The Art of Posing and Directing Women

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Your new bible for learning how to pose a model correctly.

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Author: Andy Armstrong

Taking photos of women is more than just knowing your camera.

The technical side of photography is only one-half of the image. The other half? Knowing how to pose your model.

But it’s not that easy. To take flawless pictures, you must learn how to connect with a model. How do you communicate what you’re visualizing in your mind to a model who may or may not be half naked and feeling exposed?

That’s what you’ll learn in Andy Armstrong’s latest book, The Art of Posing and Directing Women. If you’re new to model photography, this book will be your new bible for learning how to pose a model correctly.

Unlike other glamour modeling books, this one focuses extensively on the communication aspect of photography. Learning how to connect with your subject is just as important as knowing how to adjust your shutter speed and aperture. It’s also what separates the newbie photographers from the pros.

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Here’s what you get inside.

This is a 114-page guide with 45 pages of posing women, pose progression, and specialized poses. What I enjoyed most was the 20+ pages of effective methods of direction. Lastly, you’ll get amazing lighting diagrams especially aimed at shooting the ladies.

  • A standard “Pose Progression” that takes the guess work out of what to do next.
  • Standard poses with photographic examples, including: standing poses, sitting poses, kneeling poses, crawling poses, belly poses, side poses, and back poses.
  • Tips, tricks, & best practices for posing women, including how to avoid and fix problem poses.
  • Specialized posing with photographic examples, including: arm poses, poses with a chair, wall poses, boudoir bed poses, shooting from above, getting close, and stepping poses.
  • How to create Feminine Head Shots.
  • Simple effective lighting with detailed diagrams and photographic examples, including: soft portrait lighting, fashion portrait lighting, outdoor + strobe lighting, fashion ring light look lighting, and natural indirect lighting.
  • How to communicate effectively with women and using subtle techniques to enhance communication.
  • How to lead people, including: using effective words, reinforcing your words with hand signals that work, avoiding verbal tics and fillers, avoiding passive leadership, giving feedback, and showing confidence.
  • How to get real with your female clients, including: using humor that works and avoiding humor that doesn’t, how to talk like a human, and how to lead effectively without being wimpy.
  • How to handle it when things go wrong, including: how to deal with problems, how to apologize, and how to actively listen to your clients.
  • Many, many real world, inspirational images to get your creative juices flowing.

 Posing women will never be a setback for you after reading this guide

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    As promised previously, here is the follow-up review.

    While it took more than once to finally resolve the problem I had with reading the file, follow-up from your group was timely and then resolved. Thanks for a good experience.

  2. Nappshot’s

    How to improve your game and throw a curve into the mix gonna give it try and a good read .

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