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Portrait Photography Poses That Will Make Posing Effortless

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Do you ever feel like you spend far too much time experimenting with portrait photography poses?

And yet, getting the pose exactly right is essential to creating quality portrait photography. Luckily, you no longer have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to putting together just the right set of portrait photography poses.

Today’s photographer has the convenience of posing cards. These take all the guesswork out of posing, providing a handy digital medium to get just the right pose every time.

This can save you hours of valuable time at a shoot. You don’t need to fuss with different poses. They have already been created for you.

The challenge, though, is to find exactly the right set of posing cards for your needs.

All The Portrait Photography Poses You’ll Ever Need In One Place

This set of postcards comes with as many portrait photography poses as you’ll ever need.

Here are all the different kinds of poses you’ll find in this amazing collection.

  • 837 POSEPIRATION Portrait Setting Cards
  • 442 Family/Children Posing Card Bundle By Autumn Branscome
  • 465 Wedding & Engagement Posing Card Bundle by Gage Blake Photography
  • 219 Lifestyle Creative Idea Cards By Gage Blake Photography
  • 859 Ultimate Posing Card Collection
  • BONUS: 300+ Misc Cards

In case you lost count, that is a whopping 3100+ portrait setting cards in one package!

With this many portrait setting cards, you will never lack for inspiration again.

And each card comes with details about the right lens and setting for each pose. These handy details make it easy for you to create any of these portrait photography poses.

Best of all, low res is included in the package. This means the pose setting cards can be used on your mobile device, for ultimate convenience no matter where your inspiration might take you.

Please note that this package includes digital versions only, not print.

Sneak Peek Of Some Of The Portrait Photography Poses

portrait photography poses1
portrait photography poses2
portrait photography poses3
portrait photography poses4
portrait photography poses5
potrsit posing cards
portrait photography poses7
portrait photography poses7
portrait photography poses8
portrait photography poses9
portrait photography poses10
portrait photography poses11

Family Posepiration Cards

portrait photography poses 2

Newborn Posepiration Cards

portrait photography poses 3

Senior Headshot Posepiration Cards

portrait photography poses senior

Newborn Sibling Posepiration Cards

portrait photography poses sibling

Newborn Parents Posepiration Cards

portrait photography poses parents

The Ultimate Portrait Photography Poses Solution

This package of portrait photography poses cards will transform your entire workflow, making it possible for you to create gorgeous artistic works effortlessly.

Never again will you waste hours with your models and with your equipment, trying to get a pose just right.

Now every pose you could possibly need will be right there at your fingertips!

With all the guesswork removed from this process, it will be easy to create flawless results in almost no time.

Besides making the entire portrait photography process much more enjoyable, you will also be able to drastically increase your productivity.

So not only will you have better results…you’ll have more of them.

And that means more visibility and ultimately more profit.

portrait photography poses last

Because as much as you love portrait photography, you’re here to do more than just dabble. You want to earn money doing what you love.

For that reason, you may be concerned about the purchase of 3,100+ portrait photography posing cards might do to your budget.

But there’s no need to panic.

Typically, this collection costs about $900. But for a limited time, we are offering them to you for just $29. That’s about half of an already amazing price.

And we’re confident that these Posepirations will pay for themselves over and over again…especially at this unbeatable (but temporary) deal price.

So take advantage of this opportunity to turn perspiration into inspiration, with these transformative Posepiration cards.

NOTE: This includes DIGITAL VERSIONS ONLY! If you’d like these cards printed, you can print these out for your own personal use.

Download This Posepiration Bundle Today & Make Your Photoshoots  Effortless!!

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103 reviews for 3,100+ Portrait Photography Poses Cards Bundle


    So many ideas to chose from. Just the ticket when you are out ideas.

  2. Declan

    Very good reference for the times you are lost for inspiration. It happens to the best of us.

  3. Zibi


  4. [email protected]

    this is great! big variety! I love it cuz i can just pull out my phone and show my clients what i mean! its great! worth it!!

  5. Allison

    Can’t wait to use these! Thank you for a smooth transaction

  6. Dave Ackroyd

    These posing cards cover lots of subjects and are brilliant for carrying about with you either as an actual card or on your phone or tablet in digital form.
    Never be without help and guidance again

  7. [email protected]

    Loved the cards and presets I purchased…so easy to use and the cards are awesome posing ideas. The wedding presents are great, takes my photos to a whole new level!

