Posing Basics for Maternity, Newborn, Senior Boys & Family


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Learn to pose your clients like a pro

Maternity, Newborns, Senior Boys & Family… our guides will help you take much better photos for any age group.

Better photos = more business.

Learn tips from the pros to make your studio a success.

Ready to take senior photos? Looking to get into maternity photography?

These photography businesses can be lucrative, but it’s getting harder to compete with the newbie with a DSLR. By improving your portfolio with every shoot, you can easily close new clientele.

But each genre of family photography has its nuances. You don’t want to go into your first newborn session without knowing exactly what to expect and how to handle it. Similarly, posing senior boys is much different from posing moms.

This bundle includes the entire line of guides made by Kimberly Reid. Each guide contains specific advice as well as posing examples to help make your next shoot a grand success.

Product Reviews

Simply put – WOW!

“These guides are amazing. Kimberly really gives great detail in describing her posing…hand placement, body angles, spacing, relationship to surroundings. It is the most detailed I’ve seen in any guide whatsoever.”

Really Liked this Guide

I’m about to do my very first newborn shoot in one week exactly. I am so nervous about it, but reading this, I felt a sense of calm come over me.

Five Stars

This is an amazingly comprehensive guide, put together with every question answered you would have come up in your mind. It opens up and gives the reader a whole picture perspective, much like standing and watching Kimberly from over her shoulder.

Thank you, thank you!

I bought the Senior boy and Senior girl guides and they are very well worth the price even if not on sale. The are the easiest to understand and use since they can be printed off to show the pose to the client.

What’s in this bundle?

Posing Basics for Maternity Sessions:

A 56-page guide on posing moms to be in the most tender way. This guide will take you through techniques that will help you capture the heartfelt joy of motherhood in your photos .  This product also includes 55 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

Topics Covered: 

  • How to pose maternity sessions?
  • How to pose when adding dad in the photo?
  • How to pose when adding other children in?
  • How to pose when adding in the whole family?
  • How to find the best locations?
  • How to make use of available light when shooting indoors?
  • Camera/Lighting/Editing Techniques

Posing Basics for Newborn Photography:

A 49-page guide on posing babies from days to months old. This guide will prepare you in every aspect – right from wrapping the baby to the most difficult challenges of photographing babies when they are awake. This product also includes 24 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

Topics Covered: 

  • Where do I even begin with newborns?
  • How do I set it up?
  • What all do I need?
  • What do I do with everything?
  • How to incorporate parents/siblings into newborn session.
  • Lighting/Camera/Editing Techniques
  • Also, includes pull-back photos/behind the scenes/set up shots

Posing Basics for Senior Boys:

A 41-page guide on posing senior boys. Directing a senior boy for a pose is a real tough task but this guide can be a life saver. It doesn’t leave room for confusion. You’ll know exactly how to make them sit, where to keep the hands & more. Moreover, it will guide you how to communicate with them! This one is a real bummer.

This product also includes 40 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

Topics covered:

  • How to stand?
  • How to sit?
  • Hand placement
  • Body Placement
  • How to find the best locations & use them efficiently?
  • How to make them look hot?
  • Camera/Lighting/Editing Techniques

Posing Basics for Family Photography:

A 55-page guide for posing families and children of varying ages. This guide will take you through posing techniques that will help you bring out the care, the friendship, the pranks and every small emotion that is cherishable in a family and capture them. This product also includes 35 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

Topics Covered:

  • How to pose families?
  • How to make them relax?
  • How to talk to the parents even when it’s awkward?
  • How to use different props with children?
  • How to find the best locations?
  • Camera/Lighting/Editing Techniques

Whether 2, 12, 32 or 62.

You’ll be all set to photograph any age group

Get these 4 amazing guides at 94% off!


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