The Atmosphere Bundle Of 23 Cool Photoshop Effects

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Author: PhotoWhoa

There’s a good reason why Photoshop scripts are so trendy right now among professional photographers.

The right Photoshop scripts can instantly remove your photos from the realm of the ordinary to the realm of the extraordinary.

What you can’t find in nature or daily life, you can easily create. You can play with colors and textures to achieve a variety of surreal effects.

Why settle for the images you have in front of you when those in your imagination are so much more compelling?

Colors that shock and dazzle with their brilliance. Everyday images that become supernatural. Textures that mimic everything from cardboard to canvas to chocolate.

Do these things exist only in your imagination?

Not any more…  Prepare To Be Amazed. You will be shocked by all the amazing effects available to you with this package.

Take advantage of these one-of-a-kind effects that you won’t find anywhere else.

These represent a total of 23 different effects, with 11 different variations of each, giving you a limitless and inexhaustible palette to work with.

* Aluminum Pie
* Blackboard
* Blacklight Poster
* Camouflage
* Cardboard
* Chocolate
* Coin
* Concrete Slab
* Crystal Abstracts
* DaliPicasso
* Dimples
* Fingerpaint

* Fire
* Headstone
* High Key
* Impressionistic
* Metal Stamp
* Newspaper
* Pinocchio
* Polished Marble
* Satin
* Stone Relief
* Tiles

An Endless Supply of Stunning Photoshop Scripts

A Closer Look At These 23 Cool Photoshop Effects From Atmosphere Bundle

Blackboard Effect

photoshop scripts blackboard

Blacklight Poster 1 and 2

photoshop scripts effect

Aluminium Pie

photoshop scripts aluminium


photoshop scripts Camouflage


photoshop scripts Cardboard


photoshop scripts Chocolate


photoshop scripts coin

Concrete Slab

photoshop scripts Concrete Slab

Crystal Abstracts

photoshop scripts Crystal Abstracts


photoshop scripts dallipicasso


photoshop scripts Dimples


photoshop scripts fingerpaint


photoshop scripts fire


photoshop scripts headstone

High Key

photoshop scripts high key


photoshop scripts Impressionistic

Metal Stamp

photoshop scripts Metal Stamp


photoshop scripts Newspaper


photoshop scripts Pinocchio

Polished Marble

photoshop scripts Polished Marble


photoshop scripts Satin

Stone Relief

photoshop scripts Stone Relief


photoshop scripts Tiles

Access to Photoshop scripts opens up a brave new world to the photography community

So to make your purchase of Photoshop script more cost-effective, it makes sense to purchase a collection with plenty of variety. That way, you are free to experiment as much as you like without any risk.

That’s what makes this package of atmosphere effects so perfect. There are so many to try, all conveniently included in one package.

Once downloaded, they are yours to play with as much as you want. Not only that, but you are free to mix and match effects to get a truly unique and customized effect.

You have the ability to add freshness and visibility to blogs and websites. To add effects to portraits and sports photos that make them vividly memorable. To create a social media presence that truly wows your audience. And increased marketability means increased profits for you.

Not to mention, many hours of fun playing with an endless variety of effects.

And you’ll love the experience, because this collection is so easy to use. It’s compatible with OS X and Windows systems, and with all versions of Photoshop from CS1 all the way through CS6 and CC.

This spectacularly vast array of atmosphere effects is now available for just $29

That’s all 23 effects and 11 variations, available for your unlimited use, for less than the price of the last time you went out to dinner.

But don’t miss out on this limited time offer, or you may get stuck paying the regular price of $75.

Get these Photoshop scripts today and your work will never be the same.

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3 reviews for The Atmosphere Bundle Of 23 Cool Photoshop Effects

  1. Daniel F.

    Works with remarkable ease with my Adobe software. Fun and also very artistically striking results. Looking forward to next product release.

  2. Rick D

    An great collection of effects with a wide variety of variation that are fun and result in some interesting artistic and creative images. Their ease of use is simple and straight forward – and considerably easier than applying actions in Photoshop.
    Note that resulting images (post effects) can be further modified in Lightroom.

  3. Joe Paul

    Great effects. Easy to use.

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