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Author: StyleMyPic


StyleMyPic has created several different Photoshop actions to help you speed up your Photoshop workflow and improve the tools you’re using to refine your images.

These actions make it easy to perform often-used steps with just a single click. You can smooth out your model’s skin, remove wrinkles, create texture, and add different color casts to your images with ease.

In all, you’ll get over 200 different looks and refinements spanning 8 awesome action sets.

To find more information about each action set and to see more examples, please visit StyleMyPic.

(Note: Photoshop CS2 or higher is required. Photoshop Elements will not work with these actions.)

Easy & beautiful skin editing with StyleMyPic Skin Retouch Pro

This set of actions enables photographers to experience the finesse of professional beauty and portrait retouching. You can easily clean the color ‘blotchiness’ of skin without harming the texture of the skin.

The techniques used by the pros like “Frequency Separation” and “Inverted Highpass” have been simplified to an easy-to-use interface.

Choose actions like Beauty Retouch Pro (Frequency Separation or Inverted High Pass) for total control in skin retouching, or retouch on the fly with “Portrait Retouch Pro” and “Quick Skin Fix.”

Add or enhance the makeup on your models skin. Make her lips look less chapped. Add a “white skin” powder if you choose. These are very powerful actions for your beauty photos.

StyleMyPic Skin-retouch-pro1 StyleMyPic Skin-retouch-pro2 StyleMyPic Skin-retouch-pro3 StyleMyPic Skin-retouch-pro4 StyleMyPic Skin-retouch-pro5

Awesome bokeh & flare effects with Bokeh n’ Flare

Choose from 16 different ways to make your images dreamy with light, flare, haze and realistic lens bokeh effects.

This set of actions has both one-click actions and a few paint-on interactive actions. These effects cover a large area of application — from weddings, portraits, fashion to lifestyle photography. A must have collection for natural light shooters.

StyleMyPic Bokeh-flare1 StyleMyPic Bokeh-flare2 StyleMyPic Bokeh-flare3 StyleMyPic Bokeh-flare4 StyleMyPic Bokeh-flare5

Clean, crisp photos with Clean Edit Pro

The Clean Edit Pro action incorporates all important tweaks using the best techniques into one powerful package. These actions have the power of RAW image editing capabilities for JPEG shooters.

All the aspects of the image can be fully fine tuned using dedicated layer opacity sliders. Just run the main action and see your image transform to its purest form. Top this with 30 stackable color/tone effects and remix them fluidly and endlessly to create your own unique style for both photos and videos.

StyleMyPic Clean-edit-pro1 StyleMyPic Clean-edit-pro2 StyleMyPic Clean-edit-pro3 StyleMyPic Clean-edit-pro4 StyleMyPic Clean-edit-pro5

Stylized textures with Edges & Textures

Add depth and dimension to your images with 36 edges and 31 texture overlays.

Transform your images with realistic effects of clouds, snow, & fog or just plain grit and grunge. These interactive actions are designed to automatically open and place the texture. All you have to do is choose the one and fine tune to your taste.

StyleMyPic Edges-n-texture1 StyleMyPic Edges-n-texture2 StyleMyPic Edges-n-texture3 StyleMyPic Edges-n-texture4 StyleMyPic Edges-n-texture5

Phenomenal lighting effects with Natural Light Collection

Take control over the unpredictability of natural light and shape it to be pleasing in all situations.

This mix of clean and vintage actions enhances the images shot in natural light, giving creamy skin tones for portraits.

s Simplified to a single click, yet these actions are completely editable in all the individual layers. With a variety of color toning options available, there is one perfect action suited for every situation.

StyleMyPic Natural-light-co1 StyleMyPic Natural-light-co2 StyleMyPic Natural-light-co3 StyleMyPic Natural-light-co4 StyleMyPic Natural-light-co5

Extreme versatility with the Photographer’s Toolkit

Take full control of your image with powerful tools like saturation and luminosity masks, neutral density and polarizer filters.

Finalize your image with 25 resize and layout options. This set compliments the Studio and Natural Light Collection set of actions.

StyleMyPic Photog-toolkit1 StyleMyPic Photog-toolkit2 StyleMyPic Photog-toolkit3

Creative effects with Pop Art Elements

Transform your images with this fun filled yet technically serious set of 28 one-click actions. The highlight of this section is an action called ‘Photo Illustration’, which is essentially an HDR Portrait, typically used a lot in sports advertisements and some movie posters.

Besides this, there is “Extreme HDR FX” which is a highly dramatic action for landscapes, “3D Glasses”, a REAL 3D converter, and many more painting and sketch actions. This photoshop actions collection is ideally suited for creative portraits and those who prefer wacky graphic designs.

StyleMyPic Pop-art1 StyleMyPic Pop-art2 StyleMyPic Pop-art3

Mimic fashion/movie grading with Studio Light

Every style/color grading from the early 80?s has been infused in each of these 43 photoshop actions in the set. This is a must have set for every photographer to add flavor to their visual stories.

These actions are based off fashion/advertising photographers and movie makers — in controlled lighting environment within the studio or location.

StyleMyPic Studio-light-co1 StyleMyPic Studio-light-co2 StyleMyPic Studio-light-co3 StyleMyPic Photoshop Actions StyleMyPic Studio-light-co5


We nailed the images by using these StyleMyPic Photoshop Actions. It’s your time now!!




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