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The Artistic Photography Bundle 4 Bestsellers At 1 Low Price

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4 Artistic Deals For 1 Low Price! Enjoy The Extended Use Of These Commercial Licenses.


Sold By: PhotoWhoa

Don’t Just Capture A Painting, Make One With This 4- In- 1 Bundle!


An ordinary photo can be turned to an extraordinary piece of art when it is dazzled with the right kind of presets, effects and actions! Why restrict your creativity to the ordinary common presets you get with the software, when you can have innumerable unique effects that will make your capture stand out of the crowd!

This bundle is no ordinary bundle. It is compiled of all our best seller artistic effects. To give your capture an imperfect perfection!

1. The Ultimate Bundle of Mood Effects

Artistic Photoshop scripts that transform your image with just one click


With the growing popularity of different mediums to paint with and different platforms used as a canvas, these effects allow you to give your captures the desired artistic edge!

You can be a sketcher in one click, a water colour artist in another, and an oil paint creative in yet another. You get multiple sub effects- even in a simple pencil sketch, you can choose the right effect as per the capture and expected heartiness.

Create magic in print!

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What does it include?

60 Effects can be output immediately as JPEGs, without using or manipulating the layers of your original image. Your original file is duplicated and preserved intact

1. Sketches and Moods Style
Pencil Sketch
Pencil Drawing
Pencil – Hard Shading
Sharp Pencil
Pencil Shading
Toned Sketch
Soft Pencil
Stylized 1
Stylized 2
Original Concept
Comicbook 1
Outline – Color Tease
Book Cover
Color Stylized 3
Color Concept
Water Paint
Toned BW
Comicbook 2
Stylized 4

2. Pencil and Illustrate Styles

Medium Pencil
Light Pencil
Shaded Pencil
BW Graphic
BW LineArt
Saturday Morning
Flat Color
Color Posterize
Soft Color Posterize
BW Inversion
Color Graphic
Color Sketch
Faux Neiman
Color Mark Up
Color Boundary
Active Acrylic
Color Pencil
Circus Poster
Blue Line
Graphic Novel

2. The Atmosphere Bundle Of 23 Cool Photoshop Effects

A dazzling collection of unique Photoshop effects with 150 variations


Do you want to see your face minted on a coin? Or have your face sculpted in a cement wall? Your portrait sketched on a blackboard? Or your face printed in the newspapers? Well, we can’t guarantee that happening in reality, but this bundle can help you create these moments in a digital format at least!

Don’t just capture images, make them quirky and unique! Astonish your audiences and clients with these 23 cool Photoshop effects!

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What it includes?

These represent a total of 23 different effects, with 11 different variations of each, giving you a limitless and inexhaustible palette to work with.

  • Aluminum Pie
  • Blackboard
  • Blacklight Poster
  • Camouflage
  • Cardboard
  • Chocolate
  • Coin
  • Concrete Slab
  • Crystal Abstracts
  • DaliPicasso
  • Dimples
  • Fingerpaint
  • Fire
  • Headstone
  • High Key
  • Impressionistic
  • Metal Stamp
  • Newspaper
  • Pinocchio
  • Polished Marble
  • Satin
  • Stone Relief
  • Tiles

3. The Watercolor Portraits Bundle For Photographers

Create rustic yet glorious watercolor portraits, just in a few clicks!


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! And what makes the sight a rather beautiful one is the human touch which it has!

Watercolor is a medium has multiple subcategories that help the capture reach the level of excellence every photographer envisions!

Making the captures a work of art, accentuating the right colors and nullifying the flaws, this bundle will be your, to go to when you aspire to be the next Claude Monet!

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What Does It Includes?

6 Different volumes of watercolor portraits effects in one convenience bundle which gives you breathtaking looks.

  • Watercolor Portraits Studio Volume 1: This volume gives you an effect to create creative mask layers, a realistic painting effect and watercolor textures among other things!
  • Watercolor Portraits Studio Volume 2: An effect that accentuates colors and gives a smooth effect to your portraits
  • Watercolor Portraits Studio Volume 3: An effect that adds shimmer and plays with the negative spaces in the capture.
  • Watercolor Portraits Studio Volume 4: An effect that gives your stills a captivating vintage look with the warm and sophisticated tones.
  • Watercolor Portraits Studio Volume 5: This effect allows you to play with textures. Give your paintings the canvas painting effect.
  • Watercolor Portraits Studio Volume 6: Structure your capture to give it an animated look with this effect.

4. 12 Artistic Color Caricature & Rough Drawings Photoshop Scripts

Generate artistic effects with just one click!


Photoshop action scripts truly open up a wealth of opportunities to create unique images. Be original yet don’t waste too long on every detail. Be smart and create an impact that usually takes ages to complete in just a few clicks!

Now you have the power of digital paintings that look like actual paintings on your fingertips.

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What Does It Include?

9 Unique effects in one package which you will need to transform your photos into original drawings and paintings.

There are two Photoshop scripts:

  • Rough Color Drawing
  • Color Caricature

Rough Drawing script includes 4 effects:

  • Light – The light rough drawing effect
  • Styled – Gives stylized look
  • Textured – The textured effect with slightly desaturated style
  • Dark – The dark drawing gives darker shaed of color

Color Caricature script includes 8 effects:

  • Crayon – The playfully colorful look of a crayon drawing.
  • Heavy Crayon – With firm, vibrant lines and hues.
  • Color Caricature – A fun, colorful drawing.
  • Soft Color Caricature – Soft and gentle shades added to a pencil drawing.
  • Smooth Color Caricature – Gently blended colors liven up a drawing.
  • Smudge Color Caricature – Colors delicately smudged like an old-fashioned oil painting.
  • Black and White – A simple but dramatic pencil sketch.
  • Draw Caricature – A drawing that playfully captures your subject as a caricature

Create Unique & Explicite Stills With This Amazing Bundle Of 4 Effects!

Now Don’t Just Play With Colors & Saturation. Experiment With Textures, Mediums and Much More…

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