Natalie Kita

Natalie Kita is an internationally published, award-winning boudoir photographer, speaker, and author, with an extensive background in both the beauty industry and in the creative and performing arts as well as the visual art of photography. Natalie’s photography is all about making the “every day” woman look and feel like a supermodel centerfold, and her clientele include everyone from the soccer mom next door to a few hush-hush celebs. The women she photographs all have one thing in common – an understanding of the amazing, life-changing experience that boudoir can be, in the right hands. Her clients leave her studio feeling beautiful, sexy, confident, and empowered… and raving about their experience to all their friends.

On a personal note, Natalie is mother, a licensed makeup artist, and a lifelong entrepreneur who understands how to create work that sells, and foster relationships that turn every client into an ecstatic brand evangelist. Natalie is fiercely passionate about women’s issues, namely sexuality and body image, especially when it comes to encouraging women to unapologetically embrace and celebrate their sensual sides. She truly believes that boudoir photography has the power to make the world a better place, one naked picture at a time.

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