Tack Sharp: Photography Tips to Nailing Focus

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Author: James Brandon

Learn the art of consistently nailing focus on your images.

I can bet you have NEVER seen precise Photography tips like this.

You take several photos with your DSLR and they look great on your camera’s 3-inch screen.

But after opening them in Photoshop you realize many of them are blurry.

Getting sharp photos can be tricky, especially for someone who is just starting out. However, even pros oftentimes get shots that are not quite as sharp as they would like.

Photographer James Brandon has created an e-book on Photography Tips to help you take ultra-sharp images. This e-book goes beyond the basics of shutter speed and aperture. You’ll learn about the advanced functions used by seasoned professionals that are hidden and tucked away inside your camera’s settings.

In this DSLR photography book discover the extremely common but rarely corrected mistakes that prevent photographers from capturing sharp photos. Do you use your shutter button to focus? Do you focus using the “focus-recompose” method? Do you only focus in single point AF mode?

James Brandon will show you what you should be doing instead.

Brandon also takes you through some of his photos, where he will illustrate exactly how he made the particular image so sharp. He’ll explain not only how he shot the image, but how he enhanced the sharpness with post-processing.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting sharp images consistently, and you don’t know why then this e-book will help you immensely.

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Here’s What the Others Are Saying

“I have to admit to being a little dubious about what can be learnt from an ebook when my images are pretty much already sharp due to the use of a tripod and a little time taken to set up – but having downloaded and read this ebook over the weekend I am very surprised and happy to admit that I’ve learnt various new tricks and am now using several aspects of my camera that I had no idea existed previously. Thanks very much.”

– Michael Murphy

“I sat down and read ‘Tack Sharp’ this afternoon and was thoroughly impressed. In this eBook, James successfully dissects and explains the keys to creating the sharpest images possible in language that everyone will be able to understand. Not only are the basics of exposure covered in detail, but more advanced tips and tricks are shared. I know for a fact that I will be implementing the tricks James shares into my photography routine. Thanks!”

– Heath O’Fee

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You will learn:

  • What is the “focus trifecta” and how this will consistently make your images sharper
  • Camera settings most photographers don’t know about that make achieving focus easier and faster
  • The setting you should use for moving objects
  • The different types of focus points and how these points affect sharpness
  • Photography Tips on how Brandon shot and processed certain images in his portfolio

This is the brand new 4th edition of this eBook & it includes tack sharp settings for the Sony mirrorless system as well as several brand new sections like hyperfocal distance, focus stacking, lens sweet spots, and tons of fresh, new images.

Take full control over the advanced systems of focus in your camera.


9 reviews for Tack Sharp: Photography Tips to Nailing Focus

  1. maseczki z filtrem

    Iā€™m extremely pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for ones time just for this fantastic read!! I absolutely enjoyed every part of it and i also have you bookmarked to see new stuff in your site.

  2. Barbara Newcomb

    Simple to read and follow. Learnt some new things.

  3. Lester Strawbridge

    If only I had known my cameras could help get tack sharp photos like I get now. Whow were would I be today. I am 82 years old and still do a lot of photography as an amateur and I have to say that this is one of the best purchases I have made in my whole career.

  4. Riko Carrion

    Downloaded this but couldn’t open it on my iPad. Instructs me to open it in a program more suitable but it keeps looping back to the original site and message.

    • Amruta

      Hi Riko, download WinZip for iOS from app store. Its a free app for iOS. Unzip the zip file using WinZip and then use iBook or Adobe Reader to open the PDF file.



    • Amruta

      Wohoo! thanks a lot Paul.. šŸ™‚

  6. PhotoGene47

    For the price paid, this eBook is very good. I especially enjoyed the articles on focus stacking, diffusion and rear button focus. There is information for the beginner as well as the more advanced user. I have never tried focus stacking but I will be trying out this method quite soon.

    • Amruta

      I’m glad that you liked it. Thanks for reviewing šŸ™‚

  7. natsag

    Good eBook

  8. John Brown

    An interesting and useful pamphlet, but it was less detailed and went a little less far than I had expected. There were also some minor sub-editing problems from the revision to a fourth edition (and James Brandon’s changeover from Canon to Sony) – for example the illustration of a Canon L lens on page 10 doesn’t immediately appear to be an L lens, the image of a budget lens referred to in the text is absent and the final paragraph on page 7 is repeated almost verbatim at the beginning of page 8. However, as someone with a few years of camera experience I found it useful and picked up a few very helpful pointers. I would imagine that anyone in their first year or two of coming to terms with modern DSLRs would find this an extremely worthwhile purchase. It was certainly very reasonably priced.

  9. Robert McKenzie

    I found this to be very useful in solving a focus problem I have been
    having and now it is solved. I use Nikon cameras so I had to shift around a bit from the Sony and Canon descriptions but it worked
    out fine.

    • Amruta

      Wow..that’s really great. I’m glad that you liked it Robert šŸ™‚

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