Variable Neutral Density Filter by SRs

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Capture shallow depth of field even in harsh sunlight with this Density Filter .

Density Filter

When you’re outside in the harsh sunlight, you’re probably shooting at f/8 or higher. Not the best conditions if you want your images to have gorgeous shallow depth of field.

A neutral density filter allows you to stop down the light into your camera a set number of stops. For example, you can shoot at f/2.8 with a 4-stop ND filter, you’ll have a light output equal to f/11. Shoot with the shallow depth of field on the f/2.8 without blowing out all the highlights like you normally would.

A variable neutral density filter is even better because you can adjust how much light gets filtered out. You can easily stop down the light anywhere from 2 to 10 stops with just one filter in your camera bag.

So why not just increase the shutter speed? Well you’re going to have a big problem when you use your off-camera flashes outdoors. Most flashes can’t sync with shutter speeds faster than 1/250, and even if you use high speed sync, you get a huge drop-off in light output.

So how does it work? The vND filter is made up of two high-quality optical glass components. When turned, the glass will adjust the amount of light that is allowed through to your lens.

Rest assured that you are getting a high quality filter when you buy this product. This filter is used exclusively by pro photographer, Scott Robert Lim, and is made of high-quality optical glass to ensure that your images are not degraded by having an extra filter.

(following images were shot with the vND Density Filter  from SRs)





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