The Ultimate Photoshop Painting Bundle: How to Create Art With Photoshop

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Author: Gavin Philips
The Ultimate Photoshop Painting Bundle

Any news is good news – so how do you grab attention and sell more prints?

Hint: Ever heard of the thin line between crazy and genius?

If you’re looking to stand apart, these Photoshop painting actions & brushes stand alone creatively…

And they might have just the right amount of crazy.

Using them will unlock painted artworks that are unmatched when it comes to grabbing attention. You’ll be so out there that you might as well as be in another world creatively. It’s definitely a love/hate thing.

Either you love the attention or you hate it. Riding the line between crazy and genius isn’t for everybody. But if you’re all in, and looking to create painted photographs like these, this bundle of Photoshop painting actions and brushes will solve the complicated Photoshop process for you.

The Ultimate Photoshop Painting Bundle
Photoshop Painting Actions

You’ll get strong starting points, get all the creative options, and know your left from your right as they say so that you never get lost in the technical process. And since you’re also given videos that explain every technique, these easy-to-use actions and brushes are completely pain-free.

All you have to do is install them, watch the videos, and begin painting your own artworks. And with a little practice you will be creating stunning art that get’s your clients attention and sells more prints. Truth is, it all begins with learning the right techniques.

Right now, you have the exclusive chance to learn them. Question is,

Are you interested in evolving your style?

Watch how these painting actions work

Okay, these effects seem cool enough, but what am I buying?

After downloading this bundle, you’re going to find 5 sets of effects and accompanying videos. Taking over a year to develop, these actions and brushes are complex, intricate, and seamless. Each set produces painterly results like the ones you see here but do it in various degrees and styles

Think of them as a way to eliminate all your Photoshop guesswork. Or as a way to make a complicated technical process simple and easy. With these Photoshop painting actions and brushes, you’ll be able to tell the forest from the trees, so to speak. Keep your creative vision locked on the big picture.

Photoshop Painting Actions handsome man Before
Photoshop Painting Actions handsome man After

In the end, it won’t matter if you don’t know how to use Photoshop like an expert. After using these actions and brushes and watching the videos, creating these effects will be nearly automatic. Making technical mastery unimportant.

In fact, that’s missing the point. Imagine what you’ll create once you set yourself free from some Photoshop expert. Imagine being able to produce work that’s just as complex. That’s what you’re buying. You’re buying an equal playing field, plain and simple.

Photoshop Painting Actions Bonus

So tell me again, what’s included?

  • 5 sets of actions and brushes
    • Smudge Painting
    • Painterly Photo Effect
    • Watercolor and Water Effects
    • Photobrushes
    • Paint Like A Monet (especially for portrait) 
  • Textures, backgrounds, patterns & borders for your photo paintings
  • Videos that explain how to use the actions and brushes and guide you through the techniques
  • Access to live webinar with Gavin Philips. In this webinar, Gavin will show you how to create beautiful artwork in Photoshop.

These actions and brushes work with Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015 (Note: “Painterly/Airbrushed” set works with CS6, CC and CC2015+ only)

“I have used your brushes and find them indispensable in creating my digital paintings. They are the only brushes I use and find that each one has a certain look and ability that brings out just the right look depending on the image I am working on.
They set my work apart from others and have greatly increased my sales. I can only imagine how more my bottom line will increase as I continue to use your products.
But even more than that, your personal help when I have called was wonderful. Thanks for all you do!” – Jeannie Couch

“We have been using Gavin´s Photo effects for several years – We have sold literally thousands of pounds worth of photographs which have been enhanced with Gavin´s great actions and presets. The action sets will pay for themselves in just 1 print sale, so they really are a fabulous bargain.” – Sammy Southal

“Gavin has some very outstanding effects I haven´t seen anywhere else. He teaches techniques that broaden one´s versatility in Photoshop, extending one’s ability to come up with original effects.” –  Joel

Are you ready to stand apart?

With these Photoshop painting actions and brushes, you’re going to create photos that are completely unmatched.


2 reviews for The Ultimate Photoshop Painting Bundle: How to Create Art With Photoshop

  1. T. Suresh

    This is the first time I purchased Photoshop actions and was pleasantly surprised. The possibilities are enormous. Excellent results and clearly saves a lot of PP time.

  2. Tom Pickering

    PhotoWhoa is connected with some excellent developers & trainers.

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