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What you need to buy. How you need to shoot..

You have NEVER seen night photography course like this.

Learn the proper technique + buy the right gear.

Finding a photograph in the darkness isn’t a lighthearted affair. It’s not an easy task either. You don’t know how many times I failed trying to make a photo look like any of the ones you see below. If you’ve been unsuccessful too, you’re probably doing what I did.

I always tried to adapt my regular workflow and gear to a totally different system. But what I should have done is take a weekend to read a book like Grant Collier’s. It’s so clear when you look back, isn’t it? If I had done this simple thing, I wouldn’t have wasted so much of my time.

Because there are countless apps, websites, and tools specific to night photography. A boatload of technique particular to shooting it. And don’t forgot all the Photoshop skills. You really need to learn a totally new approach. Collier’s guide pulls it all together for you in one bundle of night photography course.

night photography Course - 3

With this bundle, you’ll learn what you need to buy and how you need to shoot. No I wish I may, I wish might, necessary. In no time, you’ll be shooting the Milky Way like he does.

This deal gets you:

  1. A 160 page eBook on Collier’s Guide to Night Photography Ebook

A video course on Collier’s Guide to Post-Processing Night Photos with 3 volumes.

  1. Volume I: Processing Single Images
  2. Volume II: Combining Multiple Images
  3. Volume III: Specialized Techniques

Collier’s Guide to Night Photography Ebook (160 pages)

The night sky requires specialized techniques that are rarely used when shooting images during the day. In this ebook, Collier sheds light on how to capture these images by sharing secrets he has learned over the past twelve years.

He explains how to take photos of the Milky Way, northern lights, meteors, eclipses, lightning, and much more. He reviews equipment, web sites, apps, and gear. And he also offers extensive advice on how to capture and process images at night.

What you’ll learn:

-What moon phases to shoot under.

-Light painting the foreground and recommended flashlights.

-Capturing star trails with both film and digital cameras.

-Creating comet-like star trails.

-Stitching huge images that can be printed very large

night photography Course - 2

Collier’s Guide to Post-Processing Night Photos Video Bundle.

Volume I: Processing Single Images

In Volume I, Grant teaches his entire workflow for post-processing single exposures taken at night. He goes over all of the adjustments he typically makes in Lightroom and Photoshop and demonstrates many techniques designed specifically for night photos.
What you’ll learn:

-Enlarging Star Size

-Brightening the Milky Way

-Eliminating Light Pollution

-Using Luminosity Masks

-Sharpening Images for Web and for Print

Watch the Processing Single Images Trailer

Collier’s Guide to Post-Processing Night Photos

Volume II: Combining Multiple Images
In Volume II, Grant explains how to combine multiple exposures to help minimize noise and maximize detail in your images. You’ll be able to capture great images in the most difficult situations, and you’ll be able to create huge prints of these images with superior quality.

What you’ll learn:

-Stitching Large Images

-Stacking Multiple Images to Improve Quality

-Blending Separate Exposures of Sky & LandFocus Stacking

Watch Combining Multiple Images Trailer

Collier’s Guide to Post-Processing Night Photos

Volume III: Specialized Techniques
In Volume III, Grant discusses specialized post-processing techniques that apply to specific types of night photos, including images of star trails, meteors, lightning, and lunar eclipses. Grant also shows how to create basic time-lapse videos from your night photos.

What you’ll learn:

-Creating Star Trails From Multiple Short Exposures

-Blending Numerous Meteors into One Shot

-Aligning Meteors to the Radiant

-Blending Multiple Lightning Bolts into One Shot

-Blending Eclipsed Moon into Image

-Creating a Composite of Stages of Eclipse

Watch Specialsed Techniques Trailer

Are you still afraid of the dark? ?

Adapt the proper approach to night photography.

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