CG Details Look Video Tutorial + Bonus from Josh Rossi

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Make your images stand out with this sick retouching style video tutorial

If you want to take your portfolio to the next level, consider learning this incredible technique from professional retoucher Josh Rossi.

Basically, you can turn this:

Josh Rossi Tutorial

into this:

Cgi_after Tutorial

Make sure you watch the trailer as well:

You’ll learn the techniques that pros use to dodge & burn and create an image style commonly used in CGI or advertising by Josh Rossi. The coloring taught in this tutorial will be 70% of the final look.

Eyes Tutorial

You will learn how to making the image sharp and defined using the curves adjustment layers in a unique way.

Sharp Tutorial

As a bonus you’ll receive the “Little Red Riding Hood” tutorial from Composite Planet for FREE.

Red_riding_hood Tutorial

In this tutorial, Josh goes over how to create a seamless composite and takes you from how he shoots backgrounds and lights an image to how he does his post processing. It’s a 30 minute tutorial that is included within this bundle for free.

Note: Tutorials are designed for Photoshop CS and above.

For those that don’t like reading, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 2 different tutorial videos for Photoshop CS and above
  • How to use compositing to combine 2 or more photos together
  • Learn to create intense detail
  • Make your picture look as if it were computer generated

What are people saying about the Josh Rossi tutorials?

“Composite planet is a great tool for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Its always good to share tricks of the trade and that’s exactly what they’re doing here…amazing!”
Jose Velasquez, Photographer
“Despite working with Photoshop for 13 years I found a lot of useful tips and tricks from Josh Rossi tutorials. They really go in depth with each subject. It’s like having someone right next to you helping you learn.”
Martin Benes, Photographer



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