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Create Amazing Vectors Instantly With Super Vectorizer 2 (Mac)

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Get unique vectorized effect on your photos

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Create Awesome Vector Images In Just One-Click

Have you fallen in love with vectors image creator? We don’t blame you.

They are lovely additions to your repertoire of photographic skills. And besides that, they’re just plain fun.

But you can’t help but feel that the right tool for converting your photos into vector art would make it even better. Vectorization might seem simple, but it is an art form all on its own.

Unfortunately, the apps and tools that are most readily available don’t always work the best.

You have a specific idea of how you want your vectorized photo to look. So it’s disappointing when you spend hours fussing with a new app only to find that the results aren’t what you hoped.

Sometimes the colors come out dull and uninteresting. Other times it just comes out looking sloppy. And other tools are just plain hard to use, even possibly incompatible with the format of your images. And when you want to go back and make adjustments later, it’s practically impossible.

If only there were an easy way to vectorize your photos, while still making sure they come out clean, colorful and attractive.

vector image creator

Super Vectorizer 2 – The Perfect Vectorizing Tool

At last, there’s a vector image creator that meets your needs.

Super Vectorizer gives you the ability to produce unique and eye-catching vector images with ease.

You can immediately transform your raster bitmap images into vector art. It’s even scalable.

It works with color and black-and-white images, as well as grayscale, outline, and skeleton.

The process is amazingly simple. Just drag and drop your image into the workspace. You will be able to view your vector image right away and easily make desired edits. You can quickly determine the number of colors you want in your image and then check the “Stack Scan” box to overlap color regions.

Even more precise and intuitive edits are possible with the “Enhance Edge” and “Smooth Radius” tools. In Mode 2, you have even more possibilities to adjust the color; or you can choose “Line” Mode to produce a simple outline and to control the number and smoothness of lines in your graphic. You can also check the “Skeletonization” box to make the finished image even cleaner.

Super Vectorizer 2 uses anchor points intuitively to give you the right mix of straight lines, curves, and corners. Finally, click on “Export” and your very own vector art will be ready in just one minute.

And you can accomplish this on your Mac with images in almost any format, including Ai, SVG, DXF, and PDF.

Watch This Awesome Vector Image Creator In Action Below

vector image creator 1

For such a simple tool, the Super Vectorizer has a stunning array of capabilities:

  • Seamlessly compatible with a variety of platforms, including Illustrator and Corel.
  • Creative choices through the use of Line or Skeletonization
  • The ability to trace cleaner line borders through unique segmentation editing capabilities, simplifying graphic information for concise and easy editing, which avoids overlapping regions
  • An innovative algorithm for image quantization which yields more natural colors
  • Original options like Edge, Color, and Gray Color
  • A new engine for the optimization of line tracing which adjusts intuitively to the needs of the artist
  • Fully automatic vectorization, supporting up to 64 colors

Watch Below Some Of The Examples

vector image creator1
vector image creator 17
vector image creator 15
vector image creator 16
vector image creator 11
vector image creator 12
vector image creator 13
vector image creator 14

The Only Vector Art Tool You’ll Ever Need

There is no other vector image creator on the market quite like Super Vectorizer.

Its cutting-edge algorithm means your vectors will look more natural and original than any you could achieve otherwise.

The features that come with this tool give you total control over lines, edges, and colors to produce exactly the look you envision.

It’s the only tool of its kind which has so much versatility that you can use it with almost any; you’ll think of image file. The variety of effects you can achieve is unmatched, and it’s so user-friendly that you’ll be creating your amazing vector art in no time.

If you are a professional artist or graphic designer, the Super Vectorizer can dramatically simplify your workflow. The process of adding vector designs to your artwork is both simple and affordable. They will make your work stand out from the competition, as well as increase your productivity.

And if vector art is just something you dabble with for fun, that’s even better. Because the Super Vectorizer opens up all kinds of opportunities for play. Creating art has never been so much fun.

You might expect such an intuitive, professional-grade tool to cost an arm and a leg. But the Super Vectorizer 2 is amazingly affordable. And we promise you; you’ll find yourself using it over and over again.

System Requirements & Compatibility

• System requirements: OS X 10.7 or later
• You will receive your unique license key (order confirmation email)
• 1 License for 1 Mac. Includes Lifetime license key
• Free updates and support included with this deal
• Support Center:

Download This One-of-a-kind Vectorization Tool & Begin Using It Today

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