Lindsay Adler’s Full-Figured & Fabulous: Photographing Women With Curves

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Author: Lindsay Adler

Emphasize every woman’s natural beauty & figure

Photograph any woman in the most flattering light

Flatter her curves with slenderizing poses, angles, and styling.


With the right visual balance, every woman will look her best. So how do you achieve that balance? Have you been using the right angles, the right lighting, the right poses? Have you ever thought about the proper fit and style of clothing? Or do you assume you can always fix it in post?

Lindsay Adler wrote this guide to help you photograph curvy, fuller figured women in a more flattering light. You’ll learn how to emphasize and accentuate every natural curve with the right clothing, the right camera angle, and the right pose. Basically female photography poses for all shapes and sizes.

You’ll also learn Photoshop techniques that respect every woman’s beauty while eliminating distractions and blemishes. You’ll won’t ever retouch their body’s shape. After preparing, posing, and shooting with these techniques, you have the right eye for in-camera slenderizing.

female photography poses b&w

What’s included? Why should I buy this?

You’re going to get a 52-page guide to photographing women with curves. Divided into 5 chapters, you’ll get lessons on a range of tools, from pre-production hair and makeup to Photoshop editing. At the end, you’ll be better able photograph any woman in the most flattering light.

In 52 pages, you’ll learn how to pick out slimming fits, use the perfect camera angles, and flatter with narrowing poses and crops. And like every guide Lindsay writes, every lesson is beautifully illustrated with her own photographs.

What exactly is inside Full-Figured & Fabulous?

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Below is a chapter guide. 

Chapter One:

  • Before the Shoot
  • Clothing
  • The Fit
  • Undergarments and Shapewear
  • Color
  • Length
  • Clothing Shape and Body Type
  • Hair and Makeup

Chapter Two: Posing and How the Camera Sees

  • Lesson 1: How your camera sees — posing
  • Lesson 2: How your camera sees — camera angle
  • Lesson 3: Mergers and Width
  • Lesson 4: Cropping and Narrowing Points
  • Lesson 5: Chin out and down
  • Lesson 6: The Importance of Waist

Chapter Three: Training Your Eye

Chapter Four: Photoshop

  • Contour tool
  • Contouring in action
  • Liquify
  • Warp

Chapter Five: Wrap

female photography poses green

Here’s a sneak peek into the course

female photography poses sample
female photography poses book sample

Every woman deserves a perfect portrait.

Learn how to emphasize every curve & figure.

6 reviews for Lindsay Adler’s Full-Figured & Fabulous: Photographing Women With Curves

  1. Victor Cephas

    It was ok but I was looking for better but I can learn from it. I’m always reading to get better!

  2. Steve

    Only around half way through at the time of request for review. Short pithy and not overwritten; always a plus.
    I’m newish to portraits and the are already lots of ideas to try and especially things to be awar of.
    A good £10 worth.
    Also enjoyed her presentation style for Rogue Flashbender on YouTube.

  3. Ryan

    Great e-book….Lindsay is great in providing advice for different body types. Very helpful! Well worrh the price!

  4. Don Chalfy

    I always enjoy Lindsay Adler’s approach regarding her how-to guides and this is no exception. Photographing full-figured women can be difficult for both photographer and subject if one does not know what they are doing. I find Photographing Women with Curves to be a great guide to lighting, posing, and bringing out the best in fuller-figured women. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their very best in a portrait and should leave the photographer’s studio feeling more beautiful (handsome) and confident than when they came in for their session. If they don’t, then we, as photographers have failed to do our job.

    Adler’s Photographing Women with Curves helps give the newer photographer the tools and reasons why to use them in a helpful, no-nonsense fashion that I appreciate in her communication style. For the seasoned photographer, she presents a refresher, or perhaps new way of using light and shadow to add to their technique tool box.

    I recommend this guide to all newer photographers that have pondered how to photographically flatter the full-figured woman

    • Amruta

      Thank you so much Don 🙂

  5. Mark Eddiford

    A great little book for new boudoir photographers it full of great information.
    It has some great images as examples to show exactly what the text puts across to you.
    It will certainly inspire new photographers or new boudoir photographers on how to work with women in general, never mind just the fuller figured. I highly recommend to all photographers interested in photographing people, but more so for those who intend to shoot boudoir and even art nude of the fuller figured lady. The posing and angles and how you hide lumps and bumps is much the same whether dressed or naked.

    • Amruta

      Thank you soo much Mark. I am glad that you liked it 🙂

  6. H. Hussein

    Great book to have in the studio. Contains lots of useful ideas and concepts on how to get the best photos for full figured women. This book is highly recommended for portrait photographers.

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