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15 Pages PDF With Quick Hacks To Master Hand Poses!

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Portraiture - An Art!

Don’t you love how a simple portrait can give the viewer an insight into the mind of the model! We know how the right skill & technique can make ordinary portraiture a piece of art. To hone these skills takes a lifetime, especially when you know that the models you work with might not always be trained.

So, it’s not just the photographer’s job you need to know but also the model’s job you need to have a hang of! Have you ever given directing women a thought? Directing your models to pose right, doesn’t just involve asking them to strike a smile or stand at an angle. They need to be minutely told how very limb and muscle are placed and the expressions and look on their face too plays a key role. 

But more than anything comfortably working with hand poses is where the real work comes in! Hands can be the biggest asset or the largest liability, to find your way around them is where the efforts come into play! 

Some Tricks To Enhance Your Model's Hand Poses

A Quick Guide To Master Hand Poses

1. The Simple Cross Hands

The eloquent and simple posture that a simple cross of hands can help you create is one that is incomparable!

Nothing can go wrong when you are composed and effortless in the still. 

A simple cross of hands however show reservation, introversion, & an overall pensive mood. So choose your hand poses wisely & make sure that you aren’t misunderstood.

lady with crossed hands pose
Girl Holding A Coffee Cup Hand Pose

2. Hand Poses Using Props

A prop can be used to get the eyes of the model & focus on the product adorned by the subject or it can be just a mere accessory used to accentuate the features & the expressions of the model. depending on the purpose of the prop, the choice of prop is essential.

A prop should ideally acquire not more than 1/12th of the space of your frame and should not pop out. Afterall, you are here for a portrait shoot & not a product shoot!

Don’t steal your models thunder with a overpowering prop!

3. Angles & Perspectives

With changing times & changing meanings of photography there are several different genres of photography cropping up. 

If you don’t want to stick to the same boring angles & portraits that the world creates, try to explore perspectives & angles

While doing so, don’t overlook the fact that the hands shouldn’t look bulky, clumsy, or out of place!

Lady doing yoga with folded hands pose
Lady sitting with hands on knees pose

4. Classic Hands On The Knee

A power pose is when hands are placed on the knee.

When you need to capture the essence of a formal, professional holding a powerful position in an organization.

These types of hand poses are what creates a mark on the viewer.

These assertive hand poses are what will help build their profile.

5. A Formal Power Pose


With changing times & changing meaning of poses, one thing that has hardly changed is striking formal poses.

A classic folded hands won’t ever go wrong. 

The fold of hands makes the portrait looks strong powerful & professional. With a crisp expression & a spotless and creaseless apparel this is the recipe to a perfectly empowered portrait.

Having said that folded hand poses might not always mean formal posing.

A relaxed fold of hands can depict reluctance, disinterest, casualness among many other things.

So the perfect hand poses can make or break your portraits & the message the portrait wants to convey can be totally messed up!

So, beware of your purpose & direct the models accordingly.

lady with crossed hands pose in office

If you are a portrait photographer, you can also check out these powerful female poses for your next portrait photoshoot.

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    • Thumbs in her pocket
    • Holding props
    • Whimsicle pose: Flaring the dress
  • 9 Pro-tips about the mechanics of non-verbal communication
  • 6 Strategies for effective communication between you and the client (what to do, what to say, etc.)

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137 reviews for Free Hand Poses Guide For Women

  1. Shane

    Great guide to help you on the way for women

  2. JaKaTou

    Great tips, but nothing too new.

  3. Michael Murphy

    Free Hand Poses Guide For Women is a great help in understanding the simple intricacies of hand posing and how it can effect the overall outcome of your shot.


    I keep coming back to this guide time and time again and always find inspiration in how best to place a models hand.

  5. Vess

    Super useful for both photographers and artists. Thank you!

  6. Craig Schultz

    This book is awesome!

  7. chriswoodman_photography

    hands are the awkward thing, this is a great guide to what to do with them

  8. Vincent

    This is a good book and love it

  9. nimrod pascal

    great product. It helps you get great results.

  10. Panagiotis

    Awesome product

  11. George Costigan

    The guide made me think of things I had not considered before. My pictures now look more natural and polished.
    Strongly encourage people to pick this up!

  12. [email protected]

    Well presented information. The layout makes it easy to follow and remember the content. Great Job

  13. Odette

    Awesome product

  14. ease photography

    Great to use with new models. They can sometimes be unsure of where to place their hands!

