15 Free Boudoir Photoshop Actions

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A special gift for all the boudoir photographers out there

Author: PhotoWhoa.

Are you tired of being ignored?

Yes, all you boudoir photographers, we’re talking to you.

It seems that there are more opportunities and resources available than ever before to all kinds of photographers, from all walks of life. But what about boudoir photographers?

At last, we have something just for you. 15 Free Boudoir Photoshop Actions

In this bundle, we present 15 free Photoshop actions created with the boudoir photographer in mind. Because your art requires a level of intimacy, artistry, and gritty honesty that is unmatched in other artistic genres.

These actions allow you to easily play with lighting, skin tone, contrast, and color correction to achieve dramatic and stunning boudoir images.

Boudoir Photoshop Actions: A One-of-a-Kind Deal

Photoshop actions are among the best resources out there for professional photographers. They’re affordable, effective, and just plain fun.

And when you can find a nice deal, it’s even better.

Savvy photographers can find all kinds of inexpensive (or free) bundles of actions if they’re on the lookout for them.

But very few of these resources take into account the special needs of boudoir photographers.

The effects that you require are completely different from those needed in traditional portraits.

You need tools that bring out the beauty of the human form, highlighting the most attractive details of your models’ unique beauty. You need exactly the right lighting, the right tint, the right level of pure flawlessness.

You are a rare breed. And these 15 boudoir Photoshop actions are created with your specific needs in mind.

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Why You’ll Love These Photoshop Actions

boudoir photoshop actions 1

Yes, as we said before, there is a bewildering variety of Photoshop actions available to the budget-conscious professional photographer.

But sometimes they’re not all they’re cracked up to be.

Sometimes a Photoshop action might look good on paper, but in fact it is unwieldy to use. Occasionally, an apparently great Photoshop action may be incompatible with your preferred software or equipment.

But the actions in this bundle are wonderfully user-friendly. They are compatible with Mac and Windows machines, and on multiple versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Experiment To Your Heart’s Content

It’s often hard to know if you’ll love a boudoir Photoshop action until you actually get to try it out.

Some actions might be perfect for one photographer, but not so awesome for another one.

Free boudoir Photoshop actions give you the opportunity to experiment with different actions and effects risk-free.

At last, you get the chance to try out a variety of fun Photoshop actions for the boudoir without making a dent in your budget.

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Speed Up Your Workflow

It’s every photographer’s dream. A workflow so smooth, so effortless…that it doesn’t even feel like work.

And with boudoir photography, a smooth workflow can be especially hard to achieve.

After all, working with models in various states of undress can get awkward. You’re under an obligation to make them look their very best, and to help them feel confident, comfortable, and at ease no matter the situation.

An easy workflow might seem unrealistic. But guess what?

It’s right here.

These actions will make every aspect of your workflow so easy, so effortless, that you and your models will feel completely relaxed. And it will show in the results.

Because you can eliminate every flaw and accentuate every beautiful detail with just a few clicks.

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Check out A Few Examples Below

boudoir photoshop actions sample
boudoir photoshop actions sample1
boudoir photoshop actions sample3
boudoir photoshop actions sample4

Time Is Money

Besides creating incredible boudoir photography, these actions will save you many hours of time.

And in this business, time is money.

To begin with, the results you achieve cannot fail to catch the attention of prospective clients. Simply by posting your stunning boudoir images to Instagram, you’ll gain more followers and fans. All this attention inevitably leads to more work and more profits.

But that’s not all. These boudoir Photoshop actions allow you to create these results quickly and easily. No fuss, no muss.

Photoshop Actions will work with ALL versions of Photoshop and Elements! (Photoshop CS 2-6, Photoshop CC and Elements 6-13 and up.)

That’s time you can put right back into your business in other ways. Like building relationships with customers. Coming up with new creative ideas for photo shoots. Widening your social media presence.

With so much more free time in your schedule, who knows how far you’ll go?

The only limit is your imagination.

Download these boudoir Photoshop actions today, and see how they breathe new life into your photography.


16 reviews for 15 Free Boudoir Photoshop Actions

  1. Martha

    Reviewing before using, but they look nice on the samples.

  2. Bruno

    Very Good, well diversified, great for final treatments where it is already retouched and just missing that touch of glamor

  3. Serkan CEYHAN


  4. Jasiry theobald

    so awesome i like it

  5. Darren

    This was a great deal. Good actions, nice start to my finishing process.

  6. Katelyn

    These are so amazing great finishing to photos.

  7. [email protected]

    Great ideas to make incredible images with high quality.

  8. Allysa Carberry

    Awesome actions – thank you so much

  9. [email protected]

    Very interesting and stylish presets that give the photos a completely new, sophisticated look.
    Thank You.

  10. Bren

    Actions save a lot of time during post shoot edits. I find that I’m using these actions more and more.

  11. Josh

    Thanks so much, awesome actions to help save me time and create beautiful images.

  12. yogesh


  13. dervish images

    great little set of actions

  14. [email protected]

    I like it. Thanks!

  15. [email protected]

    Good Lightroom presets save you time – it’s as simple as that. These are great, professional grade products that you can use to produce excellent images. Thank you for these.

  16. [email protected]

    looking good, thanks.

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