Glam & Art Nude – The Anatomy of a Production Day By Dan Hostettler


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Ft. Russian fine art nude photographer Olga Zavershinskaya.

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Author: Dan Hostettler

Want To Know More About Shooting Blueprint, Concept, Planning A Shoot, & Legalities In A Nude & Glamour Shoot?

Have you ever wanted to see the world of nude photography from an insider’s perspective? Get an uncensored peek into every moving part and each creative step? Yeah, who wouldn’t want that? If you’ve been itching for something like this, Dan Hostettler’s Nude photography combo will satisfy that itch.

This deal encompasses the process of Glam Nude & Fine Art Nude Photography.
The video course is divided into 4 parts, & comes with an eBook where you can index the important pointers from the videos easily.
The videos give the viewer a direct view of the workflow followed by Dan Hostettler & Olga Zavershinskaya. This video also showcases the prep & communication with the model, Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika.
Here is your exclusive chance to virtually get into the shoes of the famous commercial nude photographer Dan Hostettler.

Things This Photography Deal Offers

Behind the Scenes with “The Anatomy of a Production Day”


Gain valuable insights and full documentation of a real and typical production day of Dan Hostettler.

Even though a lot of tutorials out there are showing lighting setups or how certain looks, styles, and moods are produced they are missing out on very important details! And Dan has made it his mission to change this.

You get to see a full production day from A to Z!

Observe, feel and learn from this extremely detailed glam & artNUDE production by following Dan’s steps.

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Processes Of 2 Photographers – Dan Hostettler & Olga Zavershinskaya!


Dan has collaborated with the Russian fine art nude photographer Olga Zavershinskaya on this project. Her shooting style is pretty different compared to his.

Olga is an internationally published and award-winning fine art nude photographer while Dan is a well-selling and published commercial sexy women shooter.

As you will discover, the differences are obvious in the outcome. They both most definitely see things from very diverse points of view.

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Shooting Blueprint, Concept, Planning Shoots, & Legalities In A Nude Shoot

(Video & eBook)


Videos draw one into the “real worlds” of photo-shoots, convey atmosphere, let you observe how people talk, interact and create together, and deliver facts & figures.

Yet “only” relying on the video involves certain difficulties: Shortly thereafter you can’t remember all the figures & lists anymore. Then you have to search around quite a bit in order to find the exact few frames where the desired info was shown…it’s annoying.

The enclosed eBook is the most convenient solution to have all figures, light sets, and gear lists readily available! Browse through data and imagery in a fast way and always stay connected with the right shot. Dan has even added some more topics into the guide as they greatly complement the video!

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Essentials, Insights & Dan’s Methods

  • Pre-Production Process aspects fully revealed: Concept, Budget, Model Selection, Location Scouting, Look Meeting (Styles & Art Direction)
  • Photo Production Day: 5 Looks & Sets fully explained and revealed
  • Set “Seducing Lines” – Soft Glam
  • Set “Damn Sexy” – Alluring Expressions
  • Set “Romance Glam” – Revealing Colors
  • Set “Classic Attitude” – Intense Appearance
  • Set “Captive Accents” – Avantgarde Nudes
  • Concepts, Observation, Lighting Designs (3D Simulation & 2D Set Plans) & Results
  • 1-, 2-, 3-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Additional Topics:
  • Lighting Gear & Other Equipment
  • Light Modifiers & Accessories
  • Camera Gear & Lenses
  • Camera Settings
  • (No) Light Metering
  • White Balancing & Color Calibration
  • “Dragging the Shutter”: Candlelight Glamour
  • Working with Models: Communication, Building a Rapport, Directing, Poses & “Acting”
  • Implied Nude Shots
  • Makeup/Hair Planning & Progress
  • Concluding a Shoot: Contract & ID Shot
  • And more…

What You Will Get In This Nude Photography Deal

An eBook

1. 240 Pages

2. Containing all Tech Specs & In-Depth Lighting Designs for Easy Info Access (!)

3. Containing all Topics dealt with in the Video

4. Enhanced Imagery (Results) & Contact Sheets

5. Additional “Behind the Scenes” Material

6. Short Insight on How this Video was Produced

7. Additional Checklists, Production Time-Table, About Mood Boards and additional topics covered

Video Tutorials

1.Glam Nude with Art Nude Influence

2. Dan Hostettler, Commercial Sexy Women Photographer

3. Olga Zavershinskaya, Art Nude Photographer

4. On-Location Indoor Shoot in Prague, Czech Republic

5. 133 min runtime

6. 1080p Full HD (1920×1080) for all Android tablets & phones, all iProducts, PC & Mac

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About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Dan has been a professional Sexy Women Photographer for more than 15 years.  He is Swiss-born and currently living and working in Prague (Czech Republic). Dan founded his flagship business, StudioPrague, which includes a dedicated production company that has received international recognition and offers private, high-end workshops. Dan has had the pleasure of photographing some of the world’s most beautiful female nude models and he always strives to capture that “bold sexy moment”, both in the studio and on location.

In this Nude Photography COMBOtut, Dan shares his extensive knowledge and insights in an easy-to-follow, visual and intuitive way. It will help you build a comprehensive foundation and understanding of a production process. It will also inspire you to train and create new lighting-, look- and concept ideas.

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A Neat, Full-Blown & Fast-Track-Browse Through Dan’s 15 Years Of Extensive Sexy-Women-Shooting-Knowledge!

Consider It An Inexpensive Glimpse Into A Nude Photography Private Workshop!

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