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274 pages on refining how you shoot landscape & cityscape photography

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Already found your breathtaking vistas? Eye-catching skylines?

Now, how do you create photos that look impossible to repeat?

In this photography tutorial, you’ll get techniques & know-how to elevate your approach to these awe-inspiring genres . . .

On certain days, it’s a miracle — that feeling you get when you’re out shooting landscapes. When you look out and all around you is open space. No matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid feeling small. But it’s not a bad thing. Not exactly. Just an awareness. An appreciation.

It feels like you’ve found your own place in the world. It can inspire the heights of beauty, of wonder in you. But even though you’ve found this very special place, a view of the world unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, it’s not enough.

And that’s the frustrating thing about landscape & cityscape photography. It’s not enough to find something beautiful. It’s only half the battle. In the end, all that matters is how you shoot it.

If you can’t put it all together — if you can’t use your camera, tripod, lens, and eye to make a strong photograph — then what do all those miles traveled feel like? They probably end up feeling half-won. I really hate that feeling. And I know you don’t like it either.

That’s why we searched for something like Richard Schneider’s ebook. With it, you’re going to learn almost everything you can about shooting landscape & cityscape photography. That way you won’t go out shooting and return home with nothing but poor snapshots.

It’s well-written, insightful, and comprehensive. Written by Richard Schneider, founder of one of the largest photography education blogs,, it’s made for true photography lovers. In its 274 pages, you’ll find the know-how and technique to strengthen your hand and eye on the field.

So if you want to completely overhaul how you shoot landscape & cityscape photography, you’re gonna have to hurry! This is a limited-time promotion. And won’t last long. If you want to dramatically improve with one ebook, you better buy this today!

BONUS: Also included are 10 custom-tweaked presets for enhancing the look of your Landscape and Cityscape photography

Which techniques will you learn?

First thing first — this ebook is huge. Over 200 pages long, you’re going to find techniques on nearly every part of shooting landscape & cityscape photography. Plus, on top of that, you’re also going to get a 64-page section on specialized camera tricks to help you shoot both.

After reading it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Shoot landscapes at golden hour, nighttime, and in black and white
  • Understand how leading lines, patterns, and textures influence landscape shots
  • Capture street photography, use perspective in cityscapes, and motion out traffic & people
  • Spot unique locations in city environments
  • Create star trails, shaped bokeh, infrared photography, timelapses, and other tricks

You’re going to learn a lot, basically. From setting up your tripod (and understanding why you need one) to sharpening how you shoot, you’re going to go all in. You’ll learn how to create unique, unrepeatable photographs of landscapes & cityscapes.

You’ll get techniques, tricks, and post-processing tips that help set your photos apart. Guidance to make the journey worth the risk. If you’re ready to grab the shot, this ebook will teach everything you need to know!

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What’s included in this Photography Tutorial, again?

  • 274 total pages of info-rich lessons including ones on post-processing
  • 20+ lessons on landscapes — shooting waterscapes, mountains, night skies, lightning, waterfalls, etc.
  • 20+ lessons on cityscapes — shooting buildings, rooftops, street photography, skylines, reflections, etc.
  • 20+ lessons on photography tricks — light painting, star trails, long exposures, shaped bokeh, slow shutter zoom, tilt shifts, etc.

BONUS: 10 included Lightroom presets to help you enhance your final looks

BONUS: 10 PhotoWhoa Credits on purchase

Want to make the journey much more enjoyable?

Make sure you come back with breathtaking photographs. This is how you do that. Buy today!


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