Shooting Beauty Nudes At Home By Dan Hostettler

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The ultimate guide for your first, simple nude photo shoot

Author: Dan Hostettler

What Makes A Nude Photo Truly Beautiful

nude photo shoot nude model poses

Many aspiring photographers have this question when it comes to the nude photo shoot. But rarely have they discovered a concrete answer.

Some have experimented with dramatically sexy poses. Others use elaborate accessories and lingerie. Still others rely on cosmetics to give their models that indescribable quality of beauty.

These tricks may work sometimes. But the results are not consistent.

Why Not?

Because beauty is not something that can be orchestrated or contrived. It’s about attitude. Confidence. Accessories, cosmetics & poses cannot supply that quality if it isn’t there in the first place.

Experienced nude photographers know, a model’s beauty stems from her personality. More confident and relaxed she is, more her beauty shows up in photos.

You might think this is impossible for a photographer to control. But you would be wrong.

You just need to learn to do it…from someone who has already been there and done that.

With a guide that teaches you to bring out a model’s natural beauty…instead of the usual, tired tips about posing and accessories. There is a way to make it happen, and here it is.

nude photo shoot

The Only Nude Photography Guide You’ll Ever Need

nude photoshoot

Here Are All The Chapters That Are Included In This Nude Photo Shoot Guide:

  • Preface: About My Project- The author describes the steps of his project in the quest to build a powerful portfolio.
  • Concept: Confidence Makes Sexy-
    • Choosing the Ladies
    • No Budget, No Problem
    • The Look
    • Composition
  • About the Author
  • Opportunities For Online Courses & Further Training
  • Lighting Design:
    • A Question of Character
    • Implementation
    • Background Lighting
    • Key Light
    • 2D Set Plan
    • 3D Lighting Illustrations
  • Showcases: Examples of the results which the author achieved in photographing three very different nude models: Mischa, Aneta and Brenda.
  • Conclusion The author’s reflection when finishing this successful project.

This Downloadable PDF Nude Photo Shoot Guide Consists Of:

  • Over 100 Results Images
  • Over 40 Behind the Scenes Images
  • Examples Of Successful Work in Black & White and Color
  • A Total of Over 50 Pages
how to take good nudes
nude photo shoot poses

Take Your Next Nude Photo Shoot To A New Level

This is a unique opportunity to up your nude photography game.

Hofstetter provides a detailed, step-by-step look at the process of discovering a model’s inner beauty.

These precious insights required hours of work to attain. And he shares it all with you.

Yes, there are plenty of guides to shooting nudes available out there. But you won’t find another quite like this.

This is the only guide which reveals the entire process to bring out your models’ inner beauty.

Beauty is such a vague, indefinable quality that it can seem impossible to capture. But with the help of this guide, you will know how.

nude poses
poses for nudes

You will acquire a skill set that empowers you to work successfully with all types of models.

No matter their body shape, their experience level, or their personality, you can unleash the true beauty that lives inside.

In short, the guide reveals the hidden secrets of successful nude photography.

This is knowledge that few, if any, photographers ever find.

And it’s all right here in these pages.

Best of all, this guide (which typically sells for $49) is now available for free.

The only investment you have to make is the brief time that it will take you to read it.

Get This Guide Today To Master Nude Photoshoots Forever


48 reviews for Shooting Beauty Nudes At Home By Dan Hostettler

  1. Billy Chan

    This book is excellent for reference source and ha helped me with my photoshoots.
    Eexcellent book for the photographer just starting to shoot.
    I’ve got a lot of very useful tips out of it.

  2. Russ

    Dan Hostettler’s work is amazing. He’s also a fantastic instructor. I found this book to be invaluable. A must have!

  3. rbelarmo

    very informative, easy to learn and understand… great deal indeed…

  4. Francois

    This book is an essential tool.

  5. Chris

    This is a great resource for ideas and definitely worth the money.

  6. Rodney

    A great resource for making art wherever you are. All of the lighting and posing tips can be used at home, in a studio, in a model’s home—anywhere. Highly recommended for instruction and inspiration!

  7. Eric Scott Miller

    Another great resource from Dan Hostettler. His lighting setups can be applied to much more than just nudes.

  8. Jan

    I already had very good experience with the way Dan Hostettler shows how to shoot nudes. Most of the time this was related to working in a studio. This guide is a welcome addition to expand my working area and gave me good info on how to create the right envronment at home.

  9. JaKaTou

    Wanted to surprise my wife, but I wanted to do a nice work, otherwise I will have to ear from her for the next few years. 😉
    Great lessons and tips for a home shooting session.

  10. JaKaTou

    Great lessons and tips for a home studio.
    Nice starting point.

  11. spector56

    This is a great intro to a subject that is difficult to get into for the first time. Clear explanations and samples without getting to complex or detailed. ideal for the beginner.

  12. Orlin


  13. Ravi

    Extremely useful. Nudes are difficult to shoot since there is a think line between art and vulgarity. This guide helps bridge it very well.

  14. Dana

    Excellent tutorial. I actually learned a lot from this guide.

  15. Bob

    This is another great guide by Dan Hostettler! I have purchased several other guides and a video collection from him in the past. They are all very informative and give great ideas.


    Dan is awesome as always

  17. Andreas

    It’s a great deal

  18. Giuseppe Stilo

    excellent lighting scheme that I often use in my works. Easy to understand even for those who do not know the English language:

  19. James E. Smith Jr.

    This is a great source of material for gaining confidence in shooting nudes. Everything is covered! Awesome!!

