Photography Business Essentials: The Promotional Flyer

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10 templates to help you get more clients & gigs

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Author: PhotoWhoa

Want people to know about your work?

Are you doing everything possible to help them do so?

With business flyers, you’ll take advantage of a powerful form of marketing

It’s called word of mouth marketing. And it might be the most effective way to get more clients. Just think about how many times you’ve taken a friend’s recommendation over something you read online. That’s how it works. So how do you use this to your advantage?

First off, you already shoot great work. And anybody who’s worked with you can vouch for that. Now it’s a matter of selling yourself to the people your client knows. How do you get your clients to recommend you to their friends and family?

A key point is getting your name passed along and remembered.

As a photographer, you already recognize the power of visuals to help people remember. It’s not surprising to you that most people are more likely to memorize something in the visual form than something written or spoken.

So when you give your clients a concrete, tangible, and clear way to remember you, they’re more likely to share your info with others. It’s one thing to give a friend a business card. It’s entirely different thing to give that same friend a flyer with all your prices, products, and abilities.

It’s the perfect first step. A pitch automated to a single visual. It’s easier to remember, harder to forget. A flyer is how you get people talking about you. Best thing is its flexibility: hand them out or post them on doors. It’s up to you.

What’s included in this bundle?

These 10 templates come in PSD and JPG formats so that you can adjust copy, insert your own images, and customize as you see fit. But if you’re pressed for time, you can use them as is. They’re designed to help you save time in your marketing campaigns.

Developed for a range of genres — wedding, portrait, beauty, and more — you’ll get a great sample of flyers that can be used in person or out canvassing. For example, set them up at your front desk or pin them up around your neighborhood during graduation season. Either way, you’ll get a strong way to spread the word.

Look below for a sample of what you’ll get

professional photography flyers

What’s the fastest way to help people spread the word?

Give them something to remember. Get these templates to help them. Buy them today!


1 review for Photography Business Essentials: The Promotional Flyer

  1. Don Hamilton

    I just received them. They are very attractive and will easily promote my photography.

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