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Creative Composite Editing Course By Stephanie Stafford

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Take control of your editing!

What if you could create intensely beautiful fantasy Photoshop composites that look like something from a dream?

Do you wish you could elevate your photos into the realm of magic, making them look like gorgeous fantasy photos?

Perhaps you’ve tried to edit your photos in this way, but you don’t have the skills or Photoshop knowledge. Wouldn’t you love to have a professional photographer offer you simple step by step instructions that you can use to make your photos really pop?

If you want to learn some truly impressive techniques for creating beautiful, professional quality photos – take a look at this exciting video editing guide offered by talented photographer Stephanie Stafford. This unique course will show you Photoshop compositing techniques to create fascinating and unique composite photos, in a way that will look clean and professional.

photoshop compositing techniques

Who is Stephanie Stafford?


Stephanie Stafford is a professional photographer who is known for her beautiful photos and videos that are edited in a unique, fantasy style. She makes ordinary scenes look extraordinary with her expert Photoshop skills.

She is known for her whimsical and beautiful portraits of children. With the power of composite photography, she can create an image of a child standing face to face with a polar bear, or wandering through the woods with a wolf by their side, or holding the moon in their hands.

If you want to learn how to make gorgeous composite photos like Stephanie, you’re in luck. She is currently offering a collection which includes ten instructional videos and a tutorial with a glass dome overlay. You’ll discover how to recreate the unique look of the composite photos that Stephanie is famous for so that you can apply these incredible techniques to your own photos.

The course contains over 175 minutes of step by step instructions for Photoshop compositing techniques. The videos will walk you through the process one step at a time so that you can learn exactly what to do and take control of your editing. The instruction is so valuable and easy to follow along with, and you can download it in one simple package.

photoshop compositing techniques

What You Will Find Inside This Photoshop Compositing Techniques Guide

photoshop compositing techniques

This comprehensive training program offers you over 175+ minutes of step by step instructions and also will show you hand edits. It has a lot of valuable information that will help you to improve your Photoshop compositing techniques and editing skills.

When you download this course, you’ll find a great range of top-notch tutorials, including:

  • The eye-catching Color the Town tutorial
  • The atmospheric Beauty and the Beast tutorial
  • The stunning Timeless Beauty Tutorial
  • The elegant Vintage Dreams Tutorial
  • The striking Rock Star tutorial
  • And so many more!

What Are The Advantages of This Course?

Not only is Stephanie a talented photographer, she is also a great teacher. She explains her techniques in a way that is easy to follow and accessible to any photographer.

When you download this high-quality collection, you’ll receive 10 videos, as well as a tutorial that will show you how to create a glass dome overlay effect. Stephanie will show you how to make the beautiful, atmospheric and magical composite photos that she is famous for.

One of the best things about this course is that Stephanie breaks down her workflow in an easy to understand way. She shows you all of the steps she takes in Photoshop to create a gorgeous and clean finished product.

The simple voice instructions have all of the information you need to follow along with Stephanie as she creates something unique and beautiful. Plus, you can watch the course over and over again as many times as you like until you perfect the Photoshop compositing techniques.

photoshop compositing techniques

Transform Your Photos Into Images That Are Whimsical, Magical & Unique!

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