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1000+ Options To Choose The Sky You Stand Under in 17 Categories with extended commercial license.

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Author: MixPixBox

Sky Is The Limit! Or Maybe Not!

Savvy outdoor photographers know how essential the sky is to achieving the right look in your photos.

Sometimes you want a mood of dark and gloom. Other times, you want something vivid and dramatic. And then there are those times when only the searing power of lightning will do.

Finding or creating the right look for the sky is an art. It’s not easy to accomplish. And you need all the help you can get.

Nature doesn’t always provide the exact look you seek. Sometimes you need to do a little extra work behind the scenes. And with the overlays available on the market these days, you have the technology to do it.

However, finding exactly the right overlays for your art can be a mammoth task on its own.

Not every overlay pack will fit your needs, your devices, or your budget.

sky overlays beach

When it comes to creating beautiful looks with the sky, it’s all about variety. Every subject calls for a different look. One stormy sky is not like another. Every sunset is unique. And each rainbow has its own special look.

So you can’t just use the same sky overlays over and over.

What if you could get every sky overlay you’ll ever want in one convenient, user-friendly package?

Well, now you can.

The Ultimate Package of Sky Overlays

This giant Sky Overlays Pack offers a stunning variety of overlays, including:

  • 250 High-resolution sky photo overlays
  • 100 High-resolution night sky photo overlays
  • 50 Beautiful sky overlays
  • 60 High-resolution dramatic sky overlays
  • 60 Dreamy sky overlays
  • 11 Lightning overlays
  • 60 Long exposure sky overlays
  • 45 High-resolution northern lights overlays
  • 60 Pastel sky overlays
  • 30 Rain overlays (transparent background)
  • 60 Romantic sky overlays
  • 22 High-resolution rainbow overlays
  • 10 Rainbow overlays (with transparent background)
  • 20 Rainbow textures
  • 60 Stormy sky overlays
  • 65 Sunset sky overlays
  • 12 Tornado overlays

The Sky Overlays Tutorials To Help You Get Started

Some Sneak Peeks Into What You’ll Get!

sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle
sky overlays bundle

Some Before & After Effects, You Can Create!

sky overlays couple
sky overlays beach
sky overlays wedding
sky overlays gardens


Any software that works with layers including:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Luminar
  • Corel PaintShopPro
  • Free programs like Gimp, Pixlr,, Seashore, SumoPaint, Krita, CinePaint, Serif PhotoPlus, PaintShop Pro, & Pixelmator
  • These are NOT COMPATIBLE with Adobe Lightroom!

File Formats:

  • JPG, PNG and/or PDF files

Get Started With These Overlays Now!

The Secret to Incredible Skies

Not every photographer has mastered the secret to creating unusual and striking skies.

It can take many years of practice, as well as many mediocre results, to finally get to that point.

Unless you find a helpful shortcut like this.

No matter what your vision for a particular image, you’ll find it here, right at your fingertips, every time.

Want a unique night sky? Now it’s easy. Do you long for the surreal look of multi-colored clouds? That effect is right here. How about an amazing backdrop of Aurora Borealis? No need to await the right moment; you can get it with just a few clicks.

sky overlays bundle

And if 1000 sky effects aren’t enough for you, you can mix and match them using your photo editing software.

With this variety of looks, the sky is no longer the limit.

That’s because you’ll get years of experimentation and thousands upon thousands of captivating images. Throughout a career or a lifetime, no two will ever be alike.

Best of all, these overlays are beautifully versatile and user-friendly! No playing around with your software or equipment to try to get them to work; you’ll be up and running, using these overlays successfully right away.

That means spending more time doing what you love to do: finding and capturing gorgeous images for your photography.

And if you think this career-changing package is outside your budget, think again.

Normally available at a one-time cost of $76, we are presently offering the ultimate pack of sky overlays at an incredible price of just $29.

We can’t think of any better way to invest that $29 than in the enduring creativity of your art.

So what are you waiting for?

Get These Overlays Now & Create Gorgeous Skies Forever!

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61 reviews for The Ultimate 1000+ Sky Overlays Bundle

  1. [email protected]

    Love them=]

  2. [email protected]

    Great Collection, very usefull

  3. Linda S

    These overlays are gorgeous. Well worth the money, IMHO.

