Master Collection: Every Photo Editing Tool You Ever Wanted In One Package


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Author: Gavin Philips

Have you found that it’s a full-time job all on its own finding the right photo enhancing tools?

With so much great software and equipment available, it should be easy. But instead, the task seems more complicated than it ever was before.

As an artist, you have a very precise vision in mind for creating your photos. But it can be tough to find the tools to suit that vision.

One day, you might want a gorgeous blue sky as a background. Another day, you’re craving a backdrop with a flock of birds taking to the heavens. There is just no predicting where your artistic whimsy will take you. And you need photo enhancing tools as versatile and eclectic as you are.

photo enhancing tools
photo enhancing tools

But if you do find a set of tools that meet your needs, they may be out of your price range. Or they may be incompatible with your software or your equipment.

And so you continue to spend hours of your time down the rabbit hole of fruitless search for just the right tools. The constant process of trial and error can eat away your time and budget.

What you really need is a set of user-friendly photo enhancing tools that offers infinite variety at a reasonable price.

Photo enhancing tools with infinite possibilities…

The Master Collection is actually five amazing collections in one package. These add up to more than 900 unique and stunning elements for enhancing your photography.

And no need to worry about compatibility or user-friendliness. These high-resolution 300 dpi files are compatible with all CS versions of PhotoShop. They can be used with your Mac or your PC.

At last, you can select from hundreds of powerful sky backdrops. These include drag and drop clouds, birds in flight, and every phase of the moon.

And if you long for some flowers, whether bold and dramatic or delicate and lacy, there are plenty of flowers and plants in this collection to choose from too.

A few examples of before & after images…


photo enhancing tools


photo enhancing tools


photo enhancing tools


photo enhancing tools


photo enhancing tools


photo enhancing tools


photo enhancing tools


photo enhancing tools

One download to transform your craft forever!

There are many tools available to you as a photographer, but nowhere else will you find hundreds of tools so readily available at your fingertips.

With just one easy download, you have immediate access to more backgrounds than you could ever have imagined.

That means no more wasted time, no more trial and error. Just photos that are instantly magical.

The time you will save can go towards building your photography business. You can devote yourself to promotion, building up your client base, and setting up the perfect photo shoots.

With 900 elements, you will never lack for inspiration.

Now when it comes to your photography, the sky will be the limit. Literally.

This amazing collection of tools would pay for itself at a price of hundreds of dollars. But we offer it for just $99.

And for an even better deal, right now you can snag this Master Collection at the incredible price of $49.

photo enhancing tools

Infinite possibilities in one convenient package

The Layer Cake Master Collection includes a total of six different collections. Here are a few of them:

  • Skies 1. This collection brings you easy-to-use drag and drop cloud formations, 25 popular constellations, all phases of the moon, and 100 different backgrounds of birds in flight. You will also receive 14 print sizes and six sky replacement tutorials.
  • Skies 2. An additional collection of all the benefits of Skies 1, to add even more to your repertoire.
  • Trees and Overhangs. This collection is perfect for landscapes, enabling you to easily hide flaws, frame your subject more artistically, or form a lovely fall overhang. It includes over 150 tree cut-outs: denuded, foliated, ornamental and exotic.
  • Birds and Animals. This collection brings you farm animals, ranch fences, dogs and cats, galloping horses, and flocks in flight. Varieties of bird include saltwater and freshwater species, ducks, geese, and birds of prey of all kinds.
  • And much more.

Start Using The Photo Enhancing Tools You’ve Been Waiting For Today!

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