  20. Rysiek Tyfa

    Great tutorial. Perfect for starting nude photos at home. Many interesting solutions and tips. I definitely recommend, and for this now completely free 🙂

  21. [email protected]

    It’s good to learn how to setup litght – worth knowing

  22. Richard

    Wow, this is the most concise yet very detailed guide that instantly answered questions I had.

  23. [email protected]

    Really good guide. It is concise and easy to digest the information given. Starting with setting up a background, lighting, posing and giving numerous examples. This is the perfect place to find inspiration for those new to the a home studio and those with more experience.

  24. [email protected]

    I love this guide. My only model is my wife who will be 70 in a week. The photo shoot turned out great , some of the picture I had enlarged and are hanging on the wall

  25. Ulrike

    Since I have no idea about nude photography, it was very interesting and informative read. Thanks a lot for this.

  26. Andres Mutis

    Dan, thank you SO much for this guide… As ALWAYS, it’s so clear and easy to understand that really helps! Even for professionals with years of experience and practice, because being an art, there are many different ways to get a wonderful picture… This guide covers EVERYTHING you need, from lighting and creating an atmosphere, to posing and over-develop… Thank you again SO much!!! Cheers from Colombia!!!

  27. Arsalan

    As photographers, a lot of us always seem to be on the slippery slope of perfectionism. Expensive props, larger than life location, set ups, expensive and lights is what we envision shooting beauty shoots with. Texts like these are a proof you don’t need all of that to produce creative art! Well done.

  28. AngelPhotographyva

    Getting the e-book is essential to any Dan Hostettler fan of his work. It covers a gamut of things to be able to get amazing and artistic nudes. This is a great download to have in your photography tool bag!

  29. Michael Murphy

    What a fantastic little guide. Amazing tips on how to build your own home studio, with easy to follow steps.

  30. [email protected]

    What a wonderful guide. It contains all I need for this type of shoot. The setups are fully described and we are shown the results. A must for any aspiring photographer. Thanks Dan.

  31. Jessica Marcum

    I think the Shooting Nudes at Home book is a great. Dan Hosttler the author explained in a very detailed way how to build a home studio and also, how to shoot nude photos at home. He covers several different categories of things in the book, such as stuff about the lighting and different ways to set the mood before taking any photos. If you are any way interested in photography the book is a good resource that will help you learn some things about photography. I debated for a little while before I downloaded it but now that I have I am glad that I did. Knowing what it is now I would have been crazy not to download the book.

  32. Mail

    Great deal

  33. klaus

    Easy to read. I like the detailed creation of the set.
    It will help me and others to create similar pictures.
    Thumbs up.. Well done.

  34. mike seidenman

    Easy to follow. Love the lighting ideas

  35. [email protected]

    This was very straight-forward To read and easy to see how to set up a soft-shadow/no shadow studio room for flattering nude photography! There’s a drawing and photos to show how to set up the studio to capture truly flattering natural photos of Confident and beautiful nude ladies.

  36. Christopher

    I really loved how informative, and how,easy to follow this guide was. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in this subject. It is a great guide for the aspiring photographer.

  37. [email protected]

    What an amazing guide. It contains clean concise information useful to both beginners and more experienced photographer. What impressed me was that the setups are fully described and we are shown the results, in some books and guides that I’ve paid a lot of ££ for give just one possibly two examples of the images from the set up. This is particularly important for home shoots when the set up always take longer to set up than replicating the same in the studio.

  38. Russ

    This is a great guide. Dan Hostettler always delivers, and this is no exception. Learn how to set up a home studio, plan a shoot, set the mood, and configure the lighting. A must for any aspiring photographer.

  39. George

    Great deal

  40. Tanya gose

    Great starter guide especially from home or just starting a studio. Basics that will definitely help your wallet. Something that is worth the purchase

  41. [email protected]

    While it is easy to find books on just posing, he goes a step further with lighting and even showing drawings about how to set up lighting. This is very helpful if you are looking to take the next step in your photography.

  42. George G

    Love this package deal…..

  43. Bruno

    It is one of those books that should have been published years ago. It a subject that heavily overlooked in the photography business when working with models in general. So at last, it’s here. As always in Swiss precision, Mr Hostettler, has produce this fine material for all photo fanatics for current or future project to be use as guide for inspiration.

  44. [email protected]

    This is currently a free offering from Photowhoa’s Dan Hostettler, but don’t let the “free” put you off. It is 56 pages packed with examples and simple to follow instructions and diagrams on how to recreate some very effective photographic techniques. The best thing about this book is it explains how to setup and take these photos in your own home using some straightforward photographic equipment and some cheap shower curtains from ikea. Highly recommended.

  45. [email protected]

    It’s great to learn how to build lighting and a studio. The Shooting Ideas are based on a great concept.

  46. John

    As the promo says…all I need for this type of shoot! The basics through to some interesting techniques tha6 will be the basis for my foray into this field of photography. Many thanks’

  47. JEFF

    His lighting, creating a mood shoots, and how to build a home studio . The course is good overview for shooting nudes. With great concepts for doing your own shoots. recommend downloading with satisfaction.

  48. [email protected]

    Dan Hostettler has created a concise overview of shooting nudes in a home studio. He covers lighting, creating a mood for the shoot, and how to build a studio at home. It’s a great starting point! Download this with confidence!

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