  4. null

    I do real estate photography, and can’t always wait for the perfect sky.
    A property with a gray sky, doesn’t look pleasing. These sky overlays allow me to replace the drab skys with pleasing skys…

  5. David

    Very pleased with the purchase, I like the range of skys that you get and they are useful when you do a shoot only to find the sky lets yu down, well worth the money, highly recommend this bundle.

  6. Kevin Ramage

    Excellent value for a fantastic collection of Sky overlays.
    Great variety to fit in with any images you wish to work with.

  7. [email protected]

    This are all backgrounds i need. very good value and the difference the sky makes in the image.

  8. edgeflorida

    This is a nice collection of skies and other overlays. The tutorial video provides a good overview of the basic concept of how to replace the sky in an image. The latest versions of Photoshop actually have a “sky replacement” command. These images can be used with that photoshop command. I find that in addition to just masking out the old foreground, sometimes I need to color tone the foreground to match the new background. I.e., if I’m placing a warm sunset as the background, then I also need to warm up the foreground as if it were later in the day. In addition, I find in helpful to sometimes blur the sky backgrounds, because with my lens settings the sky would be naturally blurred anyways. For example, it doesn’t make sense to have out of focus mountains in the background but then a perfectly in-focus sky.

  9. Fishsticknugget

    Great skies and very easy to work with! Love the product!

  10. Fishsticknugget

    Love the choices and knowing they come from great photographers. Can’t wait to get started and really get going!

  11. Tim Foster

    The variety and quality of the files are excellent. The price is much better than other retailers. The value cannot be beat!

  12. CircleCR

    Great selection of skies!

  13. snowlady11

    So many wonderful skies, an absolute great value for your money. Everything you need in one place.

  14. Ian Dodd

    I am always looking to add great Sky images to my collection. The 1000+Sky Overlays Bundle adds great variety for post editing without duplicating favourites. The Bundle was a worthwhile purchase for me.

  15. Jeff Couture

    So many skies to choose from.

  16. S Austin

    Great variety and quality.

  17. Ray Alstrom

    Quite impressed with the variety and quality of the background sky images. I wasn’t expecting much based on the price but figured a handful of useful images would make the purchase worthwhile. To my surprise all the images are quality and quite useful. They work especially well with Skylum’s Luminar AI Sky Replacement. I’m completely satisfied and I highly recommend this collection.

  18. FRED

    You can never have enough skies. This is a great deal.

  19. Ronald

    Beautiful skies that add a punch to my existing photos. I’m happy with the quality and diversity of the sky overlays here

  20. MARC

    I’ve purchased a bunch of sky overlay packages over the years… this is the best one yet, thanks!

  21. Paul

    So glad to finally get a collection this big. I’ve spent a lot over the years trying to build up a collection this vast, and this has lots of overlays I haven’t had before!

  22. Murray

    Great collection of skies for use in composites. Great value as well

  23. Jean Bernard ROUSSILHE

    Very beautiful sky overlays work great with Luminar and Imagelys softwares.

  24. Freddy

    I replace the sky in most of my work and I end up using one of these skies normally. I shoot professionally and I must say that this package works very well in most of my work. With a good skillset to blend these into your work, you will find each of them absolutely perfect.

  25. robert barford

    Sometimes, try as you might, you can not get your subject and ideal sky in an image together. From night skies to lightning to fluffy clouds this set has a variety of just about everything. It includes tutorials that you may use in photoshop, or easily use in third party applications.

  26. Alan

    A great collection of Sky overlays. Easy to use and adds great moods to a good but otherwise dull photos. Lots to choose from; the only limit to beautiful images is your own imagination.

  27. Robert Newton

    I love this. There are so many different skies Great overlays work great with photoshop & Lumanir Ai

  28. Robert Newton

    Great overlays work great with photoshop & Lumanir Ai

  29. terry

    i found them amazing they do give another depth, too your photo, as we have all been there, plan the day and when we get there the sky has as much colour , as a grey carpet these solve that and much more

  30. Robert

    Great value and tons of really great overlays! Highly recommend this package to anyone.


