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Author: StyleMyPic

Declutter your workspace & retouch with industry-tested tools

Want to make Photoshop retouching faster? What if you had all your most-used tools accessible in one panel? Then, on top of that, had a selection of actions that intelligently improve the color and look of skin, eyes, and hair — while still having Photoshop’s power at your side.

Would that help? Pro Workflow does that. At its core, it’s a Photoshop extension panel that puts it’s frequently used retouching techniques — liquify, curves adjustment layer, layer copy, and others — together with actions and tools that speed up how you retouch your portraits.

So instead of digging through menus and memorizing new keyboard shortcuts to trigger some effect over and over again, you just have to click a button and then apply any of the 20+ actions to quickly find yourself with a nearly fully retouched photo.

Skin Retouch Pro, Color Grade Pro, Black & White, Photo Illustration, and Tool Kit all come with their own actions and tools that are specifically designed for every component of a successful retouch. In total, you’re getting over 20 actions and tools, all sleekly packed in one panel.

What’s included? How does the Photoshop Extension Panel work?

Push your creativity to new heights

You’re going to get a sleeker and more user-friendly interface for Photoshop retouching. You’re also getting actions and tools that were designed to help you power through photo editing.

Once installed, you’ll have a Photoshop panel that bundles all the actions and tools together with several Photoshop shortcuts. Each action has been designed to work for extensive portrait and beauty retouching. And they are fully customizable and adjustable.

Highlights of Photoshop Extension Panel

  • Skin Retouch Pro: 8 predefined retouching tools, including Skin Texture (which adds texture) and Skin Saturation Mask (which evens out overly saturated areas)
  • Color Retouch Pro: Two-step process to fine-tuning and enhancing your photo’s color grade, comes with 3 pre-installed color options (you can also adjust the program’s color tones yourself)
  • Black & White: A monochrome conversion and two classic tones (Silver Gelatin and Sepia) to choose from
  • Photo Illustration: Two actions — Grunge Effect and HDR Landscape — to use for your portraits and landscapes
  • Toolkit: Suite of photo-editing tools, including custom-designed dodge, burn, sharpen, and 6 unique luminosity masks
  • More Info: Learn more about SMP Pro Workflow here (it has much more info about the Photoshop program)


  • Requires Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5,CS6,CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019 and CC2020.
  • Compatible with all language versions of Photoshop. All text in English.
  • Not compatible with Photoshop Elements.
  • All actions are designed to work in 8 and 16bits RGB mode.
  • Runs on both 32bits or 64bits Windows and Mac.
  • Installation PDF guides are included.

What Others Are Saying….

“One of the best tools I’ve come across for retouching in a while. I’m totally having a great time working with this panel. Thank you for an excellent product.” – Caleb

“I am loving this product. Makes all the things I have been learning to do much easier and works better than other retouch plug ins I have tried” – Dennis Lopes
Powerful and useful tools that I use on almost 100% of my images. I love the skin toolbox and luminosity masks creation tool. Also, the customer caring is top notch.” – Stefano

“Works Great! It has become an essential part of my retouching.” – Andy

Speed up your Photoshop retouching.

5 reviews for StyleMyPic’s Pro Workflow Extension Panel for Photoshop

  1. [email protected]

    after buying this product I needed support. Support was given quickly and efficiently. I can only strongly recommend Photowhoa. Jürgen

  2. [email protected]

    Recently purchased your 2500 overlay bundle.
    Very impressive variety of overlay to work with !!
    Love the fog and smoke overlays !!
    Looking forward to trying them all !

  3. Nizam Mohamed

    This review is not for THIS particular set of of actions, but a couple years ago I purchased a set of actions from SMP. (I have been telling everyone I meet about it, so this is my chance to publicize it). I have been a professional photographer for 36 years, have been lucky to get my Masters, won several Kodak Awards of Excellence and Fuji Film Masterpiece Awards and several Photographer-of-the-Year Awards, so I will like to think that I know what I am talking about. This is a set of about 21 actions WHICH I USE EVERY SINGLE DAY. It contains “fill-light” for those dark areas, highlight recovery for those light areas, shadow details for those black and dark areas which one can use to not just lighten, but to show “details” in the darker areas. It also has highlight details which one can use with or without highlight recovery. Besides shooting in RAW, I feel like I can “fix” almost any photo over or underexposed. Even the best photographer shooting “on the run” like at weddings have a few misses because it is not a controlled situation like in a studio shoot. I used to do the “fixes” the hard way by selection the areas and lighting or darkening them as needed. These SMP actions are the answer to my prayers and was the best $19.00 I ever spent on actions. I am not affiliated with SMP in any way.

  4. crypto

    It is my go-to add-on for shortcuts. Would like to be able to rename C1, C2, C3, though.

  5. Jacque

    this looks like a pretty nice extension

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