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There are photographers who like bringing studio lights to the beach.

I’m personally not one of them.

When I go out to the beach, forest, or any location, I want to be quick and mobile. Usually, I only have one assistant with me, and I’m weak so I can’t carry too much heavy gear myself.

For that reason, I exclusively use speedlites.

In this DVD, David takes you to the beaches of Florida, where he will show you outdoor photography lighting and how to best utilize your speedlite flashes with the help of some of Florida’s most beautiful models.

outdoor photography lighting



How do you position your lights, especially against the harsh sunlight?

David will show you several lighting setups that he utilizes to create gorgeous photos. You’ll see him shoot from day to dusk, so you’ll see how the changing light conditions will affect your shoot.

Another topic David goes over is lighting modifiers. Lighting modifiers can be extremely confusing — What’s the difference between a ring flash and a soft-box?

David shows you 8 different lighting setups and thoroughly goes through each piece of equipment he uses.

outdoor photography lighting

Check Out The Video To Know More

outdoor photography lighting

Learn from David’s one-hour DVD

  • Watch shoots with the most beautiful ladies in Florida
  • 1, 2 & 3 light setups with & without light modifications
  • How do you choose the appropriate light modifier?
  • Off-camera lighting techniques
  • Explanations of the gear used by David
  • How to overpower the harsh sunlight with style using speedlights and much more

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Learn Location Lighting with Speedlites in 1-hour

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