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Dramatically speed up your workflow with these powerful one-click Photoshop Plugin

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Perfectly Clear looks at your photo and intelligently calculates how to best enhance it. It’s easy to use, yet deceptively powerful, which is why it’s considered the world’s most robust automatic image correction software.

By applying over 10 patented corrections and 10 years of scientific research, Perfectly Clear saves you time while producing accurately beautiful photos.

12 incredible corrections. 1 Click Photoshop Plugin

You’ll wish you hadn’t wasted all those hours editing in Photoshop.. Perfectly Clear will literally save you hundreds of hours of time that you could’ve spent taking more photos, having dinner with your family, or walking the dog.

What’s truly incredible about Perfectly Clear is how great the photos look right after opening up the plug-in. There’s no need to do manual adjustments by yourself — the software takes care of it. However, if you do need to make manual adjustments, then it’s incredibly easy to do so.

This Photoshop Plugin actually makes batch processing work because of its powerful algorithm that looks at each photo individually instead of applying the same adjustment settings over and over.

  • Batch process multiple photos (hundreds or thousands), saving you time & money
  • Open it up. Bam! Your photo is automatically corrected
  • Make fine-tuned adjustments by using easy sliders
  • Use different built-in presets or easily make your own
  • Incredibly easy to use — one-click to amazing photographs

“The technology behind this plugin is impressive. The developers have done their best to mimic the actual physics principals of light. Each Pixel is independently corrected. And corrected fast. “


“Where Perfectly Clear really shines is with outdoor images, such as automotive, landscapes, or portraits that either have caused the camera’s sensor to over – or undercompensate for lighting, or where a polarizing filter may have helped.”


“Priced at $199, the software does represent a fair investment, but the results are generally impressive… the plug-in takes care of many image corrections without any prior knowledge [of Photoshop]. Also, if you have masses of images to edit, the plug-in can run as an action and save you a lot of time. “
“I’m using the word ‘automatically’ a lot, and for good reason! This program really does do nearly everything automatically, and it gets it right. I really love that about Perfectly Clear. Correcting the photo of my daughter only took about 10 second from start to finish. And it looks great!”



The 12 Amazing Corrections

While these corrections can be done manually by hand, the beauty of Perfectly Clear is that all these enhancements will be done for you automatically. After opening the plug-in, Perfectly Clear will intelligently scan your image and check to see if it needs to change the tint, add vibrancy, fix exposure, remove noise, etc. This saves you precious time in the editing room.


Perfect Exposure
Corrects your exposure pixel per pixel, never clipping.
Color Vibrancy
Accurately fix those photos that look like they’ve been washed out by the sun.
Noise Removal
Automatically detects noisy images, and removes noise while preserving image details.
Tint Removal
Remove those nasty tints from tungsten, fluorescent, incandescent, etc light sources.
Depth (Contrast)
People like to see photos with lots of depth (a 3D look) on 2D paper.
Simple to use, yet very powerful. Artifact free.
Skin Tone
Your camera captures infra-red in skin tones but your eye doesn’t see it. Perfectly Clear removes this.
Light Diffusion
Create a softer, warmer look.
Red Eye Removal
Automatically detects and removes. Enough said.
Color Fidelity
Ensure the proper purples and greens are in your photos.
Color – Vivid
Add an accurate color boost to your photos.
Dynamic Range
Get the full range of exposure.


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