10000+ Light Leaks Overlays Bundle

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10000+ Overlays in 25 different categories with the commercial license.

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Author: PhotoWhoa

Light Leak Overlays, Nothing Less Than Magic!

The effects you can achieve with these overlays take your photos out of the realm of the ordinary and transform them into something spectacular, something that cannot fail to grab attention. 

Soft drops of light or the quiet glow of bokeh can make even the most mundane image extraordinary. And it only takes a few clicks to make that magic happen.

But when it comes to using light leak overlays, the secret to success is variety. You will soon become bored with using the same effects over and over.
And if you’re bored, how do you think your audience feels?

It’s as if you were a painter who uses only one color rather than utilizing the whole vast palette. But how can you access a full palette of light leak effects?

Most collections offer a limited menu that can satisfy your inspiration only temporarily, and then you’ll be searching for something else. You spend hours searching for just the right light leak overlays to meet the demands of the creative muse. Imagine if you could free up some of that time to use on your art.

Not to mention all the money you spend purchasing overlays that you’re only going to use once or twice. If you had more time to spend actually capturing your images, imagine how productive you could be. Well, that day is here.

A Glimpse Into What You Can Create!

The Definitive Collection of Light Leaks Overlays

This collection includes:

  • 250+ Lens Light Leaks
  • 500 Mega Snow Light Leaks
  • 1100 Natural Light Leaks
  • 300 Particle Light Leaks
  • 200+ Portal Light Leaks
  • 200+ Rain Light Leaks
  • 400 Rainbow Bokeh Light Leaks
  • 210 Rainbow Light Leaks
  • 320 Retro Light Leaks
  • 410 Snow Light Leaks
  • 200+ Sun Light Leaks
  • 340 Sunny Light Leaks
  • 1000 Vintage Light Leaks
  • 200 Water Drop Light Leaks
  • 300 Wintertime Light Leaks
  • 280 Winter Magic Lights
  • 200+ Atmosphere Light Leaks
  • 340 Bokeh Light Leaks
  • 400+ Colorful Bokeh Light Leaks
  • 400+ Dust Light Leaks
  • 400 Dust and Scratch Light Leaks
  • 200 Fairy Light Leaks
  • 160+ Frozen Light Leaks
  • 600 Sunshine Light Leaks
  • 1300 Vignette Light Leaks

All light leak overlays in this package have:

  • Compatibility with all major design tools, including Photoshop CS5+, Affinity, GIMP and Corel PaintShop Pro.
  • 4K+ resolution
  • A commercial license

Check Out Some Categories Below

An Endless Menu of Effects

Once you’ve started using these light leaks overlays, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. Never again will you have to settle for using the same boring effects over and over. With over 10,000 of them at your fingertips, you have an effect for every occasion.

Want to recreate the quiet sparkle of light on snow? Do you want to add a surreal purple sunbeam? Do you yearn to create an image with the subtle glitter of falling snowflakes? It’s all right here.

Not only that, but you don’t have to settle for just one snowy look, or one sunbeam. You have hundreds of different snowflakes, sparkles, and sunbeams to choose from. All these possibilities give you the power to create endlessly.

You can fill your website and social media pages with dazzling photos, each one of them unique.

portrait overlay


Besides, they are seamlessly compatible with your photo editing software, so you can add them to your workflow without a hassle. That means you can achieve these effects with very little time and effort at all, leaving you plenty of energy to devote to capturing magical images.

And that’s not all. For a limited time, users with a PLUS membership can grab this deal for free. 10,000 incredible light leaks for free?

That’s a deal that only comes around once in a lifetime. So don’t miss out! Such consistently spectacular results cannot fail to grab your audience’s attention over and over. 

Check Out Some Before-After Images

dust light overlays
rainbow overlays
Creative Action

Get The Ultimate Package Of Light Leak Overlays Today!


This deal ran out of Whoa.
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Out of stock

19 reviews for 10000+ Light Leaks Overlays Bundle

  1. Bader

    Very useful overlays. I highly recommend.

  2. Jeff Couture

    So many to choose from.

  3. Debra

    Great resource for photographers of all skill levels.

  4. Don

    This is a great package full of useful overlays. I recommend

  5. Michael

    This is a great package full of versatile and useful overlays. many of the overlays would suit any mood or situation and what you can create is only limited by your own imagination! It help change good images into great images, very happy with the purchase and well worth the money.

  6. Steff

    A package with many, many useful overlays.
    I counted it “even”, it is a total of 10,260 overlays divided over 25 categories. (that makes searching easier)
    Definitely worth the purchase price. (less than $ 0.003 per overlay!)

  7. John

    These were really great overlays. Would recommend them highly

  8. John

    I used light leaks on some recent photo projects and was very happy with the results. After viewing a tutorial on YouTube. The ease of use and awesome software made my pictures pop

  9. John Z

    I have enjoyed using the light leaks. I used YouTube video to learn how to use them on photoshop It’s pretty awesome stuff


    Great set of overlays to enhance your photos

  11. Declan O’Doherty

    Excellent set of options for creating great images. So easy to use.

  12. Bob

    Wow! What an assortment of Overlays! looking forward to using them!

  13. Barbara

    Useful for creating many different moods, and with the ability to easily adjust colors on any single one, the possibilities are sheer endless.

  14. Melanie C Goins

    A great package full of versatile options. What you can create is only limited to your imagination! Not only are there endless possibilities, but you can get them at a great price too! It’s a win win!

  15. Wayne

    With so many great overlays to choose from, many to suit any mood, situation the image needs to transform it from good to great, very happy with the purchase.

  16. Dnc

    so many beautiful and useful overlays … very wonderful to indulge yourself

  17. Ralf

    So many great overlays. Worth every cent,

  18. Andrew Braverman

    This is a great set of overlays. definitely worth what I paid for it.

  19. Amruta

    Fantastic overlays

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