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Author: James Maher
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Street photography is perhaps one of the most beautiful, haunting and evocative genres of photography that’s there. So many words, so many stories can be captured easily without even saying a single word. That’s the beauty of photography!

But how do you approach this style? How can you start off with this style that is not just difficult to handle but it’s so exclusive that it’s even banned in a number of countries.

To help you understand the best street photography techniques we at Photowhoa have come up with the best bundle of e-books that will help you master the concept of street photography! This bundle is a wonderful gift to all the photographers out there who wish to understand not only the technicalities but also how to imply the soul in your work. Let’s look at what it has in store for you.

Street Photography Techniques: Learn The Art From The Masters!

The bundle features two e-books that are very famous all around the world thanks to its master authors. Here, you will have the direct experience and guidance of some of the experts in this field like Matt Weber, Blake Andrews, Mike Peters, Richard Bram, Jay Maisel, and Dave Beckerman.

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The Essentials of Street Photography

This 169-page guide includes:

  • Technical approach towards street photography
  • Post-processing for street photography
  • Start of in street photography & overcome your fears
  • Get sharp, close-up candid shots in an unintrusive manner
  • & more

Street Photography Conversations

This 130-page guide includes:

  • 8 Talented street photography veterans interviewed
  • Learn techniques of street photography from Matt Weber
  • Capturing peaceful streets with Blake Andrews
  • Different approaches of street photography from Richard Bram, Alison McCauley, Charalampos Kydonakis, Jay Maisel, Mike Peters, and Dave Beckerman
  • & more
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Why Do You Need This?

To become the perfect street photographer, you need to have to overcome the fear and that’s why education before starting off is very much necessary. Before you start fussing about gear and ponder about the technique, you need to overcome the fear, the fear of shooting a stranger in an unknown place. After that comes the ethics and the risks.

However, fortunately, you have a long history about street photography techniques and how it can work. If you want to sincerely explore all of that then these books are perhaps the best thing you can go for. With the expert guidance and discussion, this is the place where you start!

Our bundle will work as the complete education tool that will always help you to understand the street photography techniques and everything beyond that. From techniques, editing and composition, they will talk about every important aspect of great street photographs.

In these two e-books you will learn about the concepts, gear, and techniques that thrive in street photography. Also you get to study more than 200 pages full of invaluable street photography insights. There’s still a lot to discover and there’s so much to do! Grab this bundle today and get started!

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The Key Takeaways From This Bundle:

The revised version of these books is not just about teaching you how you can technically approach street photography, how you can edit your work, how to overcome your fears, or how to get the best sharp, close-up candid shots in an unobtrusive manner, it is much more than that! However, you can still learn all the techniques and nitty-gritties.

Most importantly, these books will teach you how to conceptually approach your work so that it has something to say.

  • With these books you can gain insight into the tips and street photography techniques.
  • You can successfully take meaningful, beautiful, and technically stunning street photographs.
  • Irrespective of your skill level, these books have something important to offer to everyone interested in this genre.
  • These books are not only meant for beginners but they can also help expert professionals improve their approach on the streets.

What You Can Get Out Of This Bundle:

  • 2 e-books: Essentials of Street Photography and Street Photography Conversations.
  • Learn how to overcome your fear of photographing strangers.
  • Learn how to capture street photos with meaning.
  • Get all the tips for capturing close-up candid images.
  • Know more about camera settings and focusing techniques.
  • Understand composition and lighting.
  • Understand the secrets of street portraiture.
  • Learn how to capture gesture, expression, and emotion and tell stories with your images.
  • Know how to foster themes within your work and create projects.
  • Learn how to edit and organize your work and pick your best shots.
  • Post-processing and printing techniques.
  • Advanced topics.
  • Street photography learning exercises.
  • Interviews with Matt Weber, Blake Andrews, Mike Peters, Richard Bram, Jay Maisel, and Dave Beckerman.
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Some Snippets From The Bundle

street photography techniques concept
street photography techniques techniques
street photography techniques suburbs
street photography techniques projects
street photography techniques chamalampos
street photography techniques alison mccauley

The New Version Includes:

  • Rewritten & Edited Chapters.
  • 40 New Pages.
  • New Advanced Topic Section With 8 Additional Chapters.
  • Over 50% New Photographs.
  • Interviews With Alison Mcauley & Charalampos Kydonakis.

What Else?

The original selling price of these two books is $19.99 but with this bundle you can get it for $14.99! So what are you waiting for? Learning street photography techniques through experts is now possible!

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Get Inspired, Learn Techniques & Create Art With Street Photography!


Plus Price: $11.95


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