    This is an exceptional deal and works beautifully with the Photoshop Sky Replacement feature. Often we lament the fact that we could not be present at a chosen location at a particular time. Or, even after a thorough recce, we arrive at the location only to be confronted with a dismal weather…meaning a dull, grey sky. This is a very common experience for a landscape photographer. The landscape photographer knows the critical importance of the sky in a travel image. This bundle works as a much needed life saver in such situations and can add so many different moods to the sky to transform a dull image into a dramatic one. Great value.

  32. Shane

    Lots of great skies so many, I have enjoyed using them and would recommend them to anyone

  33. Rick

    These are very usable overlays! They work great with PS and Luminar AI. Definitely recommend!

  34. Bud

    Love the Sky Overlays! They have made the sky replacement so easy. So may choices!

  35. Julian Britten

    This bundle is amazing. So many flexible skies to use in any situation. You are never left thinking you haven’t got the right sky for the right situation.

  36. Tony

    Perfect to fix a great photo with a dull sky. This has allowed me to put some pop in some older photos I previously couldn’t use.

  37. louis

    très facile d’accès, ciels superbes….

  38. Larry Mason

    I purchased the 1000 sky overlays and it is incredible. They are so easy to use with Photoshop.


    Great variety of skies! well worth the purchase!

  40. Mike

    A great collection of Sky overlays. I have been using them with the new Photoshop Sky Replacement action with some great results. Highly recommended for the price of entry.

  41. John Paul Sparrow

    Good business there. Personally the skies interested me a lot! I must say that I was not disappointed. Quite the contrary! I can only recommend these products.

  42. Tim

    Good mix of overlays. Very useful

  43. Natalie

    love this overlay package! So much to choose from! Highly recommended!

  44. tom d.

    A great selection of different skies, have been using them with Photoshop and Luminar AI with much success. They really add so much to my photos.

  45. Randy H.

    Very nice set.

  46. Ron Fontenot

    LOVE IT!!! This has made my life just so much easier! The variety of choices is amazing and so easy to use. Quality and selection, what a deal!!! Keep those ideas coming!

  47. Matthew Sequoyah

    I love having a large selection and variety of sky backdrops to add into a photo via photoshop. A dramatic sky completely changes the mood and visual effect of a photograph. Photowhoa sky collection has helped me elevate my photographs to works of ART ! !
    Check out some of my night time shots of the San Diego skyline using Photowhoa on my Instagram page; @MatthewSequoyahPhotoArt

  48. John

    I have been using the dramatic sky bundle in combination with photoshop. The new sky replacement action makes the average photo pop. This bundle is excellent with this tool

  49. jmunoz45

    Some of the best usable skies because of variety. Great bundle.

  50. fotommy

    Great value, great skies, highly usable.

  51. Magdalena

    My photos will amaze my customers. Great deal, very nice bundle!

  52. Laz

    Beautiful sky photos, great deal ! Thanx !

  53. Christian

    Great Bundle and deal !

  54. Francesco Paolo

    Get the most out at a reasonable cost.
    From a good shot, The ultimate Sky Overlays certainly makes the difference: from a good photo to a surprising photo.

  55. Ronald Capek

    For what you get, this is an exceptional deal.
    I think that, unless we’re photographing sunsets, many of us forget how much difference the sky makes in the image. It can entirely change the feeling of the photograph from soft to threatening.

  56. Betty-Lou Luijken

    I love this. There are so many different skies there’s always one that you can use without the risk of people recognising the sky

  57. [email protected]

    One of the best deals out there. Great selection of high quality overlays for an unbelievable price. Well organized too, so its easy to find the one you need.

  58. Martin

    Very good different skies. This are all backgrounds you need.

  59. Preston

    Just purchased this yesterday and am in the process of syncing my two macs with this incredible package. I have spent some time reviewing the download. It is indeed quite breathtaking when you see all of the vibrant colors and beautiful artwork and layers. I am looking forward to using these layers in my artwork.

    Preston M.

  60. [email protected]

    Beautiful skies that add a punch to my existing photos. Brings new life to drab photos.
    Love these!

  61. [email protected]

    This is an extremely good value. I’ve paid more for a collection of skies alone, not considering the rain, lightning and other overlays. I’m happy with the quality and diversity of the sky overlays here. Lots of choices for every scenario I’ll need.

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