Photoshop Camp: Overhaul How You Edit With Photoshop

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Edit With Purpose. Develop a Manageable WorkFlow.
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Ready to start taking Photoshop seriously? With this 7+ hour photoshop advanced tutorials video course, you’re going to learn how to finish editing in much less time—while never once lessening what you’re capable of. You’ll overhaul how you see Photoshop and change how you organize & retouch your photos.

Photoshop camp is an intense 25+ video workshop that will develop your Photoshop skills from the ground up. From importing into Camera RAW to building a history palette that works like a set of actions, just about everything you do in Photoshop will be looked at and explained.

After watching the entire 7+ hours, you’ll be able to remove unwanted background objects, retouch skin, eyes, and hair, and use layers, masks, and blending modes without any hesitation or frustration. After thinking hard about Photoshop, everything else will be easy.

photoshop advanced tutorials - 13

What’s included? Why should I buy this course on Photoshop?

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You’re going to get over 25 videos that teach you to how use Photoshop as a professional would. All together you’ll get more than 7 hours of content. The course is suitable for Photoshop Elements 6-12 as well as Photoshop CS 2-6 (Creative Cloud).

The course is taught by Brenna Gentry, a fashion and portrait photographer based in Tennessee. All the videos will come as downloadable files. Look below for samples of what you’ll see inside.

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  • Sorting/culling images
  • Adobe Camera RAW
  • Removing background distractions with good results
  • Retouching (hair, skin, body)
  • Choosing the right actions and adjust them to get desired results
  • Simple edits without actions
  • Sharpening/saving for web/PSD file
  • Compositing images from multiple images
  • Mastering layers, masks, blending modes, curves, levels, opacity, etc.
  • Using textures with and without actions
  • Using the history palette to make your workflow much smoother
  • Many complete walkthrough edits from start to finish in this photoshop camp.

Develop your Photoshop skills from the ground up
in much less time with Photoshop advanced tutorials


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