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Author: Mitchell Kanashkevich

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You go on a spectacular trip, one that you’ll remember and talk about for the rest of your life. You strolled on cobbled streets, hobnobbed with the locals, enjoyed scenic mountain vistas and stunning ocean views. Then you come back, bursting with memories to share.

But when you post your travel photos, they don’t remotely do justice to the thrill of your experience. The incredible experiences, seared into your memory, have been translated into dull, ordinary images. Sure, that exotic seaside town is pretty, but nothing special. And the charming old lady who showed you how to weave in her picturesque cottage just looks like any stranger you might meet on the street.

Where has all the magic gone?

Travel Photos
Travel Photos

Experienced travel photographers know that there are special tricks to adequately capture a special journey.

But their expert advice is not easy to find. There are plenty of online tutorials on creating awesome travel photos, but can you trust them? After all, anyone can post a YouTube tutorial.

The real experts are usually pretty quiet. They don’t want to give away their secrets. Plus, they’re usually too busy producing their own incredible travel photos to help a beginner with theirs.

Well, that’s about to change.

What Should You Expect From This Deal

Everything You Need For Great Travel Photos

This comprehensive course to capture amazing travel photos brings you expert guidance.

Topics Include:

Creative Process

  • How to search for amazing travel photos
  • The practical approach to capturing THE moment
  • The important factor that’s guaranteed to add depth, mood or a sense of story to your images
  • The truth about compositional rules
  • The role of technical settings
  • Factors that increase your chances of getting powerful photographs
  • And much more!

Inside the Digital Darkroom

  • How to make images look dynamic, but also realistic
  • How post-processing can help with story-telling
  • How to bring out the character of your subject
  • How to fix sloppy travel photos with good editing
  • And much more!

All lessons are original, with engaging and authentic sound and music. They come with dozens of detailed examples for a wide range of situations.

The Course Includes:

  • A 160-page PDF guide
  • 3 hours and 44 minutes of video footage
  • 4 RAW files for hands-on practice

A Glimpse Into The Course

Digital Darkroom Used For A Few Sample Images

A Photography Course Like No Other

If you want to bring back amazing travel photos from your next trip, this is your chance to make it happen. This course is truly the ultimate, comprehensive guide to travel photography.

Most importantly, your instructor is a master travel photographer. Mitchell Kanashkevich is an award-winning photographer whose travel photos have been featured on billboards, magazines, and even in museums.

So the tricks and tips he demonstrates in this course have been tested and proven over a decade.

And he shares them all with you here, taking you through every one of his processes step-by-step, from the moment of capture to post-processing.

Travel Photos

These lessons can be uploaded to your device to access them everywhere…even while you’re in the middle of an adventure. Never again will you come home with travel photos that are anything less than magical.

Grab This Course & Never Settle For Mediocre Travel Photos Again


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