    Ian, Ease Photography

  15. [email protected]

    very nice product

  16. [email protected]

    Bardzo dobre, przydatne w edycji 🙂

  17. Shane Wiseman

    Great guide and easy to understand, Thanks

  18. kcgene

    Excellent! I absolutely love this. The small details and things to think about that is provided in a simple and straightforward way definitely help make my pictures better. Thank you PhotoWhoa! Fan for Life!

  19. kcgene

    So Simple! These are easy things I never thought of to make my pictures better. Just taking a few moments to work on the details makes such a big difference. I can’t believe all the great stuff that comes with this membership with Photowhoa. Fan for Life!

  20. Allysa Carberry

    useful resource

  21. Carrie Conte

    Wonderful tips and suggestions for posing women’s hands. Also, the author provides encouraging words, conversation starters and other tips included. This guide provides a good sample, but if you want more. The author has created an app called Pocket Poser for smartphones and tablets. Perfect little guide!

  22. [email protected]

    I will be using these tips.

  23. carlobianchi83

    Non sempre è facile trovare delle pose naturali per ritrarre le donne

  24. Michael

    An excellent little guide full of helpful tips on models hand placement. A great addition to my camera bag.

  25. S. Williams

    Good guide for beginners and a refresher for experienced photogs. Bad hand posing can wreck your perfect shot so it’s good to make sure that you have positioned them to make your subject comfortable, relaxed, natural.

  26. Philip Loong

    Great and useful guide, thanks

  27. riccardo rossi

    thanks offer very interesting new ideas

  28. ease photography

    Awesome tool for new and inexperienced models. I loaded it on my Ipad and the models can scroll through while I change my gear

  29. Pj Cook

    14 pages with TONS of tips to help you pose a lady for a superb photo session. Lots you may never considered. I learned a lot!

  30. Chris

    This is a nice resource to have not only to learn from but to have to show models and communicate and have examples to show. Great job.

  31. Edith Romero

    The best guide ever!! Ty sooo much

  32. drpolyp

    Great intro & guide to dealing with hands!

  33. Margaret

    This free guide has given me a lot of suggestions for hand placement. My portrait photography has been helped by this and especially so as I can show my subject an image of how I would like the hands placed. It has also allowed my model to suggest alternatives. Hence it has been helpful for us both. Thanks for the freebie.

  34. joao carlos


  35. Jeffreygovender

    I offer portrait and lifestyle photoshoots as my mainstream business. It’s a misnomer that if your subject is outstandingly beautiful, your shots is bound to look outstanding. I say misnomer, because facial expressions are one aspect of the portrait, but what the hands/fingers are doing, can either make or break the shot. This guide helps to give the shot a professionally and elegant look to the shot, with just posing the hands properly. If you ever need a quick guide to better your portraits or free lifestyle shoots, Free Hand Poses Guide for women is definitely a must. It is easy and you will wonder “it’s so natural, why didn’t I think of that” …… Jeffrey Govender

  36. Christian

    Just downloaded it and looking forward to checking it, it looks very straightforward, which I what I am looking for as a beginner.

  37. fotogcw

    Nice to have as a guide but I would eliminate any poses that just show the back side of the hand, it makes them look manly

  38. AndyC

    Great info. Thank you

  39. Carrie

    Super straight forward and easy to keep as a quick refresher when your on the go or to print out to keep as a in house referencing guide!!

  40. Victor Billups

    I’m a proud repeat customer of photowhoa.

  41. [email protected]

    Useful posing guide for the great price of free

  42. Trancerave

    FIREEEE thank you so much for it.

  43. naman

    Amazing. Thank you


    This is an easy reference guide more suited to a photographer just starting out at posing models. A seasoned photographer will find themselves more disagreeing with the author than wanting to follow the poses suggested. Hand placement on a female model needs to be subtle, purposeful, and natural if the pose is to be convincing and pleasing to the eye.

  45. tonynoto

    I’ve always found the Photowhoa products educational, helpful, and instantly usable.

  46. Rohan

    Great product I was able to put it to use right away. Thank you for always providing great products.

  47. [email protected]

    Thanks! very nice!

  48. Robert Skears

    This guide addresses the often forgotten art of posing hands. This great guide has photos to illustrate the posing, suggestions on using certain poses, plus Pro Tips and even when it might not work so well with some models. What more could you ask for… and even better, it’s free.

