PixelGear 2: The Ultimate Retouching Photoshop Plugin

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Cut away complexity.

 Retouch with automatic fine-tuning and efficiency with this Photoshop skin retouching plugin

Automatic Blemish Correction & Skin Smoothing

photoshop skin retouching plugin

What if you could approach Photoshop as you do a smartphone app? Rather than fiddling with Photoshop’s whole entire mess, you could just use and repeat only the most vital steps? Would that make it easier for you?

Now, some of us really love Photoshop. Some of us don’t. It really depends on your idea of a good time. If you usually don’t spend all day on an edit, but don’t want to lose any of Photoshop’s power, you’d probably do well with something like PixelGear 2.

It changes the interface and process behind retouching for skin and the face. You’ll get automatic blemish correction, skin smoothing, and contrast control in an intuitively simple slide in, slide out control scheme. Same power in fewer steps.

And if you’re reading this, you’re seeing PixelGear 2 at a PhotoWhoa price. That means you’re getting the complete Photoshop plug-in for 40% off. But after a few weeks it’s gone. You’ll have to wait for another chance at this Photoshop plugin.

What exactly are the benefits of
PixelGear 2 ?

photoshop skin retouching plugin

PixelGear 2 Benefits :

  • Ease of use with the unique on-screen Panel
  • No dialog boxes, no extra unnecessary steps
  • Non-destructive workflow
  • Maximum control using cutting-edge original algorithms
  • Super Fast GPU and CPU acceleration for superb
    performance in this Photoshop skin retouching plugin

A few examples…

photoshop skin retouching plugin
photoshop skin retouching plugin
photoshop skin retouching plugin
photoshop skin retouching plugin

PixelGear 2 is a Photoshop plug-in developed by PS Kiss. It condenses Photoshop into three panels that allow you to retouch skin, enhance shadows/highlights and overall contrast, while sharpening and popping out details in a unique and innovative interface that looks and works like a smartphone app.

It simplifies retouching to a defined and regular method you can intuitively grasp—without having to get a degree in computer engineering (if you think of Photoshop in that way). That said, every automatic adjustment can be customized. Every edit is non-destructive. So you can always go over with finer and finer changes if need be.

If you want to learn more go here . PixelGear 2 Photoshop skin retouching plugin works with Photoshop CC and higher for Mac OS X 10.7 + & Windows 7/8 (64 bit only). It does not work with Photoshop CS6.

What is PixelGear 2? Why should I buy it?

Get Photoshop Power in fewer steps


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