1428 Photo Overlays For Photographers


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Author: PhotoWhoa

Add some flavor and spice up your photos in almost anyway imaginable

It is said that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, right?

It’s the finer details that tell the story. Or perhaps it’s the unknown blurriness of a photograph when you just can’t quite see everything that is going on…

That is the beauty of artwork and photography. Anyone can have his or her own personal interpretation.

For the artist, photo overlays Photoshop is the best method of making those final adjustments. Portraying the story you want to be represented. At the end of the day, even though you may be using a camera, you’re still painting a picture.

Jamie Dalton has developed over 1,000… 1,428 to be exact, photo overlays to make those final adjustments.

Photo Overlays Photoshop

There is a beauty that comes with being able to easily add blurry backgrounds in the case of a wedding, or highlight rainbows on a cloudy day. These small finishing touches truly change the impression of a photo.


Photo Overlays Photoshop
Photo Overlays Photoshop
Photo Overlays Photoshop
Photo Overlays Photoshop
Photo Overlays Photoshop
Photo Overlays Photoshop

If your looking for a quick, fun and easy way to input some photo overlays, these are some great tricks to have up your sleeve.

Check the overlays in action!

What makes these photo overlays Photoshop great? How do these photo overlays work?

You’re going to get a variety of photo overlays photoshop. Sets of fog to portray beautiful sceneries such as the Golden Gate, or more mysterious and dangerous settings such as an abandoned wharf at night.

Beautiful moon settings . . . Creative Blurs . . . Fireworks . . . Autumn Leaves . . . Cloudy Skies . . . . . . Snowy Days

You name it and one of these 1,428 overlays will be able to meet your needs

The cherry on top… these overlays are so user-friendly you don’t even need much experience with photo editing. You can incorporate them into your artwork with one single click. It truly comes down to a simple copy and paste and you will see the immediate changes to your artwork.

Photo Overlays Photoshop

Even if you yourself aren’t a fan of ALL the photo overlays photoshop, think of your clients. You can show these to them as options for editing to meet their exact needs! The examples are already there to show them.

The original price by Jamie Dalton is running at $29.99. We are able to snag it for you at a price of $15. Kinda crazy right?

What exactly is inside this bundle?

  • 12 Horizontal Snow Overlays
  • 12 Vertical Snow Overlays
  • 166 Color Sky Overlays
  • 15 Bubbles Overlays
  • 88 Fog Overlays
  • 53 Moon Overlays
  • 102 Individual Leaf Overlays
  • 102 Individual Leaf Overlays
  • 30 Different Light Leak Overlays
  • 110 Sky Overlays
  • 95 Sparkle Overlays
  • 18 Bokeh Overlays
  • 15 Lens Flare/Sun Spots
  • 16 Daytime Color Sky Overlays
  • 6 Black and White Sky Overlays
  • 2 Night Time Sky Overlays (1 color, 1 black and white)
  • 139 Firework Overlays
  • 145 Light Bokeh Overlays
  • 60 Creative Blur Overlays (Vol. 1)
  • 60 Creative Blur Overlays (Vol. 2)
  • 62 Creative Blur Overlays (Vol. 3)
  • 107 Creative Blur Overlays (Vol. 4)


  • 1 How to PDF
  • 10 Rainbow Overlays
  • 69 Landscape & Ocean overlays
  • Film Actions and Film ACR presets
  • 6 multi-layered leaf composite overlays with leaf blurring
  • 19 Sun Glow Overlays

Trying to do some final touchups and don’t know just what to add?

Get this pack of one-click editing overlays for any scenario imaginable.

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