24 Free Affinity Photo Presets

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Free Affinity photo presets to jump-start your photo editing

Author: MegaPresets

What’s Not To Love About Affinity Presets?

Intuitive. Versatile. User-friendly. In short, they are pure magic. But it can be hard to find just the right Affinity photo presets for your needs.

Some are expensive. And others are hard to use. And even if you find some that you love, you may get bored with them quickly.

After all, a true artist is always trying different things. No one wants to just keep using the same effects, or even the same group of effects, over and over.

But sometimes, trying new things can get expensive.

If you’re like most of us, you’re not in this for the money. You’re in it for the sheer creative thrill.

But it can wreak havoc on your budget if you have to keep purchasing new effects to keep up with your creativity.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to keep purchasing new Affinity photo presets again? 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to buy any at all…yet could still use them?

The Definitive Freebie Collection of Presets

At last, we offer you enough Affinity photo presets to satisfy your urge to create…and you don’t have to pay a dime! These 24 presets come as a free download. 

Organized Into Five Easy Categories

  • 5 Black & White
  • 4 Change The Color
  • 5 Film
  • 5 Matte
  • 5 Portrait

The Perfect Starter Set of Free Affinity Photo Presets

If you’ve been longing to get started with Affinity photo presets, but aren’t quite sure where to begin…now’s your chance!

This easy-to-use package is just right for beginners (and for professionals too). 

It offers the perfect amount of variety, giving you the freedom to try many different effects without any initial investment of time or money. 

You can use these effects over and over, experiment with them, use them in any unique way you can think of.

All for free. But the experience and the results you’ll get are priceless.

These presets are so well-organized that you’ll have absolutely no trouble finding exactly what you need at any given moment.

Before you know it, you’ll be a master at using Affinity photo presets. And without ever spending a dime.

Besides that, with these free affinity photo presets at your fingertips, you will save a ton of time. No more searching fruitlessly for what you need. No more playing around with tools that are hard to learn or incompatible with your software.

Everything you need to get started with using Affinity photo presets is right here. And we promise: you will absolutely fall in love with the incredible effects you can produce here. In fact, they will be addictive.

You’ll want to use them over and over. Yet your results will never look the same. Freebies like this don’t come along very often. You can’t afford to miss out.

Once you’ve started using these Affinity photos presets, you will never want to go back. You may also be interested in this 2000+ Affinity Photo Preset bundle which comes in 27 categories and available at 96% off.

Download These Free Affinity Photo Presets and Start Using Them Today

45 reviews for 24 Free Affinity Photo Presets

  1. whzkid

    The most AWESOME set of presets anyone could have been given for FREE

  2. Traci Rasmussen

    Nice little set of presets. It would be nice if there were a way to show a sample of each preset so I know which one to pick based on the images I’m working with. I’m still learning the best way to use them.

  3. Michael

    Great set of presets, very useful and the best thing of all is that they were free.

  4. Michael Murphy

    Great set of presets, very useful and the best thing of all is that they were free.

  5. kwc888

    Have not as yet unzipped the purchase–but will do so soon. Appreciate so much your generosity with sharing these for free. Respectfully and Blessings

  6. Chuck

    As with many Photo products, the initial view is a little intimidating. Practice, practice, practice will reward you with some great [email protected]

  7. Shae

    These are great tool to add to your existing toolbox. The only thing that would be more helpful is including some type of guide or preview of the preset does.

  8. Kevin G Copelin

    Very Happy. Great New Tools!

  9. James

    These look great. Can’t wait to try them

  10. Dave

    Awesome presets thanks

  11. tigger4t

    A terrific set of pre-sets – I can see these getting used again and again

  12. Jaylin

    Their products are fabulous. What I really love is watching their videos on how to do stuff like remove an item, replace a sky and so much more.

  13. lorenzo62688

    I have to say it’s awesome…wonderful lots

  14. Billy Chan

    This book is excellent for reference source and ha helped me with my photoshoots.
    Eexcellent book for the photographer just starting to shoot.
    I’ve got a lot of very useful tips out of it.

  15. [email protected]

    Very nice presets! Thank you!

  16. Lorinda Ray

    Great presets. They work great!

  17. Ulrike

    I’m new to Affinity and I am very grateful for these presets. They are great.

  18. Vess

    Many thanks!

  19. Hioe Jason

    Awesome. Thanks

  20. Norman Johnsen

    A good set of useful LUTS but remember these are LUTS and not tone mapping presets

  21. Fernando

    Really a wonderful set of presets!

  22. Guy

    A very useful addition to the Affinity Photo tool set

  23. Andreas

    The presets work wonderful

  24. Adrian Fairbrother

    Love them, easy to use

  25. Juan Antonio

    Outstanding presets collection. It saves me a lot of time.

  26. Chris Gilson

    Great product easy to use

  27. Frederic

    Very great and useful preset !

  28. Ulrike

    Wonderful presets. Thanks for that.

  29. Robert

    excellent LUTs . they will come in very handy

  30. Helen

    A great set of presets to get started in Affinity Photo

  31. Steven Eckhardt

    good set of tools that are easy to load and effective.

  32. Artemis

    Very nice. Thank you!

  33. Michael Murphy

    A great way to start, with a wonderful set of free presets.

  34. Dianna

    Really a wonderful set of presets!

  35. Anna Sera

    These are great!

  36. Anna Sera

    These are great! The best I’ve come across so far.

  37. Christopher Lawrence

    Amazing way to get started or even jump start making your own!

  38. Konstantinos

    Nice presets, you get what you pay for.

  39. Amruta

    very nice presets

  40. Joseph Kraemer

    What A difference a Pre-Set can Make111

  41. Fvx

    Good way to start working with presets in Affinity. Thanks.

  42. Jason

    These presets can make an incredible difference in the final product produced.

  43. Henk1949

    The presets works Great

  44. [email protected]

    Wonderful product

  45. Linda Mansur

    Great presets

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