The Golden Collection Bundle With 1500 Add-ons

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300+ Ps Actions, 500+ Lr Presets, 300+ Overlays, 500+ Camera Raw Presets


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Author: MegaPresets

Can’t Just Settle For One?

old but gold

There are so many amazing tools available to photographers now.

Lightroom and Photoshop make all kinds of things possible which we could never have imagined before.

Presets and overlays offer up a compelling palate of effects, which have the power to take an image from good to spectacular with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In fact, there are so many tools and effects out there that it can be hard to choose. 

The best photographers are those who experiment with many different tools to discover what works for them.


Lightroom presents so many wonderful possibilities! So does Photoshop. But if you confine yourself to only one of these platforms, you’re missing out!

Of course, it doesn’t help that most collections available to photographers are confining in their lack of variety.


dark beauty

Most of them consist of just a few tired effects.

True creatives will use these effects a few times and quickly get bored with them.

The large bundles of overlays and presets that you crave are often very pricey, well outside a typical photographer’s budget.

Or they may require expensive upgrades to your equipment or software.

Perhaps you’ve given up on finding a collection of tools that meets your needs.

Maybe you’ve settled for simply doing the best you can with what you have.

If so…we’ve got a deal for you 😊


What Does This Bundle Include?

It includes a staggering total of 1500 products, including:

  • More than 300 Photoshop Actions
  • More than 500 Lightroom Presets
  • More than 300 Photoshop Overlays
  • More than 500 Camera Raw Presets

In addition, this bundle includes the following features:

  • Mac and Windows compatibility
  • Detailed instructions
  • Ease of use
  • A digital download
  • Accessible to photographers of all levels of experience

Detailed Breakup Of The Included Add-ons


In 10 popular categories

  • 30 Bokeh Overlays
  • 48 Falling Leaves Overlays
  • 14 Feathers Overlays
  • 18 Smoke Overlays
  • 30 Leaf Overlays
  • 25 Particles Overlays
  • 21 Rain Overlays
  • 70 Sky Overlays
  • 31 Snow Overlays
  • 24 Sun Overlays

Lightroom Presets 

In 6 popular categories

  • 50 Baby Perfect Presets
  • 22 Black & White Presets
  • 120 Film Effects Presets
  • 90 Landscape Love Presets
  • 100 Portrait Perfect Presets
  • 70 Wedding Presets

LR CC & Camera Raw Presets

In 9 popular categories

  • 50 Baby Perfect Presets
  • 32 Black & White Presets
  • 100 Fantastic Presets
  • 120 Film Effect Presets
  • 60 Landscape Presets
  • 103 Marvelous Presets
  • 79 Portrait Presets
  • 79 Vintage Presets
  • 60 Wedding Presets
  • 21 Rain Overlays
  • 70 Sky Overlays
  • 31 Snow Overlays
  • 24 Sun Overlays

Photoshop Actions

In 16 popular categories

  • 30 Black & White Actions
  • 26 Children’s World Actions
  • 15 Dark Beauty Actions
  • 25 Hollywood Films Actions
  • 20 I Love Matte Actions
  • 14 I Love Pastel Actions
  • 15 Lovely Collection Actions
  • 10 Lovely Sunshine Actions
  • 7 Lovely Water Actions
  • 16 Moscow Collection Actions
  • 10 Old But Gold Actions
  • 30 Pets Collection Actions
  • 13 Simple Effects Actions
  • 12 Soft Ambient Actions
  • 15 The Art Collection Actions
  • 79 Portrait Collection Actions

Check out some of the before-after images below

pets action
portrait action
art action
dark action
portrait 2 action
water action
simple action
soft action

1500 Quality Products In One Convenient Package

If you feel held back by the lack of variety in available tools and effects, this is your chance to change all that!

Nowhere else will you find so many amazing tools gathered in one package.

Never again will you have to choose whether to explore Photoshop, experiment with Lightroom or play around with camera RAW presets.

Now, with this bundle,  you can do anything you ever dreamed of, with ease.

There is no limit except your imagination.

Every shade of light and dark, every possible color combination, every surreal look you ever wanted to try…is right here.

This Deal Is Called “The Golden Collection” For A Reason!

– Collections –

camera raw presets moscow collection
camera raw presets art collection
camera raw presets black & white
camera raw presets children collection
camera raw presets hollywood collection
camera raw presets I love pastel
camera raw presets I love matte collection
camera raw presets lovely
camera raw presets old but gold collection
camera raw presets photoshopets collection
camera raw presets portrait collection
camera raw presets simple collection
camera raw presets soft ambient collection
camera raw presets lovely shine
camera raw presets lovely water collection

– Overlays –

camera raw presets bokeh overlays
camera raw presets particles overlays
camera raw presets falling leaves overlays
camera raw presets feather overlays
camera raw presets fog & smoke overlays
camera raw presets rain
camera raw presets single leaf
camera raw presets snow
camera raw presets sun

– Presets –

camera raw presets baby love
camera raw presets black & white presets
camera raw presets film effects presets
camera raw presets landscape presets
camera raw presets portrait presets
camera raw presets b&w presets
camera raw presets fantastic
camera raw presets landscape
camera raw presets marvelous
camera raw presets portraiture
camera raw presets vintage presets
camera raw presets wedding presets

When you buy this bundle, you may never again need to shop around for resources. You can easily switch back and forth among platforms, genres, styles, or subjects.

Whether you want to create an elegant look for some wedding photos, or something edgy for your Instagram page.

It’s all right here.

Best of all, all the tools in this package are wonderfully user-friendly, even for a novice. If you’re a technophobe, or just new to the field of photography, you will be using these tools with confidence in no time.

And every item in this package is of professional quality, giving you the immediate capability to produce photography up to the standard of the pros.

In spite of its professional quality, this bundle does not come with a professional price tag.

⭐️ Raving Reviews ⭐️

“Just wanted to touch base & say the overlays are awesome! Just picked up an award using one of them. 🙂 ” – John

“I have installed a couple of presets in Lightroom, I am very impressed with what I have seen so far. They are good for a quick fix or to use with additional editing afterward. I would recommend” – Andrew

“I have bought this some time ago. It works great for me and I do recommend it!” – Ella

“It’s really really fantastic! I am just editing my wedding pics with your presets, love it <3 !” – Jane

Grab This Stunning Collection Today To Transform Your Work Forever!

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Plus Price: $23.20

This deal ran out of Whoa.
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Out of stock

10 reviews for The Golden Collection Bundle With 1500 Add-ons

  1. John Li

    This is a great bundle. The large range of collections is a superb way to stimulate the artistic imagination. I am glad that I bought it and will not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

  2. Sharon

    Very fun bundle with a little bit of everything

  3. Mike

    Great bundle and even better for the price. Lots of strong presets/actions that will either get you great results or get you close enough that you can tweak them for some great looking photos.

  4. Mary

    Lots of options. Though some are similar, they’re still easy to use. Would recommend as a starter pack.

  5. Janne

    Very good bundle of overlays

  6. Michael

    An excellent bundle which is very easy to use and covers almost any possible topic or genre. I would have no problem in recommending this bundle.

  7. Mervyn

    No matter what your preferred subjects are – from pets to portraits and kids to clouds, this bundle has something for everything. Stunning effects, easy to use. Recommended!


    This is a comprehensive collection bundle that will surely find a use across a number of genres. Easy to use with pleasing results. I’m happy to recommend it.


    This is a comprehensive collection bundle that will surely find a use across a number of genres. Easy to use with pleasing results. I happy to recommend it.

  10. null

    Excellent collection of resources to add to your design assets..

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