460 Family & Wedding Presets By Dan Hecho


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Family & Wedding Presets With Installation Instruction Videos

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Author: Dan Hecho

Isn't It Bliss To Capture The Special Moments Of A Family?

Be it a wedding, a naming ceremony, a honeymoon or just a regular day made special. Through your images, their moments will live on for generations.

But while it’s a big honour, it’s also a lot of pressure. Because you know those photos have to be just perfect.

Any slight blemish will stand out, leaving an indelible mark on the family’s precious memories as well as your professional reputation. That’s why presets are your new best friend. The right ones will effortlessly imbue your images with all the magic that this magical day deserves.

But the wrong ones…well, we don’t even want to talk about the wrong ones. The truth is, that not every preset will meet your needs.

For a special day, you need a special set of presets. You need a classic and beautiful set of effects that do justice to the beauty of that memory, the venue’s scenic artistry, and the powerful human emotions revealed in each facial expression.

And let’s be honest about the practical side of things. Your clients want their photos ASAP! They don’t want to wait for you to mess around with presets that don’t work right…or are incompatible with your software…or are just plain hard to use!

Who has time for that?

The best presets will allow you to deliver great and memorable images quickly and efficiently. Plus…don’t forget that the less time you have to spend playing with presets, the more time you have to create great photography…

Your Go-To Family & Wedding Preset Solution

Everything you need is here in this Gold Package of presets:

  • A total of 460 carefully selected presets, in folders for easy organization
  • 270 presets from the popular and original “Full Package”
  • Easy video installation instructions
  • Video guide and training lesson
  • RAW file to use for practice and training

Preset Compatibility: Adobe for Lightroom Versions 3, 4, 5 and CC.

Licensing: This Deal Comes With An Extended Commercial License For Unlimited Personal & Commercial Use. No Reselling Allowed

wedding presets

Some Before & After Effects You Can Create!

Checkout How Easy It Is To Use These Presets

Some Heartfelt Customer Reviews

I purchased your Deluxe package and all I can say is wow! I really love these pre-sets, they are becoming part of my workflow. They are easy to use and make such a difference to the final image in post production. I would recommend these pre-sets to any photographer.

-Peter Dreissel

What is about the presets, I found it really universal when editing my photos, although I am doing this only for my free time.

– Sigita Valavičiūtė

Hello Dan
I really like your presets and trying to use them as much as possible. I especially like the presets that works with partial color control and I am trying to make photos that works with the presets Anis, Arh and my favorite Chocol.
I live in Sweden and it would be fantastic if you can arrange an workshop around here.

– Peter Borgeland

Hecho Presets are quickly becoming my favourite and goto presets among all my collection. Dan hecho’s color tones have a very signature touch to them that are unqiue and unlike any other preset available online for purchase. Hecho Special and Hecho Film are my favorite among the Gold package. This package truly standout as presets and i would highly recommend anyone looking for presets to purchase and try Hecho presets.

-Zaka Ur Rehman

The Simplest Path to Flawless Photos

If you’re like most photographers you’ve spent hours, even years, honing and fine-tuning your craft.

But even so, getting a flawless result from every photo shoot still remains a dream. Each model and venue that you work with is different. This makes your job more interesting, but also harder.

The same presets that work at one event may not work as well at another. Finding the right collection of presets to use at every wedding is a job all on its own.

But not anymore.

The presets included for you in this Gold Package have been carefully preselected. All the trial and error has been done for you.

The very first time you use them, you will be delighted at how easily and quickly you can produce stunning images. You’ll want to use them again and again. And with such spectacular results, your reputation will open more and more doors for this to happen.

And the process is so easy, that it will soon become as natural as breathing.

All you have to do is select the preset you want and then adjust exposure, color, highlights, shadow and clarity from the slider on the right. It gives you the perfect combination of control and convenience.

If you encounter any problems, the video lessons provided in the package are easy to access at any time, from any device. But we haven’t even gotten to the best thing of all about this package: the price.

Typically available at a one-time price of $116, you can now grab this incomparable package of presets for just $69.

Of course, there’s no telling how long this special offer may last.

Make Magic With These Awesome Family & Wedding Presets.


Plus Price: $55.20

This deal ran out of Whoa.
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Out of stock


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