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Author: Alex Coghe

If you’re a street photographer, then you require a special kind of inspiration.

Not everyone can find beauty in the everyday people and scenes of city life, and capture that beauty vividly in stunning images.

But the unique nature of this art form can also make it very lonely. A little inspiration, encouragement, and recognition can go a long way to improving your work.

The right kind of encouragement can be hard to find. While there are plenty of websites, magazines, and journals available to photographers, there are very few resources for the specific art of street photography.

Street photography is gritty, tough, and brave in the quest for truthful and realistic images, and there are going to be days when your creativity runs dry.

At these moments, having regular access to the work of your peers can make all the difference.

Viewing the artistry of others can serve as a valuable springboard for new ideas of your own. It’s even better if you can share your work too, building visibility for creations that may inspire others.

And sometimes a little guidance is nice to have, especially if your particular genre is even more specific, such as Portraits or Erotica.

Connect With The Worldwide Audience

We bring you an amazing street photography magazine bundle which will immediately connect you with the international community of street photographers and connoisseurs.

The bundle includes –

  • The Portrait Photography Manual
  • 12 Issues of Street Photographer Magazine
  • The Mexicana Collections (three volumes)

Available in handy electronic form, you can download and enjoy it at your convenience.

It is packed with inspiring work by the best street photographers in the business, even offering the possibility to showcase your work right along with it.

It’s a great way to get your work out in the public eye, as well as get connected with an inspirational community of artists.

The Portrait Photography Manual which is included in this deal will take your street photography to heights you could only dream of before. The guide offers insider tips on how to get the best out of your models. You will learn the best poses, the best lighting, and the best camera angle to capture the beauty of any model.

With the results you can achieve, you will quickly rise to the top to get an edge on the competition.

street photography magazine portrait

The Mexicana Collection

The Mexicana collection will provide you with new vision and insights for nude portraits which are both tasteful and dramatic.

street photography magazine vol1
street photography magazine vol2
street photography magazine vol3

An Array Of Resources In One Convenient Bundle

It’s tough to find great resources for street photographers! But in just one bundle, PhotoWhoa provides you with all the guidance and inspiration you’ll ever need.

Here are all the features included in this amazing deal.

  • 12 issues of Street Photographer Notebook 2018 magazine
  • The handy Portrait Photographer Manual
  • The Mexicana collection for nude/erotic photography
  • The potential opportunity to feature your work in the magazine & get paid for it
  • The ability to expose your work to a worldwide audience
  • Featured photography created by street photographers for other street photographers to enjoy
  • Stunning images created by the biggest names in the street photography industry
  • Created by renowned documentary photographer Alex Coghe
  • PDF format for easy and convenient download

All these amazing features are yours in one convenient bundle.

The Street Photographer Magazine 2018

(12 Issues)

street photography magazine 37
street photography magazine 38
street photography magazine 39
street photography magazine 40
street photography magazine 41
street photography magazine 42
street photography magazine 43
street photography magazine 44
street photography magazine 45
street photography magazine 46
street photography magazine 47
street photography magazine 48

A Street Photography Magazine To Transform Your Work

You will find yourself endlessly inspired by the work that you find in The Street Photographer Notebook. Every issue will be a new treat, with more wonders to look forward to.

Inspiration will just keep flowing and you will feel motivated to continue producing the most cutting-edge, honest, and brilliant photography that you’re capable of.

If you’ve been waiting for something to help you take your street photography to the next level, this is it.

The best part? Purchasing Street Photographer Notebook supports the work of fellow street photographers, since a certain percentage of each issue sold goes into the pockets of contributors.

So it’s not simply a magazine; it’s really a community of artists supporting and recognizing one another in their work.

And who couldn’t use some more of that?

In fact, this is the only e-magazine in the world that was created for street photographers, by photographers.

And with this one-time deal, you can grab all 12 issues, along with the Portrait Photographer Manual and the Mexicana collection, at one affordable price.

Your life as a photographer will never be the same. Your creativity will flow effortlessly, and your motivation will know no bounds as you prepare to share your work with other street photographers.

What People Are Saying About Street Photographer Notebook

“I follow Alex Coghe for a long time and I can say that he is an honest photographer and I’ve always found inspiration and wise advise from him. I’m proud of contributing to this thrilling enterprise because I’m sure that being curated by Alex will be a splendid platform to promote and share the best photography. Many thanks and best luck and light!” “Alex Coghe has managed to place this magazine as key reference for street photography. He has achieved an open, fresh and inspiring publication where you can find a fine selection of diverse and creative authors. It’s noticeable that there is no censorship just an exquisite taste and a compromise to the freedom of expression that is implicit in the realm of the street photography.”- IGNACIO VARA

“I have to say that I’m once more very very impressed by the Notebook. It’s fine art in the top league!!! Really outstanding!!! In this issue I liked especially the work from Clarissa Bonnet and Laurent Roch. You’re a hero, many thanks for this great inpiration.” – THOMAS LUDWIG

“No preconception can be the beginning of communication. This simple thought is the foundation of TSPN’s experience: every photographer, as individual, feels encouraged to express and share shades of identity through personal street work. Thanks to Alex Coghe we have an incubator of ideas about the living world.” – ANGIE AXTHELM

You’ll never regret purchasing this incredible street photography magazine bundle

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    I like it, it is very interesting great photoso

  2. [email protected]

    The ways people find interesting in the streets is eye opening
    It’s really interesting

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