  8. Roberto

    Is always great to get just the best and Photowhoa offers a variety of tools that we use and make us better at our job. Thanks for your dedication. I recommend and Thank You.

  9. [email protected]

    Great cards for beginners and advanced as well!

  10. Mauro


  11. [email protected]

    This is just a wonderful way to get inspiration and get you going. Grat stuff.

  12. [email protected]

    looks good. very helpful to have visual cues when posing on site.

  13. [email protected]

    A great product for beginners and more advanced. I recommend.

  14. dynamick

    I cant believe how good these cards are. It’ll change the way that I work. Get some bought!

  15. dynamick

    A marvellous idea – so many poses to choose from. Highly recommended to anyone who is just taking the leap into portrait photography.

  16. [email protected]

    A great package that is very useful. I recommend it!

  17. [email protected]

    Awesome product! Easy to print cards.

  18. debra gryp

    Great posing guide! Easy to understand and easy to print.

  19. [email protected]

    I’ve made a living off photography for over 23 years. Over time you get in a rut with your poses. These are a great way to up your style and your bag of tricks….

  20. [email protected]

    Great tool to have for a beginner to have. I am putting them on my tablet for reference at photo shoots. Will take some time to learn. I like the fact that you get different photographers with this as well as important information on what to use.

  21. [email protected]

    This package gives you far more overlays, Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, etc. than you are EVER likely to need! Absolutely fantastic value too. Don’t hesitate. Just buy it, but then expect to spend many hours going through them all to see what they do for your photography.

  22. Stefaan

    I came across the PhotoWhoa site and thought it was just another site to download stuff you can easily create by yourself. When exploring the site and making my first purchase it immediately became clear that it was more than just another site. The tutorials, add-ons, … have boosted my creativity and has taken the quality of my pictures to the next level. Love it!

  23. [email protected]

    This is a great collection of poses for almost everything I need. Excellent image quality, easy to view on a mobile device and is a source of inspiration and experimentation. I thoroughly recommend them!

  24. tonynoto

    I’ve gone through the set of poses that relate to what I do the most and found it very educational and helpful. I’ll be examining the remainder very soon to gather helpful hints.

  25. Selene

    Very suitable for beginners 🙂

  26. [email protected]

    Great sets of poses! Thanks!

  27. Marybeth Gosnell

    Great for a quick reference!

  28. Simon Livson

    Amazing collection of posing ideas.

  29. [email protected]

    Great, extensive guide for quick inspiration!

  30. [email protected]

    This is a wonderful tool. if you’re like me and you stick to the same old poses, this has been invaluable in making me up my game and expanding my arsenal. Lots to do and lots to try with these cards.

  31. Burey

    Expansive collection of posing cards with huge subject range. Will give you ideas for a long time to come.

  32. Graham Williams

    Good cards giving me plenty of ideas.

  33. [email protected]

    Excellent collection of posing ideas. I’ve learned a lot by looking at the poses, and the cards also gave me some good ideas to experiment with.

  34. Vince Thorne

    This is a 5-star product I have found this very useful in photoshoots outdoors and in my studio I always have them to hand to reference it’s fantastic idea and I thoroughly recommend them

  35. Selene

    Adatto a chi è alle prime armi più che a chi ha già eseguito tanti lavori da professionista. Comunque una bella opera ricca di utili consigli

  36. [email protected]

    Great Pose Ideas

  37. [email protected]

    It’s been a long time since I wanna own this packages and now I got it. It helps me a lot since I sometimes don’t know what to do with my subjects (specifically to portraits)! Great deal and Thank you!

  38. Nathalie

    Pose ideas for everyone and for all styles of photography.
    Easy to take everywhere with you and always available by putting this card game on a tablet or even your phone.
    Ideal for the lack of inspiration on a shoot!

  39. [email protected]

    I love these, great ideas on different shots and poses! All in a neat little digital file to take with you anywhere!

  40. [email protected]

    These posing cards are great! There’s so many it’s wonderfully overwhelming! I love that the camera settings are included as well:)

  41. Adrian Høiland

    Awesome pack of poses, when you’re out of ideas, or just need inspiration. Great value!

