Mastering Shutter Speed: 6-Week Guided Photography Course

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Get professional feedback & training in a 6-week digital workshop

Could shutter speed be the missing piece?

You haven’t tried everything until you try mastering it

Get access to a digital workshop that’s focused completely on you

Although you probably hate admitting it, you know it’s true. When you’re out shooting, you usually think of your shutter speed in terms of light. And light only. Most of the time, you can set at 1/250 or 1/500 and forget it.

Sure, some of the photography’s greatest magic is hiding right there in that dial. But you still consider light the single most important part of shooting. And I’m not here to argue against that. Getting your light perfect might be the most important first step.

But no matter what, it’s only the first step! Imagine if Picasso only drew in pencil. I mean, he would still be great, and he would still be famous, but when he added color and paint to what he imagined, something greater happened.

Not using shutter speed at its fullest power is just like that. It’s denying yourself a crucial tool. Why should you let its difficulty keep you from using it? It’s a tool that has a great chance of making your photographs stand out. If it means carrying a tripod, so be it.

Controlling shutter speed is more than controlling motion

It’s how you can also increase or decrease sharpness, bump up lighting or bring down shadows. There are so many techniques that when we found Brent Mail’s Master Shutter Speed, we couldn’t wait to get it in your hands.

It hits all the areas. Explains it in a fun, informative way. And will help you shoot better photographs. But the thing that sets it apart is its one-to-one training. It’s truly unique. Get this: after two lessons, you’ll be able to get your work looked at by pros!

Sweet, right? Not only will you get constructive feedback, but you’ll also have access to the instructors so that you can ask questions. It’s a digital workshop focused on making sure you master shutter speed — and in the end, shoot better photos — no matter the cost!

What exactly will I get?

This course is designed to help you absorb all the info at an easy and relaxed pace. Every week for 6 weeks, you’ll get 2 lessons that you can watch online. Two photo challenges are included so that you get your work seen by the instructors: Brent Mail and Johny.

To help you get a better understanding of all, that’s included here is a breakdown of the digital workshop schedule.

Week 1

shutter speed photography

Freezing the Action: Water-bombs

  • Learn how to freeze water droplets
  • Learn how to blur the action
  • Comic Relief: Brent gets payback!

Moving Foreground Elements: Seascape

  • How to make your landscapes POP
  • What’s the effective use of wind movement?

Week 2

shutter speed photography course

Slowing Things Down: Dress-up

  • Why use a tripod?
  • Learn how to smooth out movement
  • What does ghosting legs mean?
  • Have you ever used the suck-out technique?

Draggin’ the Shutter: Studio Model Shoot

  • How to effectively use movement in studio
  • What the best way to use ambient light


Photo Challenge Assignment is Announced – Add Your Images & Get Feedback

Week 3

shutter speed photography course

How Shutter Speed Affects Exposure

  • How to darken or lighten images
  • Why the histogram is your friend
  • How to deal with high dynamic range
  • Learn how to crunch shadows

Lost In The Crowd: Filters

  • Make people disappear from a crowd
  • Fun experiment to help you
  • How filters come to the rescue

Week 4

shutter speed photography course

Panning and Shutter Speed: Skateboarders

  • How to pan for action
  • Which lens works best?
  • What does fill-flash do?

Panning Edit: Making Images POP!

  • Our best Lightroom edits
  • Our best tips and tricks
  • How to make your images JUMP!

Week 5

shutter speed photography

Handheld Challenge: Steady-Hand-Luke

  • When do you need a tripod?
  • The lens rule to live by
  • Comic relief: Who wins?

Waterfall Bubbles Edit: Foreground Element

  • Using shutter speed for foreground elements
  • A demo of Lightroom edits
  • How to capture movement perfectly

Week 6

shutter speed photography course

Shutter Speed: Image Comparison

  • Our top 10 shutter speed images
  • Examples (fast to slow)
  • Best situations to use fast/slow speeds

Same Location – Different Shutter Speeds: OMG!

  • How to boost your creativity
  • ND Filters to keep in your bag
  • 2 totally different images

Ready to shoot photographs that justify your camera’s price tag?

Enroll in this course. Get access to feedback & encouragement. Master shutter speed.


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