An Essential Guide To Learning Flash Portrait Photography

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Author: Mark Behrens

Lighting Asylum will clear up any confusion about flash portrait photography.

Like everybody else, I love natural light.

I’m just drawn to it. I don’t know why. Yet I know I will never take the next step unless I finally learn flash.

Two things stop me from doing that. My stubbornness and my stinginess. Why buy all the equipment? Why learn more than I have to? I let my love of natural light hold me back.

I know one thing is certain from my time writing and reading here.

If I really, truly wanted to go professional, I would have learned flash a long time ago. That’s why I merely write about photography.

But you’re not me. If you have been waiting for something to force you to learn flash, this should be it—a free ebook that covers that all the essentials of flash portrait photography.

Lighting Asylum was written for beginners and intermediate photographers. If you know flash front and back, then it will be a review. But if you have even the slightest confusion, you’ll learn a lot. It’s, yes, all free.

 What will I learn? What’s inside?

flash portrait photography ocean girl

You’re going to get a 78 page ebook that introduces you to use flash portrait photography effectively and intelligently. And besides an introduction to your equipment and your craft.

You’ll learn how to:

    • Manipulate different types of light (e.g., hard, soft, natural, and flash)
    • Understand and control your f-stops, shutter speed, ISO, and flash power
    • Master flash portrait photography to help you create unique, compelling images

Are you ready to master in flash portrait photography?

Don’t miss out this golden freebie

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17 reviews for An Essential Guide To Learning Flash Portrait Photography

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  2. dervish images

    a great guide, lots of relevent info and tutorials

  3. [email protected]

    Nice one

  4. [email protected]

    Another great phot tool to me. Excellent, thanks!

  5. Sam

    Great addition to my tutorials library.

  6. Raul

    excellent service. Im so happy with my ebook

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  10. John Lushenko

    I enjoyed the upbeat writing style and photographs!

  11. Don

    This is a wonderful reference and guide.

  12. Jan

    A lot of information providing enough ideas to try.
    Thanks a lot

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  14. bienvenido rullan

    received the download already. thank you. very good subject.

  15. bienvenido rullan

    I have not received the download.

  16. david

    I thought it was good and provided several ideas worth trying. Thanks for providing this for free

  17. Dawodu Oluwadamilare

    Great deal of information at no cost!

    • Megha Kendre

      Hey Dawodu great to know!

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