Insider Secrets For Great Street Photography

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77 Pages on hands-on instruction with real inspiration for street photographers.

Author: Alex Coghe

In this street photography book, The Street Photography Guide, seasoned street photographer Alex Coghe offers his hard-won insights into this exhilarating world.

Here are just a few of the valuable lessons covered.

  • How the history of street photography influences our work today.

  • A working definition of “street photography” and a manifesto to help us understand why we do it and love it

  • The “must haves” for good street photography

  • An in-depth tutorial on the effective use of Zone Focus to capture your subjects

  • Specific recommendations on how to find the best cameras to use for street photography.

  • Discussion of the elements of good composition including perspective, framing, use of space, balance, and effective use of the scissors.

  • Insider knowledge about how close to your subjects you really need to get

  • The pros and cons of using flash.

  • Tips for overcoming your fear of photographing strangers

  • How to tell the difference between strong or weak content

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About the Author – Alex Coghe

Rest assured, the knowledge from this book does not come from a novice. It is unique compared to the usual street photography books that you see around. It is more than a theory. Like most of PhotoWhoa’s free photography guides, it is taken directly from the experiences of a master photographer.

Born in Italy and based in Mexico City, Alex Coghe has been capturing city life with his camera for decades.

Besides his own signature gritty, dark street photography, he has also worked in editorial photography and in fashion and erotic photography.

He has published a number of books and has shown his work in exhibitions in Italy, Spain, and the United States.

When it comes to street photography, Coghe’s work definitely stands out. He has developed and honed his own unique style over the years, and it is unmatched.

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A Definitive Collection of Tricks of The Trade

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In this guide, you get to learn all the insider secrets which have taken Coghe a lifetime to perfect. You even get to learn about the beliefs and motivations that inspire his work.

Here are all the topics covered in this comprehensive work.

  • What Is Street Photography & it’s needs?

  • The Street Photography Manifesto

  • Why Am I Doing Street Photography?

  • You Are Photographing Yourself

  • A Guide to Understand and Use Zone Focus For Street Photography

  • Pre-Set Focus With Leica X2 and Ricoh GRD IV

  • The Perfect Camera For Street Photography

  • Composition In Street Photography

  • On the Street & techniques

  • To Be Close Or Not? This Is the Problem

  • Compositional Aspects and the Instinct of a Street Photographer

  • The Importance of the Result

  • Sampling In Street Photography

  • The First Few Times On the Street

  • Weak Street Photography

  • Shooting From the Hip & Thinking For Project

  • Overcoming Your Fear of Getting Close to Your Subjects With Street Photography

  • Thoughts About Street Photography

The Last Street Photography Book You’ll Ever Need

Once you’ve downloaded this unique guide, your work will never be the same.

It’s one of the best street photography books you will ever come across. It combines practical, hands-on instruction with real inspiration.

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6 reviews for Insider Secrets For Great Street Photography

  1. Donald Grant

    An insightful perspective on the art and craft of street photography, and well done.

  2. Doug Mungavin

    nice book, he’s got some good tips for getting good shots

  3. [email protected]

    Very interesting discussion of the philosophy behind street photography

  4. Ntimateportraits

    Nice introduction and it was very informative!

  5. [email protected]

    It works for me and that is what counts!

  6. Paul

    Only been a member for a short while, but I have enjoyed the content and have learned much – thank you

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