Techniques for Nude Photography Poses (20 Case studies)+ Bonus

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20 techniques for popular nude photography and a repository of online resources for you to download

Author: Michael Charles


nude photography poses

20 Techniques To Nude Photography Poses

Off the top of your head, how many nude photographs have you seen in your life? Whoa.

Okay, let’s just stop this, right here, before we get too crazy. I’m sure you know your nude photography well enough and I’m sure you know all the different looks they can have.

But knowing how to shoot those looks is what you’ll learn in this free ebook. 20 different nude photography poses. 20. Again, if you’re at work and you’re still reading this, be ashamed, be very ashamed. I guarantee you somebody can see you reading this.

And no matter what you say, they’ll never listen. Even if you do learn some serious technique about photography, which you will, they won’t care. All they’ll see is all the nudity. So just do yourself a favor, don’t download this at work.

Wait until you’re home. This isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got this freebie for you to download whenever you can. It’s for anybody who wants a serious cheatsheet of 20 nude photography poses in the glamour and nude photography business.

What will I get? What will I learn in NSFW Photography?

You’re going to get 20 techniques to creating some of the most popular looks in nude photography. You’ll learn how to create fine art nudes, learn how to use golden hour light, and even learn a bit about shooting sculptural nudes.

nude photography poses

BONUS:A Rolodex of Nude & Erotic Online Resources

His ebook will give you 100+ websites to help you find work. These websites were curated by Michael Charles. And they’re sites he has used or knows will be useful to you. It’s a good starting guide to getting work in nude photography. We thought we’d offer it to you for free.


10 reviews for Techniques for Nude Photography Poses (20 Case studies)+ Bonus

  1. [email protected]

    Hi, I is a really helpfull basic guide and it does get you started in the nude photography

  2. dervish images

    well worht the download a great read

  3. [email protected]

    Not bad

  4. [email protected]

    This is a really helpful basic guide and it really does get you started in the field of nude photography. Michael Charles is a good writer and engages the reader well. He speaks at a suitable level of detail and, in short, you should download this now. I’d also recommend Skin – Michael’s much more in-depth look at the topic.

  5. Brian A. Verdi

    Good starting point!

  6. Pedrin

    I hope this help me out to learn more about nude photography.

  7. Hanh

    Hi, It is great guiding for anyone who is a beginner like for me.
    It shows clear photo and steps how to shooting.

  8. lulgi


  9. Man,

    nice this shot, but add some details for pic.
    thank you

  10. David

    I am sure the product is great but I would not download for me. It went into some endless loop Beachball sort of thing

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