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Author: Edinchavez Photography

Photo Editing Is Not What It Used To Be!

With so much cool technology at our disposal, tools like Lightroom and drones, there’s no limit to what we can do.

We can crop and resize to fit our vision. We can make skin appear flawless. We can add a mood of magic and drama to our nighttime photos. And so much more.

But as with any kind of artistry, some photographers are better at photo editing than others.

Some seem to instinctively know how to add just the right effects to a landscape. Or how to give just the right eye-catching look to mundane real estate photos. Or how to make a drone photo look like magic.

They make it look so easy. But is it intuition? Or do they know some secrets to the craft that the rest of us have yet to learn?

The truth is, there are secrets to mastering all the wonder of photo editing. They have been unlocked only by those who have spent time and effort in pursuing them.

Is there an easy way to uncover these secrets? The answer is…yes and no.

Occasionally, someone who has gained mastery of photo editing will share their knowledge by offering a course.

However, these courses can be time-consuming and difficult to navigate. Often there is extra information that you don’t need. It can take time to hone in on those points that will be useful.

And in some cases, the courses may have obscure industry lingo that is tough to grasp for a beginner.

What you need is a concise photo editing course that is easy to navigate and understand.

And now it’s here.

photo editing tips yoga

What This Course Helps You Create?

Some Photo Editing Tips & Tricks, Unlocked

This condensed but comprehensive course on photo editing gives you everything you need to know in 27 easy video lessons.


Recommended editing software

Lightroom Overview

  • What is Lightroom?
  • Lightroom Classic vs CC
  • Raw Vs Jpeg
  • Library Overview
  • Develop Module Overview
  • Local Vs Global Adjustments

How To Edit Models

  • Natalia
  • Mercedes Rome

How To Edit Landscapes

  • Positano Edit 1
  • Positano Sky Replacement

How To Create Panoramas

Panorama 3

How To Edit Drone Photos

  • Drone Golden Hour
  • Italy

How To Edit Music Photography

Concert B&W

How To Edit Travel Photos

  • Travel Positano
  • Travel Mexico

Lightroom Shortcuts and Training

Shortcuts and editing

How To Edit Skin the Right Way

Skin Corrections

Local Adjustments Overview

  • The Crop tool
  • Spot Removal Tool
  • Adjustment Brush

How To Edit Night Photography

  • Santorini Night
  • Night Panama

How To Edit Real Estate Photos

  • How to Edit a Kitchen
  • How to Edit a Living Room

How To Edit Creative Portraits

Creative Portraits

Other Features Included In This Course:

  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
  • Membership in the FB community
  • Money-back guarantee

Here Are Some Images From The Tips & Tricks Mentioned Above

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photo editing tips indoors
photo editing tips beach
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photo editing tips greece
photo editing tips city
photo editing tips stage

What The Students Have To Say About This Course

photo editing tips reviews
photo editing tips reviews
photo editing tips reviews
photo editing tips reviews

The Ultimate Resource For The Best Photo Editing Tips

Once you dig your teeth into this course, you’ll be well on your way to owning all the secrets of photo editing.

The course is laid out and presented in layman’s terms, simple and clear enough to understand even for a novice.

Even if you’ve never attempted photo editing before, you will be a master by the end of the course.

Course creator Edin Chavez brings his wealth of knowledge from 10 years as a commercial photographer for major brands like Nikon and National Geographic.

He also has plenty of experience in helping with workshops and seminars for photographers.

Not only does he guide the course, he also makes himself available to you via email for any questions you might have, giving a personal edge to his instruction that you can’t get with any other digital course. With a mentor available to you, you can easily perfect your craft and take it to a level you never imagined.

Besides this personal touch, the course also offers maximum convenience. You can access it anywhere, any time, from any of your devices.

Best of all, this course never ends! It will be updated weekly with new videos so that you can keep on improving.

A Course To Give You Enough Photo Editing Tips For A Lifetime

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