The Perfect Shot Bundle For Wedding Photography

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Over 13 Hours Of Expert-Level Photography Instructions and Photography Techniques.

The right emotion captured in the right way can give you a PERFECT photo.

Wedding photography is not a child’s play…

It’s a creative & very intricate art that takes in a lot of skill and expertise to get great results. These 2 tutorial DVDs will take you on a journey to capture beautiful wedding photos. Daniel Usenko, a veteran wedding photographer will share his photography secrets – everything from equipment & lighting, to client interaction & natural smiles, to skin retouching & blogging.


Learn about the elements of a beautiful picture and Photoshop Techniques.

You’ll receive over 5 hours of instructions on how to take a perfect shot. Daniel discusses the 5 building blocks of a perfect photograph, teaching through lecture, examples, and on-site demonstrations. The second part of the video series includes four unique behind-the-scenes videos of real photo shoots, with Daniel’s commentary about particular situations and challenges.

These videos are meant for photographers with less than 3 years of professional experience. Some sections will be very basic, but there are also some advanced sections. You are advised to skip around the videos to acquire the information that you want.

Course Highlights:

  • Gain a deep understanding of light with a complete guide on lighting theory
  • Perfectly exposing and composing your photos every time, even in the most chaotic situations
  • How to take beautiful photos with natural light
  • The theory behind a “photogenic” person
  • How to use correct posing to make regular people look absolutely beautiful
  • How to use composition to make inspirational photography
  • What kind of equipment you should get, and what you can afford on a budget
  • Behind the scenes at 2 engagements and 2 weddings
  • All the images from all 4 behind the scenes.


Even for a pro photographer, it’s important to have a good deal of understanding about Photoshop edits. In this tutorial, you’ll learn professional Photoshop techniques to greatly enhance your final image.

This video series contains over 7.5 hours of instruction so you can gain an in-depth understanding of professional-level post-processing techniques. Daniel explains every single step of his workflow and clearly shows you how he makes his images look so spectacular. You’ll get to see Daniel’s complete arsenal of Photoshop techniques.

Course Highlights:

  • How to choose the best images to edit from thousands
  • Skin retouching & softening
  • An effective way to sharpen your images
  • How to deal with skin redness
  • Techniques for black & white conversion
  • Eye & teeth whitening
  • Various filters & plugins used by Daniel
  • Selective color correction
  • The different blending modes
  • Image presentation and packaging
  • Album design and printing

Here’s what others are saying.

“Daniel’s images and Photoshop Techniques are so full of life, so full of emotion. of visual connection and vibrant colour that they almost seem to jump from the screen.”
 – Gabe McClintock
“Wedding photography with style, Daniel has the power to produce lovely editorial pictures with every couple. Beautiful, sophisticated and timeless photography from this Russian dude.”
 – Fer Juaristi

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2 reviews for The Perfect Shot Bundle For Wedding Photography

  1. Lou

    One of the best Tutorials Ive seen in a long time. It made me think about every thing I do.

    Lou Recine
    Matrix Photography

  2. shayne.poh

    Perfect bundle!

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