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Author: StyleMyPic

The perfect lighting effect is one you control 100% of the time. These 27 Angelesque Photoshop actions take the uncertainty out of creating stunning light effects.

* Mouseover the images to see the after shot.

Photoshop Actions

Shooting in natural light is addicting. It’s no wonder some photographers swear themselves to it. If you’ve ever had that moment when everything aligned itself just right – the light, the weather, the subject – with your camera, then you understand how powerful and stunning natural light can be.

But the hunt for the best natural light requires risk. Sometimes the perfect shot is merely a happy accident. You were at the right place at the right time and pressed your shutter when your gut told you it was right. If you’re ever shot during the golden hours, you know exactly how fleeting perfection can be.

So it’d make sense that you’d want Photoshop actions that give you more control over the magic that natural lighting can achieve. And Style My Pic knows that actions like these could only work with the most sophisticated and intelligent approach. These aren’t those carelessly stitched up ones that you find for free.

These are professionally coded, designed, and engineered effects that you’ll use effortlessly and continually incorporate into your editing workflow. 27 dreamy effects that replicate those romantic light flares, hazes, and leaks that our sun naturally provides. 27 effects to control your happy accidents.

If you love lighting effects discovered in the most gorgeous natural light, then you’ll love these actions. They’re clean. They’re professional. And whether you’re a wedding, lifestyle, or portrait photographer, Photoshop Actions will work wonderfully with whatever look you’re going for — and work even better when used together.

The SMP Angelesque Photoshop action pack includes:

Sweet Sunshine
Scarlets Scent
English Rose
Passion Fruit
Meadow Kiss
Fairy Tale
Etheral Dust
Sensual Whisper
Floral Fragrance
Tender Secrets
Summer Lovers
Crimson Song
Celestial Elegance
Little Angel BW
Add On Light Effects
Rays of Light v2.0
Evening Haze
Soft Sun Glow
Eternal Light Glow
Evening Sun Glow
Morning Sun Glow
Light Leak Right
Light Leak Left
Sunny Light Leak
Film Grain

* Photoshop CS2 and above required. Photoshop Actions is not compatible. Runs on both Mac & PC.


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