  42. Tyeisha Boothe

    I love all the posing guides that came in the package. It’s a plus that the files are organized by Photography category. It’s also a bonus having the shot setting on the bottom of each pose. I can’t wait for my next session!

  43. Tyeisha Boothe

    Definitely worth it! Posing is not my best skill as a photographer. Even after working in a portrait studio for years. This guide will definitely help me feel more confident taking on big groups/ families! Thank you for helping boost my Photography skills!

  44. Mary

    Great product that will come in very handy for my sessions. Thank you!

  45. [email protected]

    very helpful, and easy to get idea as well as give you variety of different posing idea, very happy with the product.

  46. [email protected]

    Too easy to go blank when posing (especially if just starting), this collection gives so many great ideas that you may never draw a blank again!

  47. [email protected]

    There are literally THOUSANDS of these to choose from. Probably like 6000 poses in 20 different photography styles. It’ll take a long time to learn these from memory. Good to have them in a physical file!

  48. Paul

    The ordering process was fast and easy. I received the return email to download the files quickly. I have not had time to review all of the photo cards but what I have seen they will be a great inspiration with tons of great posing ideas.

  49. [email protected]

    Excellent resource, especially for the inspirationally challenged such as myself.

  50. Jennifer B

    Great posing guides!!

  51. [email protected]

    loving it!
    makes my work a little bit easier times where brain doesn’t seems to work haha

  52. [email protected]

    great idea thank you

  53. [email protected]

    Wonderful set of cards. Opens new possibilities in photo editing.

  54. Brian Watson

    I find they are great to help you get started posing people. So many great ideas in there.

  55. Ryan Collins

    Great value for the money. Easy to use and spark creativity. Simple transaction and fast response.

  56. [email protected]

    For someone starting out in portrait photography this pack provides a good jumping off point so you are not starting from scratch in getting your subject to pose. It also offers the advantage, in being a set of cards, that you can carry them on a tablet and show the client the pose rather than trying to direct them, perhaps awkwardly.

  57. CobraRebels

    Una ayuda indispensable para el modelo y el propio fotografo, donde aseguras de alguna manera el exito de la toma.

  58. Xiaoyuan Cui

    Love this cards. Full of posing ideas.

  59. Leonardo Romero

    Great product alot information,

  60. Joe Randolph

    Perfect set of cards for help with posing. So many options to look through

  61. Joe Randolph

    Perfect for looking back to on your camera or phone or printing out and laminating into cards and put them on a key ring.

  62. [email protected]

    Wonderful set of cards. Opens new possibilities in photo editing.

  63. [email protected]

    I love this collection of posing cards. They are so handy and helpful especially when I am out in the field. There are some great poses I had never thought about. I am glad I purchased this. This collection of poses will definitely be with me at all time when I am using my camera.

  64. great-dane911

    I purchased this bundle of 3100 Posespiration Portrait Photography poses yesterday and I found the insp[iration from these cards is beyond belief. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner you will find this bundle most helpful. I would not hesitate to purchase this bundle if you are sitting on the fence.

  65. Akis

    I Love these pictures… and the Information its great.
    Thats not my last time ordering here.


    When I finally get all of them downloaded I’ll be doing alot more photo take of my family and animals


    I’m looking forward to using my cards to do family photos

  68. Kennedy Barber

    Have Downloaded with no Issues and Have looked at many of the Pictures and I Love It. Gives me great possibilities and the Ability to Have Award Winning Sittings. Thank You Guys So Much !!!

  69. Tommy Grohmann

    Sehr schöne Ideen, selbst für gestandene Profis hilfreich.

  70. chapdjl

    The pictures with their detailed information on how to set the camera has gone a long way to expediting the photo shoots for my clients. I’m very pleased with them and I highly recommend these to any photographer, especially newer ones trying to get started. They also work for seasoned photographers as well.

  71. Michael Southard

    Amazing set of cards. Plenty of pose ideas and very clearly described. Will definitely purchase more from PhotoWhoa!!!!

