100+ Free Glitch Photo Effects

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100+ Free Glitch Overlays & Actions You Can Download Right Now

Author: PhotoWhoa

The Ultimate Glitch Effects For Your Photos

Have you ever thought about trying glitch effects? If so, we just might have the perfect deal for you.

But before we get to that, a word about why you might want to use glitch effects in your photography.

Glitch effects open up some incredible possibilities to creative photographers.

With glitch effects, you have the ability to give your images the weirdly grainy look of an out-of-tune TV station. Or you can give the colors an odd duotone effect which looks realistic and yet pleasingly sci-fi at the same time.

It’s a bit like making a movie. Great special effects can make an ordinary film into something magical and visually striking.

Glitch effects are kind of like that. They are your own personal library of special effects.

What's Included In This Freebie

  • 6 Glitch Photoshop Actions

  • 50 Abstract Glitch Photo Overlays

  • 50 Glitch Photo Overlays

50 Glitch Photo Overlays

These glitch effects come in the form of gorgeous Photoshop overlays.

The effects are so realistic, and there are so many of them, that you can use them over and over, and none of your photos will look the same as any others.

You’ll love the unique cinematic effects you can get with this collection.

6 Glitch Photoshop Actions

In this set of Photoshop actions, you get six of the coolest glitch effects on the market, along with easy installation instructions.

Each one of them is fully editable and customizable for endless options. And they allow for color shifts and realistic noise distortion with just a few clicks.

They are fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop, so you can add them They are fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop, so you can add them effortlessly to your workflow.

Not only are they easy and fun to use, but they give you limitless creative possibilities.

50 Glitch Photo Overlays

In this set you will get 50 abstract glitch overlays.

Every photo overlay included in this package is striking, fun, compelling, and so easy to use. 

You will absolutely fall in love with the images you are able to create…and so will your audience.


A Sneak Peek Into These Glitch Effects

Now for the best news of all: both of these collections of effects are available in one convenient bundle. And that bundle is free.

Yes, you read that right. These game-changing glitch effects can be yours right now in a free download.

Download 100+ Glitch Effects For FREE

30 reviews for 100+ Free Glitch Photo Effects

  1. Trevor

    Glitch overlays are a fun effect to use in my designs. I love how easy it makes it.

  2. Savan Katba

    I was just going through various glitch effects and It is simple but unique.

  3. kcgene

    I was able to take these and really kill it on my presentation. Using things like this in ways that people aren’t expecting is what makes you stand out! Thanks Photowhoa!

  4. [email protected]

    Awesome effects, very useful for any creative mind! Thanks.

  5. Keith Smith

    Great variety of glitch effects and very easy to use. Great addition for my work.

  6. John Z

    For the beginner or more advanced photoshop user, these photo effects are excellent and works perfectly

  7. [email protected]

    Great Fun collection to use with or without other overlays

  8. carlobianchi83

    Effetti molto particolari non vedo l’ora di utilizzarli sulle mie foto

  9. ADP

    How can you not like this? Free glitch JPG overlays and PS actions as well. Nice collection for some good creative effects.

  10. Pj Cook

    Nice, easy to use overlay bundle to add some POP to your photos. Very cool!

  11. cdghouston

    These are beautiful and fun! Thanks PhotoWhoa!

  12. [email protected]

    Interesting effects. Looking forward to see and use more of them.

  13. PX LOW

    GREAT effects!

  14. Christian

    Can’t get enough Photoshop effects, these are awesome!

  15. Twhite2716

    Wow, a big thank you. I’ve used the overlays I received and they are terrific. A real asset to my creativity process.

  16. Lisabritton1

    Thanks for the free effects!

  17. LISA Britton

    Thank you for a great addition to my effects collection

  18. Jerry Poese

    These are super easy to use and add different flair to my images.

  19. Gary


  20. kelmer

    Great bundle and can’t wait to use it.

  21. [email protected]

    very easy to use and makes many cool glitch effects on my photos.

  22. Jdmert

    Being very new to Photoshop I was not certain what I was getting or how I would use it. Installation I found was simple, (and I discovered the ‘Actions’ area of Photoshop which I did not know was there yet.) After going through the downloads to see what was there I am very excited to try them out. It has great possibilities and I am already thinking of ways to use them.

  23. [email protected]

    Thank you for a great collection of glitch effects and overlay actions! it is such a quick and easy way to convert a regular every-day photo into an attractive piece of work!

  24. Kevin Drummond-Hay

    I am not an avid Portrature photographer but am always looking to add something different when I do a session.
    This collection will give me some great effects. Cannot wait to put these to work with my other overlays.

  25. [email protected]

    Love the Collection..

  26. grantmezza

    This is a fantastic addition to my collection for the work load that I have at the moment

  27. grantmezza

    This is a fantastic addition to my collection


    I like the great variety of overlays looking forward to using them

  29. ADP

    This is a great addition to my overlay collection. I like the great variety and am looking forward to using some of these as they are. Quite a few of them I will use in combination with other overlays. This is a really fun collection!

  30. CaptBilly CaptBilly

    Thank you for a fast way to create such interesting and attention-getting effects!
    Works flawlessly.

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