  49. [email protected]

    I always had trouble with posing hands especially for women. this helped my photography a great deal.

  50. [email protected]


  51. pradeep424

    It was an awesome addition to my photography toolbox

  52. grantmezza

    Thankyou this has helped heaps

  53. Parveen

    Thanks for the ultimate guide for how to compose hands in a shoot… Its really an amazing guide and very helpful during shoot a professional model or any beautiful lady indoor or outdoor. Thanks a lot…

  54. Frank

    Just what the doctor ordered! These were a great addition to my tolset!. Thank you.

  55. [email protected]

    Love photowhoa! ❤️

  56. Charles Kok

    Find it useful and practical.

  57. CreationsbyChrissey

    Great information and “how to” guide. Very helpful, especially with the senior high school girls!

  58. PJ Cook

    Great guide and very helpful on a subject that there is little info on the web for. Awesome!!!


    Great guide for beginners as well as professionals. Hands can be tricky. This is a great cheat sheet to put on your phone or iPad during a shoot.

  60. Kawsar

    As a newbie to portrait photography this has been incredibly helpful. I thought I would never get better at poses . Thank you

  61. [email protected]

    So on the guide it had easy to understand lessons that really helped me out. I always struggled with what to do with them that left it awkward or looking to big.

  62. [email protected]

    I was so glad to have gotten this for myself. I always had a hard time with what to with my models hands and this helped me know what to do with them instead of struggling lol. I love these quick guides on here.

  63. [email protected]

    This was a life saver! I always had a hard time with what to with my models hands and this helped me know how and know how to be always prepared ** by [email protected] is me lol. forgot to sign in.

  64. [email protected]

    This was a life saver! I always struggle with what to with my models hands and this made sure I am now always prepared ** by [email protected] is me lol. forgot to sign in.

  65. Michael Murphy

    A fantastic little guide with lots of useful ideas on posing a piece of the anatomy I find a little challenging.

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    The Hand Posing Guide is a must have if you’re having problems posing women’s hands! I have used this guide on family members and friends!
    I love it. Very helpful guide,indeed!

  70. [email protected]

    This was a life saver! I always struggle with what to with my models hands and this made sure I am now always prepared

  71. sangvik

    The posing tips are very useful and helped me a lot. Worth checking when you feel you don’t know what to do with the model!

  72. sangvik

    The posing of hands in the sample pictures are very useful and helped me with my photoshoots. Worth checking when you feel you don’t know what to do with the model!

  73. [email protected]

    Great Addition

  74. [email protected]

    Great guide with actual photo samples of the poses. Wonderful posing reference.

  75. sdfad

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  76. lyle

    Excellent presentation.

  77. William

    An excellent guide and a must-have for anyone doing posed portraits of women. Full of great tips.

  78. cameoportraits

    Awsome Guide. It has helped me greatly. Sometimes I seem to go stale for had posing , but with this guide I can always have the right placement. Also I have let my client or model look at the illustration when she was having hard time understanding what I wanted. Thanks for you guide.

  79. Jan

    Reading this hand posing guide gave triggered me to pay attention to an area that I begore had neglected. Yes, I paid attention to the hands of the model, but that was more with respect to where to put them. Not the how. This guide gives a more structured way how to handle this part of the posing challenge.

  80. Mark

    I love taking pictures of my beautiful wife but never know what to do with her hands. Now I know!

  81. John_Deumers

    Very helpfull and HANDY pdf.
    Printed on large paper as a storyboard I can show where to put their hands and relax.

  82. mk_

    Great stuff, thanks

  83. Blair

    Thanks for the offer of these free hand poses…… looking forward to using them and improving my photography.

  84. Sretep

    A really interesting and informative read.

  85. Keri s

    I think this book was full of helpful tips and I really enjoyed reading it

  86. Billy Chan

    The posing of hands in the sample pictures are very useful and helped me with my photoshoots.
    Well written e-book and good information.
    Well worth getting.

  87. Ulrike

    Very helpful, I learned a lot.

  88. Tom Kok

    About “Free Hand Poses Guide For Women” …
    I have read and viewed the PDF, nice tips for portrait and people photography regarding the posture of especially the hands, good advice regarding the position of the fingers, which can indeed look strange in some photos! Educational article!