  72. Helen Seavers

    Love these ideas
    They r great to have on hand when u doing a photo shoot .
    U can show the clients the poses
    And they can pick out some they like

  73. Dave Vinluan

    Great stuff! Helped with my latest client 😀

  74. Cecilia Cepeda

    I think is a good idea because I can see in my phone and have a idea when I need to do any shoot

  75. Cora

    I’m super excited to use these ideas in my photo journey. Thanks

  76. Russell Scott

    I’ve just got started and can’t wait to use them all. I do graphics design and need inspirations how to set up the poses. Thanks, just what I needed.

  77. [email protected]

    The choices I have in this collection are overwhelming, I’ll never run out of inspiration again. Great deal here

  78. Peterjasie

    What a super idea! Posing cards for just about every occasion. I was asked to do a newborn shoot and your newborn cards saved the day. It is now prom season and your prom cards will be of an immense help. I love being able to load the cards on my mobile phone so help is always at hand! Thank you SO much!

  79. [email protected]

    Good pose collection for beginners.

  80. Mervyn Chait

    Comprehensive range of poses; Agree with review by Sharon – Preselect and print poses for a shoot or load specific poses onto phone for quick reference. Useful product.

  81. Sharon

    I was skeptical of this when I first saw it. But then I saw an ad for it again and I looked it over once more. I had just done a wedding and I was too overwhelmed to think properly about poses. I hated looking in my phone for my ideas. It took too much time. I bought it and have no regrets. I’m going to print out the poses relevant to the next shoot I do. I’m really excited to implement these!

  82. [email protected]

    Thank you so much for this bundle. Very helpful reference. Great ideas for posing in unlimited situations. I highly recommend this bundle.

  83. D Ackroyd

    This is a MASSIVE collection of poses for lots of different scenarios.
    With different versions for print and mobile devices, you are well covered for any eventuality.
    Having an example on hand to show a model can really take the headache out of striking a pose.

  84. [email protected]

    A great inspiration, I have loaded them on my phone so I have them on hand at all times

  85. [email protected]

    A great help when I need inspiration, Very handy, I have loaded them on my phone so I have them on hand at all times

  86. [email protected]

    A very convenient almost infinite source of ideas. The structure of this package is professionally arranged and easy to access.

  87. Dhan

    Yes I am very satisfying of this 3100+package,now I can do more job,because I trust all of ideas that I get in this product,thank you,

  88. Laneque la Grange Loader

    They are awesome cards and will def come in handy for my future shoots, thank you!

  89. [email protected]

    I’m happy with the cards. I think they will be very helpful in my work I recommend Joanna Płock

  90. [email protected]

    This is awesome a big help when you need inspiration

  91. Marion

    I love it! So many posing options and such a good folder structure! It’s really easy to find what I am looking for.

  92. C-ROB

    3100 + package was inspirational and a great idea for professionals and beginners. When you have that mental block or just want some fresh ideas this is the package to get you over the hump.

  93. [email protected]

    Great reference and the fact that you can access them on your phone or tablet is an outstanding feature. Good way to get some ideas and also to let your subjects pick some poses.

  94. Gregory White

    These cards have some pretty good ideas. Great to have on the fly. Used a few of them last week at a maternity shoot. Thanks for the help!

  95. [email protected]

    Love these posing cards – especially the “Poseperations” … so helpful. The variety of posing genres is fantastic as well. And to top it off, PhotoWhoa’s Customer Service is superb. Thank you!!!

  96. [email protected]

    Great cards, very useful in my business

  97. Orlando Oliveira

    Great idea and and awesome product to hand out to your studio staff and second shooters!

  98. Guadalupe Cardenas

    Great posing tool to have.

  99. Julia

    I love this bundle. There are tons of great posing ideas that are organized by subject…weddings, seniors, infants, etc. Many of them include descriptions for how to achieve the shot or the camera information for the shot such as focal length and aperture.

  100. [email protected]

    Thankyou for this excellent bundle of posing cards, takes a lot of stress and guessing work out of setting up a photo shoot, anywhere and in any situation.

  101. Hung

    Great resources for portraits and general shootings.

  102. [email protected]

    These are great for quick ideas. I have them loaded on my phone. I can even help the client understand what I have in mind by showing them the card. Hundreds of poses for every imaginable scenario.

  103. jerome_cplee

    If you think you’re out of posing ideas, you got some great quick references here that’ll help you out. And with it being digital, load, folder and name it onto you phone or tablets for quick reference.

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