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collection Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets so clean, you’ll want to re-edit all your favorite photos again.

Post-processing should be fun. There shouldn’t be any stress involved. You shouldn’t have to lock yourself in the dark and fumble with the nitty-gritty. While complaining about the loudest migraine of your life like I do.

There should be more freedom, more experimentation, more leeway.

This is why you’ll love these presets. Think of them as reliable shortcuts to new looks and new ideas.

Yes. I was told a long time ago that there are no shortcuts in life. That to get where you need to go – you have to do the work. That’s still true. BUT!

There are ways to “speed things up” – and they really do help. I figure it like this: we have all that secret route from work that no one else knows about. We all have that time-saving recipe to cooking the turkey quicker. I mean even the keyboard was invented with shortcuts in mind.

With 172 options at hand. Check them out you’ll see that they’re spot-on.

Film Pack Pro

This collection of 22 lightroom presets were designed to make your photos look like they were shot from many of the most popular film stocks. From Kodak Porta 160VC to the Polaroid 600. Color, grain, and dynamic range are all tweaked to produce the most accurate film-like results.

Fuji Astia RAP100
Fuji Neopan Acros 100
Fuji Provia 100F
Fuji Velvia 50
Ilford Delta 100
Ilford Delta 3200
Ilford HP5
Ilford PanF
Kodak E100G
Kodak Portra 160VC
Kodak Portra 400NC
Kodak T-Max 100
Kodak Tri X 400
Polaroid 600
Matte Finish
Cross Process C41
Cross Process E6
Sepia BW
CRT Green BW
Platinum BW
Cyanotype BW
Selenium BW

SMP En Vogue Collection

These 24 presets are subtle and clean. Working with both Color and BW looks. You’ll get images with more pleasing skin tones and stylistic textures. These presets will help you soften your images and balance out any harsh light. Giving your images a more refined look.

Dew Drop
Cotton Candy
Fresh Air
Hazy Fields
Morning Glory
Coral Indigo
Caribbean Cooler
Crimson Tide
Lavender Rose
Key Lime
Strawberry Cream
Emerald Sea
Mellow Yellow
Amber Stone
Misty Meadow
Color Delight
Corn Silk BW
Vanilla BW
Charcoal BW
Burnt Sienna BW
Quick Silver BW
Onyx BW
Classic BW

Classic Vintage Collection

What’s a preset collection without some vintage effects? These 13 Color and BW presets will allow you to achieve that authentic retro feel. With them, you’ll be able to personalize your own faded and vintage looks that’ll send your favorite photos back in time.

Wonder Years
Mulberry Bush
Sweet Apricot
Fern Green
Muddy Water
Déjà vu
Old Tavern BW
Blueberry Banana BW
Mossy Rock BW
Hazelnut BW
Wheat Wash BW

Urban Retro Collection

This collection was made to give your photos a more gritty and contemporary look. The 13 Color and BW presets will tweak your color grading until you’re left with a highly-stylized and powerful image. You’ll be able to bring underground artistic tools into your post-processing workflow.

Desert Rose
Citric Slice
Cinnamon Dust
Glazed Sugar
Black Light
Toy Cam
Ice Princess
Orange Teal
Dirt Bag
White Smoke BW
Slate Gray BW

Pret-E-Porter Collection

Unlike all the other previous collections, these 18 presets are designed to be one-click enhancements that will absolutely revamp your images. These effects are arresting and will allow you to produce popular effects without much hassle.

Backlit Booster
Cinema Tone
Classic BW
Classic Color
Cream Pie
Dry Leaf
Golden Vintage
Haze Blaze
Hershey’s Brownie
Lemon Tart
Lith BW
Lomo Cross
Muted Earth
Pastel Film
Silver BW
Snow Flake
Sunny Fields
Winter Willow

SMP Photo Toolkit

These 82 presets will allow you to control every aspect of your camera after the shot. They will work with all the other presets (except the Pret-E-Porter collection) in changing your WB, Exposure, Highlights/Shadows, Contrast/Details, Color/Saturation, Sharpen/Noise, Vignette/Border, Film Grain, and Light Leaks. With just this one set you’ll be able to dramatically increase your workflow speed.

White BalanceAuto Correction


Daylight Cool

Daylight Warm

Cloudy Shade

Tungsten Fix


Reset WBExposure

Exposure +1/3 Stop

Exposure +2/3 Stop

Exposure +1 Stop

Exposure +1 1/3 Stops

Exposure +1 2/3 Stops

Exposure +2 Stops

Exposure -1/3 Stop

Exposure -2/3 Stop

Exposure -1 Stop

Exposure -1 1/3 Stops

Exposure -1 2/3 Stops

Exposure -2 Stops

Reset Exposure


Highlight Recovery +1 Stop

Highlight Recovery +2 Stops

Highlight Recovery +3 Stops

Reset Highlight Recovery

Shadow Fill +1 Stop

Shadow Fill +2 Stops

Shadow Fill +3 Stops

Reset Shadow Fill

Contrast/DetailsContrast +1 Stop

Contrast +2 Stops

Contrast +3 Stops

Contrast -1 Stop

Contrast -2 Stops

Contrast -3 Stops

Reset Contrast

Clear Details +1 Stop

Clear Details +2 Stops

Clear Details +3 Stops

Grunge Details

Reset Details

Soften Image +1 Stop

Soften Image +2 Stops

Soften Image +3 Stops

Reset Soften ImageColor/Saturation

Vivid Color +1 Stop

Vivid Color +2 Stops

Vivid Color +3 Stops

Desat +1 Stop

Desat +2 Stops

Desat +3 Stops

Reset Vivid Color/Desat

Red Skin Fix +1 Stop

Red Skin Fix +2 Stops

Greener Grass Bluer Sky

Reset RGB Fix


Sharpen +1 Stop

Sharpen +2 Stops

Sharpen +3 StopsReset Sharpen

DeNoise +1 Stop

DeNoise +2 Stops

DeNoise +3 Stops

Reset DeNoiseVignette/Border

Burnt Edge +1 Stop

Burnt Edge +2 Stops

Burnt Edge +3 Stops

Washed Edge +1 Stop

Washed Edge +2 Stops

Washed Edge +3 Stops

White Rounded Frame

Black Rounded Frame

Film Border

Reset Vignette/Border

Film Grain

Film Grain +1 Stop

Film Grain +2 Stops

Film Grain +3 Stops

Reset Film Grain

Light Leak

Light Leak Left

Light Leak Right

Reset Light Leak



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