  89. Nadene

    Really sooo very helpful! Thank you for offering these resources!

  90. E, Mac MacKay

    Great help and very useful both to me and showing new models about what to do with there hands and accessories.

  91. Kerrtigan Evans

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  97. [email protected]

    It’s a “MUST HAVE” book to have in your toolkit because the posture of hands is an overlooked important aspect of photography and this is great in helping achieve a more professional level of photography. I accidentally pushed the wrong link and downloaded it again. Please don’t charge me for it…

  98. Marshall Blansfield

    Can’t wait to try it on my girls and clients.

  99. Marshall Blansfield

    Can’t wait to test poses out on clients!

  100. Melanie C Goins

    It’s sometimes an issue on what to do with the hands when you’re taking a portrait. They sometimes look awkward or misplaced. The free guide gives you some nice options that you can put to use to improve your shots. It’s informative, shows examples, and sold by PhotoWhoa, so you know it’s good!

  101. Bob

    I always have high school senior girls asking “what do I do with my hands”. This book helps!

  102. Parth

    This Guide is so awesome and anyone who poses like that can look really cool, I really like the creativity of how you came up with such beautiful poses.

  103. JEFFERY

    It is a real handy guide short and to the point.

  104. Nadene Smit

    I have always struggled with this part of posing. But thanks to this guide I now feel super confident and can pose my clients with ease.

  105. BILLY

    really usefull guide, well worth the time to read.

  106. dervish images

    really usefull guide, well worth the time to read

  107. [email protected]

    I find it very useful. It’s easy to miss the hands when concentrating on posing a model especially if you are not an expert.

  108. [email protected]

    This is about more than posing hands, it’s a really nice little starter to posing female models. It’s not fashion magazine stuff but it is the sort of thing that will get you taking better pictures of family, friends and models who are starting out. The hards bit is REALLY useful however. It just covered those basic rules that you need to know so you don’t get ugly hand shapes spoiling otherwise excellent images.

  109. Nasroullah Dinally

    helpful information about where to put the hands in a pose.

  110. Johnson Leung

    Please add menu so that direct access to different poses is possible. Right now I have to slide through all “standing” poses before I can reach “sitting poses”.
    Also the text comes out too easily. Need a setting to suppress the appearance of the text for each image. Thanks

  111. Frank Bruch

    it is all very good!!!

  112. Jean-Louis

    Full of useful information. Well worth getting. To be honest I have never really given it a lot of thought until I read it, but it is something I’ve missed.
    Great stuff

  113. jack zucker

    not really a tutorial on hands posing. More of a general (mediocre) posing guide. More focus on arms than hands.

  114. Peter

    By making ME more aware, I can better help my SUBJECTS relax — and give us BOTH the better images that we both want.

    • Amruta

      Hey Peter, take your time and explore all available options. Let me know how do you like it.

  115. Bruce Walker

    A fairly complete list of basic poses, and explanations of why they work. The author also adds many tips about general things to do or avoid doing, and why. Hands can make or break a shot, so are important. Giving your subject something to do with their hands can relax them and make the difference between okay and great shots.

  116. Al Gillar

    Some good information provided.

  117. Hal

    Very nice – thanks!

  118. Mike

    I was expecting an Ebook so I can read it offline. Instead this is a online course that requires me to have Internet access to view course.

  119. lydia

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  120. Claudia

    Thank you!

  121. louis

    useful lnformation thank you

  122. BigBear

    Not realy a revelation, I was familiair with most tips ‘n tricks, but the “deja vu” experience was a good thing to realize the way we work.

  123. Lennard

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    I thought wow this is something that I’ve missed.
    Great stuff

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    Useful one. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  133. D

    I took a quick look at this tutorial and deleted it. The posing of hands in the sample pictures are stiff, unnatural, worst of all that the back of the hands are facing the camera. Take a closer look at the hands from the original image and discover for yourself.

  134. D

    I very appreciate your great effort to offer products at reasonable and affordable price. I wish you could offer higher quality products than just the average.


    to the point and very useful, ill try it right away, i love ur products overall, thanks!!!

    • Amruta

      Wow.. thanks for your kind words Carlos

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    I can’t download the guide. I get “Invalid download link. Go to homepage” message.

    • Amruta

      Sorry for this inconvenience. Just sent you download link. Check your inbox and let you know your thoughts on this freebie 🙂

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