900+ Photo Overlays & Effects Bundle

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894 Unique Overlays & 19 PS Actions For Out-Of-The-Box Effects

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Author: Natalia Pokataeva

Overlays & Actions That'll Transform Your Editing

Intense. Functional. Easy-to-use. That’s what you need in your photo overlays. And this mega bundle has incredible Photoshop overlays for photographers just like you.

We know the importance of the photo effects that you choose. It can either make or break your photos.

Sometimes you may need the edgy look of the metallic skin effect. Other times, you’ll may want to try something cooler, like an underwater effect or a retro look.

Regardless of your style, this bundle has something for you, no  matter which look you’re trying to create.

You’ll find starry skies, coupled with romantic heart bokeh,  light trails, realistic snow & so much more.

So go back to an old look with retro photo toolkit. Or, further the wonders of mother nature with prism rainbow light leaks or golden sun flare.

This bundle provides you with all the effects you have been itching to try. Moreover, they’re the best way to immortalize your clients’ memories.

Remember, you have a sacred role. Give that extra edge to your clients photos. 

Add an overlay to your photograph and give it an extra dimension of texture. 

Gone are the days of creating effects from scratch. These Photoshop overlays is the modern way to make your photos stand out. Even better, it’s not only for photographers.

Indeed, it’s for anyone who likes getting creative with pictures.

Furthermore, it’s now a simple matter of dragging and dropping your image into Photoshop. Then, you can adjust it using opacity and blending modes to get the desired effects.

photoshop overlays for photographers

894 Photo Overlays, 19 Actions, Effects & Much More

The Photoshop Overlays Are Divided Into 15 Categories :

  • Night Sky Starry Overlays
  • Night Sky Silhouette Overlays
  • 45 Elegance Bokeh Overlays
  • Aesthetic Holo Light Leaks Overlays
  • Bad Photocopy Effect Overlays
  • Light Trails Overlays
  • Neon Trails Overlays
  • Organic Shadow Photo Overlays
  • Golden Sun Flare Overlays
  • Prism Rainbow Light Leaks Overlays
  • Rainbow Light Leaks Overlays
  • Realistic Smoke Overlays
  • Vintage Old Photo Overlays
  • Romantic Heart Bokeh Photo Overlays
  • Night Sky Background Overlays

The Photoshop Effects Are Divided Into 7 Categories :

  • RetroPhoto Toolkit Actions
  • Metallic Skin Effect
  • Underwater Photoshop Effect
  • Cyberpunk Actions
  • 90s Style Photo Effects
  • Golden Patina Photo Effect
  • Vintage Dust Photo Effect

This Bundle Also Includes 7 PSD Templates & 1 Brush

Some Before/After Magic You Can Create

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overlay textures
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A Sneak Peek Into Some Of These Categories

photoshop actions and overlays
digital overlays
photoshop overlays
photo overlays
overlay photography
light overlay
photoshop texturing
light bokeh overlay
photoshop cool effect
colorful light textures

Raving 5 Star Reviews For This Bundle

One-Click Effects To Streamline Your Workflow

These Photoshop overlays will make you rise like cream to the top. 

You’ll never lack fun and creative things to do with your photos because there’s so much variety in this package.

You’ll always find some inspiration to give your pics a unique look. We have handpicked some of the best overlays out there. These overlays are compatible with both Photoshop and Photoshop elements.

Another key point is that you can use these overlays in your graphics editor.

underwater overlays
night actions

These cutting-edge overlays will add magic as well as drama to your work.

As a matter of fact, they’re a must-have in your arsenal. Your clients will love your work so much, you’ll be sure to get tons of referrals.

So now, you must be thinking these Photoshop overlays must be out of your budget, don’t you?

Well, we’re about to give you the best news you’ll hear all day. You can get this incredible package for only $29. That’s more than 70 percent off the original selling price of $100!

This bundle has different drag-and-drop elements that will give your images a custom feel. So don’t spend hours glamming up your photos when you can do it in minutes with this bundle.

By the same token, it’s easy to turn your pics into works of art with these Photoshop overlays for photographers! So, what are you waiting for?

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1 review for 900+ Photo Overlays & Effects Bundle

  1. Stephen Humphrey

    Definately purchase these. a great collection of quality assets to help you create stunning photos and composites. good value for the price.

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