plan images that make you more money.

Learn The Art & Business Of Boudoir Photography


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  1. [email protected]

    I am just starting out in boudoir and I just came across this kit. The price seemed fair so I purchased it. I was just downloaded it and I am reviewing everything now. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of materials that are included. I cant wait to apply everything to my new business.

    John L

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